My family planned to go somewhere during the Raya Haji but the plan was cancelled as a lot of places was flooded. I suggested to have a BBQ party instead and everybody agreed.

My cu sponsored all the meat, which was lamb chops and of course, chicken for me. Me and siblings prepared all the side dishes which includes

  • mashed potato - recipe learned from The Naked Chef

  • coleslaw - taken from top secret recipe

  • mint sauce - recipe found on the net

  • gravy - taken from Amy Beh
All the side dishes was successfully done, especially my coleslaw which resembled KFC coleslaw so much as it was the exact KFC recipe. The taste was somehow similar. It was taken from the website stated above. Give it a try....

BTW, maksu prepared potato salad and Nabilla did her famous cocktail drinks. It was superb.

All the guys, especially Abo and along grilled all the lamb chops. We also invited all mak 'anak angkats', which were abo's friends. We truly enjoyed the BBQ.

Oya also came to the party as she agreed to meet me earlier but cancelled due to her meeting with her bosses.

We started grilling somewhere around 6 p.m. and finished around 10 p.m. Later that night, all of us watched 'setinggan' while the boys went to play futsal.

I want this....really, really want it...

I have a thing for Dr Slump, especially arale norimaki. It was so hard to find them here. So, when I went to Midvalley and saw this arale, I was dumb-strucked. It was the biggest arale I've ever seen (40 cm high). I went in to check the price and it was RM598.00. If I had the extra money, I would certainly buy it. They also have gatsu, which was RM368.00. People would think I'm crazy if I spend almost 1K on these two items.

Feeling frustrated, I asked the salesman if they have anything on Dr Slump. He said the 18 figurines of Dr Slump is coming in next month and told me I can pre-order it if I want. Hearing that, I paid him the 30% deposit and feeling happy that at last, I got all my Dr Slump character. BTW, the Box of 18 cost around RM168. Couldnt wait for next month.

Thanks for the best 5 years of my life.....

19/12, its the date of my wedding anniversary. This year marked our 5th wedding anniversary. I didnt expect too much for any of my birthday or anniversary, but for this year I really wanted something special. Special for me doesnt mean expensive item, jewellery or anything that cost sky-rocket.

I kept hinting at hubby ( I think nagging is appropriate) that I wanted something special. Surprise me with something. He kept quiet and told me he tried to arrange it.

I went to sleep later that night and found an envelope on the bed. It was a card and in it, was 2 movie tickets and a menu for a dinner. I was speechless and deep inside, felt touched of what hubby had done. He had arranged everything before I nagged him. I felt guilty asking him to do something when he did all this things.

On the day, we went to have dinner at Cinnamon @ The Gardens, which was a North Indian cuisine restaurant. Although the price was quite expensive, I really wanted to eat Indian cuisine since I came back from the UK. The moment the food entered my mouth, I was transferred back to my life in Brighton, which we always have take-away food from Indian restaurant. The taste was so similar and I really loved it. Hubby had found the perfect restaurant. Thanks, abang. I really love you for it. Even the manager was curious on how we knew exactly what to order. Oh, I ordered chicken vindaloo. It was my fav dish.

After the dinner, we went back to hotel and watched tv before the midnight show. Hubby had bought the movie tickets at GSC Signature, which was a premier GSC. The seats is arranged for 2 persons. And the movie he booked was I Am Legend, starring, my boyfriend, the Will Smith. The movie was good but I thought it was quite short.

Hubby had arranged the best surprise for this anniversary, which includes my favourite dinner, my favourite pastime, my favourite actor and my favourite hotel. Again, thanks for what you've done. I really loved it. And, thanks for the terrific 5 years of our marriage life and another 3 years of our friendship. We've known each other for 8 years and it felt just like yesterday. it good for me and her??

I know that I was quite a 'garang' person. When Nini was small, I always scolded her and at one point, I thought I was overdoing it. But at the end, she turned out great.

When I have a daughter, I think I would become a nice, mild-tempered mother. I wished to be like my dad, who was calm and sometimes, like a friend to me. Except, when it came to school matter and exam.

When Eya was still a baby, I was quite gentle with her. Now, when she has her own mind, will and demands, she is quite naughty. Hubby is the calmer one so I decided to become the 'garang' one. Yes, eya really need to know her boundary. She is only scared of me. If her ayah or opah scold her, she will pretend like nothing happen and will do it over and over again. Its only when I raise my voice, she will stop and sometimes she cry.

Sometimes, I do feel guilty scolding her. My mom always said to me that she is still a baby, you don't need to scold her. But for me, Eya need some discipline and she must learn it by now, or else she will not know how to listen.

I do think that she knows by now, that sometimes some of the thing she did is wrong. If I didn't impose anything or scold her before, she will think she can do everything and still be okay.

I really hope that I'm doing the right thing?????????????

Eat for free

My family and I really love Kunang-Kunang but recently, our love for it has gone. Why??? The first time we went, everything was great, the food, the services and the price. Then, a few months later, the price went up, but we still go there because of the food. After that, we only go there if we ran out of idea where to eat.

So, when it was Abo's birthday, we decided to go there to celebrate his birthday. We ordered a lot of food but it was just like what we ordered every time we go there. We did noticed the service was a bit crappy but maybe its because of the holiday. (It was on the Sultan Selangor's birthday)

Before this, after the order was taken, the waiter will place your fork and spoon nicely in front of you. Then, you receive your drinks, your starter and then your main course but that day it was different from the usual.

We waited for ages for the drinks to arrive. The main course arrived first, which was the nasi goreng. The waiter just put your food but didn't give any fork and spoon, even tissue was not given. Then, came all the goreng2 food but still no fork and spoon. Along said maybe they wanted to deliver everything then only they gave it so the family could eat together. Then, they delivered the drinks.

Kaklong got her food and maybe like half an hour later, the starter arrived. The potato wedges and samosa. I thought starter was supposed to arrive first but maybe here they did it differently. Hubby's sandwich and eya's mashed potato didn't arrive at all. I think that was the easiest dish to prepare.

Nana didn't received her teppanyaki and Abo got a cold chicken breast. We got all this after hubby went to complaint for a few times. By this time, an uncle behind our table has called the manager and scolded him. We decided to wait for a few minutes and if our food still do not arrived, we would leave.

As it was a birthday celebration, we ordered a lot of side dishes and half of our food didn't arrived. Nana had to go and take the plain water and ice on her own, bringing the tray to our table.

Hubby and Along was going to burst. We left; hubby and along went to the cashier and demanded to see the manager. The manager was no where to be seen and we decided just to leave the place. Then, he came out and talked with hubby and Along. I didn't know what they talked but at the end, we left the place without paying for the food.

We was so sad that a Malay business had went down the drain. It seem all the Malay business work well the first time. Then, they got a lot of customer, prices goes up, quality going down and services is becoming crappy and crappy. Why don't they remain the same? Now, we have to find a new spot for our makan place.

We'll Miss You...

Just found this nice video of Brighton in you tube.

To all my friends, please watch the vid as it was the place where I live for almost 2 years.

Really miss it.......

Weird Steps of Development

As most people would know by now, Eya still does not start walking. Her development is quite 'caca merba'. She totally has her own will and demands. She started 'ngesot' for a few months and later progressed to sit unaided. A few days back, she surprised us by crawling. However, she will only crawl if she is in the lying position, else, she will only ngesot.

I think she wanted to try all the steps although some people said a baby may straight goes to walking without any pre-steps like crawling, sit, etc. She definitely has her own way of thinking.

She also has tried to stand up on her own by holding to things nearby to her. Although, she seems to be quite a late bloomer in the walking department, I'm still happy because she is quite a talker. She can take all the time in the world to start walking.

This is Arale...

I was introduced to Dr Slump by my brother and an old friend of mine. Since then, I was so crazy about it. If any of you notice, my nickname was always arale or aralegatsu (if arale was not taken).

The comic series has 18 books and I have bought every single one of it. The books is safely stored at my brother's room. To collect every single book was not an easy task. The book was released by Comic House not on a normal basis like magazines or local comics. I had to be extra alert everytime I went to a mamak bookstore, in case, the latest one is released. After a few years of hard work, and search to 2nd hand comic bookstore, I managed to complete the collection.

I laughed and enjoyed reading the comics. Even, hubby was surprised to see how happy I am by reading the book. The content and plot of the books is so silly that some of you might repulsed by the content.

The main character is Arale although the comic name is Dr Slump. She is created by Dr Slump. Created?? She is not a human being, she is a robot, a cute robot by the way. The moment I read the book, I fell in love with the character.

However, the merchandise are so hard to find. We (me and nini) managed to locate one in OU. Nini was so kind to buy me one as a present. Yes, I really love it. I even put it on my office table, in front of me.

I really love it. Thanks Nini and Abo. Its the greatest gift ever.

Retreat @Allson Klana, Seremban

I had a work retreat at Allson Klana last week from 22-25th Nov. The best thing was we can brought our family too. We were provided with one deluxe room and it was too big for the 3 of us.

As it was a work retreat, most of my time was spent writing and editing report. What hubby and Eya did? They both did a sleeping marathon. We were released early on th Saturday and all of the team members had dinner at a restaurant. It was nice to have this kind of retreat. We can focus on the work and at the same time, spent some time with the family.

However, Seremban was a small town and we were quite bored with it. Not a lot of eating spot but yes, I did miss Seremban.

Big Portion...

Nini had just received a 'durian runtuh' last week and treated us to a lavish dinner at Italiannies. I thought the place was some kind of similar to Fasta Pasta but it was totally different. First of all, I was quite frustrated to see that there was no ravioli in the menu. The menu was not that many but the price is quite expensive. I never realise that the price is suited to its portion. Yes, the portion was very big, enough for 2-3 person.

Everyone of us ordered pasta and Eya shared with mom. She really loved the carbonara.

BTW, thanks Nini.

Congrats, Felix...

Who is this Felix? He is the winner of the Project Runway Malaysia. He was not the one I expected to win. It was either Hatta or Alex for me..

In last week episode, Hatta design looked so nice on paper but when he translated it to a garment, he failed. His entire collection looked so 'keras' and the workmanship was not that detailed.

As for Alex, she was quite brave to take risk in using body mutilation as her aspiration but she proved that her idea was the best.

And Felix, the winner, for me his idea was the same as what we saw every week on the tv. Short, blossoming dress.

But, I was not a fashion expert to say that Felix was not good. I was simple person when it come to dress. I can go out and wear just t-shirt and jeans. For me, the comfort factor is what counts.

Again, congrats to the three of you.

And for 8TV, when its the second season?

Same taste

We went to eqal's 14th birthday which fell on 5th Nov. The invitation was pretty sudden and we didn't have time to find any present for him. Cu called us and asked us to find a birthday present for him. We rushed later to Jusco Balakong and luckily, this was one Nike pouch bag on sale.

When the time came for the birthday boy to open the present, almost all the present was Nike stamped. The weird thing was all the present from his mom's side can make a complete-from-head-to-toe futsal attire and everything was Nike. It felt like all of them had planned it earlier.

Mom said to us that maybe our present was the 'cikai' of all. We said we didn't care that much. If it were up to us, we would come to the party without present as it was too sudden. Although eqal was the I-do-not-care-about-brand, from the way he treated the gift, I bet he is now someone different. [Biasalah, dah kaya mesti jadi lain sikit. And we even thought that maybe we were not in the initial plan. Cu invited us because maksu invited her clan. Haha, evil thought].]

The best part was me, hubby and Eya were wearing Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts. What a coincidence? BTW, we really love the brand. It was Nini who noticed it and snapped a pic of us.

Ketahuan by Matta Band

We have changed our favourite station from to The change is not because the CEO of is now, Erra's new husband. It was the only station that likes to play raya songs during the weeks before Raya. After every song, they will play Raya songs. Since than, we are hooked up with (Morning will always be for the Morning Crew, Pietro, Serena and Ika. They're the best)

I always hear this song, either in the morning or afternoon. Just like Juanes (La Camisa Negra) song, when I was pregnant. Eya must know the song by heart now.They will play the song in the morning and afternoon.

This song is so nice to hear and I like the tunes. I didn't know who sing it but I bet it must be an Indonesian group as Malay music is something that is so typical and not that nice.

I really like the song that I decided I must find the lyrics. So, today, I searched for the lyrics and put the clip of the song here so everybody can know which song I'm talking about.

Still cranky...

Eya couldn't sleep last night. I can hear her voice but because I'm too tired, I only managed to get out from my room around 5 a.m. I made her milk and put her to sleep. Then, I continue my precious sleep.

When I woke up again, she had already woken up. At the moment she saw me, who was in the way to get my towel, she started screaming. She wanted me to hold her. As I woke up quite late, I was really rushing to prepare for work. I tried passing her to hubby but she didn't want her ayah.

At the end, hubby got to take a bath first and I had to think of a way to give her to my mom. My mom tried to console and persuade her but she still wanted me.

When my mom put her specs on, she then willing to be taken by my mom. I think she thought her opah going to take her for a walk. BTW, she is not that well today. She has blocked nose and a mild fever.

Cranky Ms Eya

Yesterday was Eya's nursery open house. I ordered some sardines rolls for the potluck.

Me and hubby went to the open house somewhere at 10.30 a.m. There were a few parents who were already there. The menu was great although it was a small event. I loved the 'mee goreng'. There were also nasi impit, rendang ayam, lodeh and even sambal goreng jawa.

The bigger children waited for their parents at the stairs wearing their baju raya. Hubby kept asking where was her daughter. I told him maybe only the children who can walk were allowed to be with their parents or maybe Eya was sleeping. We imagined it will be great if Eya could walk and come to meet us. But knowing Eya, I wouldn't risk it to meet her as she will be attached to me and would start screaming if I left her.

We left the event around 11 a.m. as hubby had a site meeting.

Later that night, Eya slept as usual but she was extremely hungry. My mom fed her rice with cooked vege and she loved it. Then, she drank her milk twice. My mom said it is best to start feeding babies early with green vege. Thats why all my siblings really loves vege. And, she tried to teach Eya too.

She seemed couldn't sleep that night. She kept tossing the whole night. At first, we thought it was because of the mosquitoes bite but even after we applied some Yu Yee oil, she still was not calm. I felt her tummy and I thought she was 'kembong perut'. When Eya was little, she rarely got 'kembong perot'. One is because she was bf, 2nd, we applied her Yu Yee oil and 3rd because, we gave her gripe water. We applied some oil and gave her gripe water to drink. She still feeling cranky but better than before. I brought her to my room and try to put her to sleep. When she saw her ayah, her mood lift up and started to talk with him. I knew she was sleepy but knowing her, she will try to play until she asleep.

It took me until 1 a.m. to put her to sleep and I missed my sahur because of too tired.

Why tired? Exams. I really hated invigilating exams. Sitting and walking around for 3 hours, doing nothing and at the end to collect exam papers from student. Yesterday, I almost fell asleep in the exam hall. Yes, it was a 3 hours paper. Today, I'm really hoping it could be a 2 hours or at most 2 1/2 hours paper. Please, I am so bored in the hall. This is my final days of invigilating exam after 3 days straight.

2 more teeth

I still did not see the new teeth but mom insisted that she has 2 new teeth.

Before this, she has 6 teeth so added to the latest one, now, she has 8 teeth. Quite a lot for her. The 2 teeth is at the bottom, one at the right and the other is at the left.

She has mastered a new kind of movement, ' the commando crawl'. If she is in the lying position, she would turn herself and do the crawl. She still cannot do the normal crawl. As she cannot sit on her own so that is new technique she used to move.

She also has become so sensitive. I don't know whether she is really sensitive or just 'ngada-ngada'. If someone including me, talk to her in a loud tone or scold her, she will cry or better yet, scream. The best thing is she can stop the crying in seconds. I always say to her, ' You are such a drama queen'. But this doesn't stop me from scolding her as I'm the only one she is scared of. She need to know her boundaries. She cannot do anything that she likes. She need to listen to someone.

Raining Season

Hubby had promised me that he will take me 'beraya' this raya. He said city folks didn't know how to beraya. I really was looking forward to the 'beraya' thing but we only managed to go to a few houses.

It was raining season and everyday at exactly 2 p.m., the rain will start to pouring down and all we can do was stay at home and watched tv. Ya, now kampung folks also watch tv just like what we city folks do. My plan to go to my friends houses also was ruined.

The 8 days we at Taiping was spent by watching tv's and eat and eat.

The houses we went to visit was a few houses at Parit (maklong, makyang and tok unggal) and hubby's paklong (ayah's side).

Hari Raya for me, hubby and Eya.....

The same time last year, I was exactly a month or 30 days in my confinement period. Eya was asleep the whole day as I took some cough medicine. I only can eat nasi and rendang limpa, my favourite dish of all time. So, this time around, I able to eat anything that I want. The sad thing is I had to limit myself from eating too much rendang limpa because of the hypertension that I got.

I seriously think I got it because of the stress at work. I was so busy before the holiday that I actually work from the moment I swipe in until I went home.

Back to my raya story, for this year, I took the tender of preparing cookies and tidy up the house. For my sister, she prepared rendang and all the raya dishes. I was so happy with the arrangement.

The day before the raya, I made hubby a cake and for my family, another cake.

The theme for our family this year was purple. Everybody in the family was totally purple except for myself, whose clothes has a little bit of white and green.

Morning of the raya, the guys went for solat sunat while us the gals prepared the food and get ourselves ready. Eya wore her first baju kurung, the same colour as her ayah's baju melayu.

After the breakfast, we went to Tmn Ibukota to visit abah's grave and later visited a few of relatives's house.

Arrived at home, we took pictures of our family and relaxed. The three of us went back to Taiping at 6 p.m. and arrived at 9 p.m.

Does all good things must end???

I was among the Gol and Gincu the series fanatics. I simply love the shows. It is the only Malaysia-made show that I cannot missed.I cannot explain why I really love the series. Maybe its because of the simplicity of the plot, the combination of really good casts, the stories they were trying to tell or maybe it is a teenager story. (I don't think so, most of the issues are not that teenager)I was happy, satisfied with the endings but I really want to know what happen to the b***h a.k.a Ayu. And if you ask me, which character that I hate in the show, it will be Reza. He is so slow, stupid and I don't believe that he is a lawyer-to-be. How come you could be a lawyer when you cannot even defend yourself. This for me is the only flaw of this show. The rest is superb.I'm hoping that there will be a season 3 but seriously, I don't think so. Every character get a happy ending except for a few.Will really miss the show.

Eya's milestones of I year old

Eya's development is totally different with all her friends (my friend's baby). Nevertheless, I am still proud of her.

She do not go through the crawling stage. Her method of moving around is using her bum-bum and moves from one place to another a.k.a. ngesot. Some of my aunties said that if the baby ngesot, she will start walking very late. I don't know, I heard a lot of these kind of myths, but I still hoping that Eya will start to walk in 2 or 3 months time.

She has 6 teeth, 4 above and 2 below. Using these 6 teeth, she has develop a hobby of biting people, especially me. She choose the people that she want to bite, not all people are lucky enuff to be her victim.

She likes to eat all kind of food. The food she likes the most will be chicken pieces or plain rice.

BTW, I have a new granddaughter from hubby's side. We went to visit the baby and I tried to hold the baby. Eya was so jealous and angry that she started to scream and pulled my clothes. It so cute to see that Eya is capable of jealousy at such a young age. She also could not watch her acu hug/hold me or her opah.

She likes baby or boys so much. If there are any ads with boys or baby in it, she will stop what she is doing and stared at the ads until it finishes. She just know whether its an ads or a programme. She can differentiate it. Her current boyfriend is the boy in the Enfagrow ads.

Sorry, the ads in here is in Chinese.

Eya 1st Birthday Party

Eya celebrated her 1st birthday party on 29 September, 2007. Her actual birthday was on the 24th September, 2007.My initial plan was to get her a Baskin Robbin birthday cake, unfortunately the Baskin Robbin in Metro Prima do not sell cakes, only ice cream. The nearest one, according to the salesgirl is in OU, which of course for us was quite far, just to get a cake.Me and hubby decided just to buy a normal cakes but to our luck, the Bakers Cottage do sell ice cream cakes. We also decided not to have rice as our main dishes but asked mom to cook her special bihun goreng for us. On top of that, I bought KFC as extra dishes for our dinner that night.The people that was present was mom, ayah-de and her acu. Her abah had to go for a course and her ateh went to shopping.Eya really likes the ice cream but refused to eat the cake. The cake was very nice and was not that expensive. Looking forward to buy her another ice cream cake for her next birthday.

Eya pre-celebration

My initial plan was to have Eya birthday celebration on the 23rd September, a day before her real birthday. The idea was declined by my along and kaklong as they said it was bad luck to celebrate a birthday earlier than the actual birthday. I never heard it before but to be safe, I just followed it.Although the real celebration going to be the next weekend, her Ateh and Opah did buy something for her that day. Ateh bought her a very small cakes, something like cupcakes with a lot of icing and a slightly bigger one for the rest of us. Following our birthday tradition, the birthday girl is placed on the table with her cute birthday cake. She was so excited to hold the cakes and started to eat the cake. Oh my, she really loves the icing. When the icing part was finished and the cake was the only part left, she threw the cake. Her opah gave her a schoolbus with elmo, big bird and friends that teach A, B, C. Me and hubby gave her a walker, just to encourage her to walk.The real celebration will be this Sunday, not a big one, as it is in Ramadhan, just a small gathering with my nucleus family.

Revenge of the bazaar Ramadhan

Exactly a year ago, I was on confinement period. Yes, Aleya was borned on the 1st of Ramadhan and I could not fast for the whole month of Ramadhan last year. (Yes, I almost managed to replace all the fasting days)Every afternoon, about 5.30pm, I would do my normal routine of 'bertungku' for an hour. Hubby and my sister would go to pasar ramadhan and bought a lot of 'juadah berbuka'. I would watch in agony and jealousy as the only thing I could eat was plain white rice, black pepper and fried fish, with 'air akar kayu'. I also could have snack of 'biskut mayat' with 'kopi pekat' or milk. Thats all I could eat for the whole month. Even milo was definite no-no as my mom said that the drink was 'sejuk' (cold) for me.They would buy colorful drinks, nice looking kuihs, murtabaks or sometimes, 'lauk-pauk' yang nampak menarik. I promised to myself that for this Ramadhan, I want to go pasar ramadhan to buy all the food that I couldn't get last year.The nearest pasar ramadhan that I could go to is at Jalan Kuching or Taman Ehsan. The dishes that I like to buy is rendang limpa (JK) or kuih lapis. Thats the only dishes I like as the others was not that appealing. However, murtabak has to be bought everyday as both of my brothers love it. I noticed that most pasar Ramadhan sells lauk-pauk more than kuih-muih. There is a shortage of kuih-muih.I was so lucky this year as mom cook for us. Although it will be just two simple dishes, I really love what my mom cooks. I am so lucky compared to people who come back from work, exhausted and still have to cook or people who has to buy their food at the bazar ramadhan. Thanks, mom!!Pic Courtesy of: masak-masak

Eya is 1 Today..(if we leave in Saudi Arabia)

Exactly a year ago(according to Muslim calendar), at 4.36 p.m. , I gave birth to Eya. It was an easy delivery, which I was so thankful of. Eya was delivered on the 1st day of Ramadhan. If we leave in Saudi Arabia, she will be one year old yesterday. She is our bundle of joy. She now got 5 teeth, can speak and utter some words, like to bite (yes, I'm the only victim) and very stingy with her stuffs.I'm waiting for her actual birthday, which is due in 2 more weeks. As her birthday is during fasting month, it will be a small 'makan-makan' with my family. Don't know what to buy for her 1st birthday present but I'm thinking of something with a steering. Yes, she likes car and steering so much. Maybe, something like what Maggie Simpson have in the car.

Balik Kampung...

Going back to Taiping tomorrow morning with hubby and Eya...couldn't wait...miss kuetiau doli and cendol ansari....Taiping, wait for me....will update later with story of balik kampung..thinking of bringing eya to Zoo Taiping....

Eya's first ride

Eya loves to sit at the driver's seat. She knows how to handle the steering and and even can use the horn. Whenever her ayah goes out to withdraw money, buy something, I would put her at the seat.So, when we went to A&W PJ last week, I noticed the ride for kiddies. Luckily, hubby had 50 cents. We put her onto the ride and she loved it so much. She even knew how to turn the steering and she even find the horn, just like what she did in her ayah's car.I think I need to collect 50 cents coin after this so she can have more rides.

Love this song...

I think everybody know what is 'The Simpsons'. I started to watch it when I was in UK. The reason was there was not so many good programme to watch on the box. During that time, I would watch Friends, Everybody loves Raymond, Will and Grace in the early morning; The O.C and Point Pleasant in the noon and The Simpson in the evening. Thats all the US programme I could watch in a day.

Thats why I can remember all the Simpson series even though I only watch it for a year. I had watch the series every day when I was there.

So, when the movie came out, I really need to go and watch it. The movie was hilarious but as what Homer said in the movie, 'you are dumb to pay 10 bucks to watch cartoon in a movie'. (Terkena suma orang dlm panggung tu).

The best part of the movie that Abo and I like was the spider pig song.

He is a SPIDER PIG!!



Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does

Can he swing

From a web

No he cant

He's a pig


He is a SPIDER PIG!!

No more cereal, mama...

Eya likes cereal very much since we started feeding her solid food. She was not that keen on rice porridge. Then, 2 weeks ago she started not to eat very much. Eya was not a fussy eater and likes to eat. When, she suddenly didn't want to eat, we became worried. She was not sick or anything but just didn't want to eat.However, we did noticed that she still eats the rice that mom gave her. She sit together with us during meal time and mom would give her a little bit of rice so she would not disturb us.Then, I tried feeding her rice mixed together with the 'kuah sayur'. It was normal rice not porridge as she didn't like it. It turned out that she really likes to eat rice. Yup, she just like me. Now, we have stop giving her cereal and start feeding her with rice. Yesterday, she even have 2 servings of the rice.Its good as long she eat healthily. She also cannot see other people eat and would ask for some. If she didn't get it, she would scream her heart out. Again, she eat anything as long its not durian. Yay, she is like me, hate durians. (Haha, kesian abang, anak abang ikut cara ayang makan!!!)

Eya's recurring fever

Eya was always having fever a few months back. As a first-time parent, we were really concerned about her health as its not good for a baby to always get a fever.The paed said that maybe she had urine infection or even dengue fever but she didn't have any of the symptoms associated with those sickness. We are really worried as she tend to get her 'semput' every time she had a fever.When we went to Bandung for our shopping trip, mom has managed to crack the problem of why Eya kept getting fever. It seemed that she cannot be separated with me. I did noticed that when I was on outstation, camp or went anywhere without her, she will get the fever. But, seriously, I never think that she will easily get a fever because of missing me.During our shopping trip to Bandung, we left Eya with my mom as we didn't want to risk her to the fever again. Just like what happened during our trip to Langkawi. Alhamdulillah, we didn't bring her as we saw a lot of babies got fever during or after the trip to Bandung. The first night that we wasn't around, Eya kept having nightmare and always saying 'mama' in her sleep. She got a fever later that morning and was okay during the day. When it was almost night time, she became restless and kept calling for me. She even looked at my bedroom door and called for me, hoping that I would come out from the room. I think this was because she knew that I always come back from work when its almost night time and she had waited for me.I always left my used shirt for Eya whenever I was not around. She was always holding my shirt especially during her sleep time and she slept together with my 'bantal busuk'. She was not in the mood for all the time that I wasn't home. When I heard these from my mom, I was so sad and at the same time happy that she do remembers me all the time.When I arrived home, she was so happy that she kept smiling all the time and became so clingy to me. She even didn't want to have afternoon nap for 2 days, in order to make sure we wouldn't leave her.Mom said she noticed that Eya would got a fever every time I was away from her. Its not because of infection or any kind of sickness. It just that she misses me. So, after this, whenever I go, I have to bring her along.

There are people who don't understand English...

Hubby need to get a 2nd-hand handphone as his boss gave him a new number. So, we decided to go to Pertama to buy the phone. After surveying all the handphone, he bought a Nokia handphone. The model, I'm not so sure. It cost just Rm100.Then, we went to Wangsa Maju to have our dinner at Pizza Hut. I think everybody has got their pay as the queue to get a seat was so long. So, we went to Melawati instead.The queue was ok but the place was full. The manager asked us to queue first and wait for any empty seats. Suddenly, came a family, and they just straight went before us and took the empty seats. I was so furious as they didn't queue. For people who always eat at Pizza Hut, you know you have to queue first. "Please wait to be seated". Its either these people didn't understand English or was so damn rude that they simply ignore that statement. Then, a 2nd family came and also tried to cut our queue. Hubby just told that man to stay in queue but the man looked quite blur as maybe he thought he can simply go upstairs to find a seat.When we managed to get our seats, that ignorant family was sitting beside us. Their attitude was simply pain in the a**. Even the waitresses got fed up on them. Because of that, we got to order first, got our drinks first and even got our pizza first. Although they got the seats faster, but we got the food first as some of the waitresses just ignore them. HAHAHA, served you right. more HP books..

Last Saturday, almost a week after I bought HP, I managed to finish reading Harry Potter 7.Simply said, J.K. Rowling writing was superb. I really didn't expect the ending that way but it was okay. I was sort of frustrated when the boy who lived, undesirable No. 1 didn't died. I really hoped that Sirius will appear or live again. I love that character the most.I brought the book everywhere I go since I bought it but still could not finish it earlier. At office, I was too busy with the lecture and all. At home, I need to be with Eya since I've been working the whole day. The only chance I get to read the book is when I'm in the car going or coming from the work. So, I get about 2 hours per day to finish reading the book, provided I don't fell asleep or Eya not going to nursery.I really love the part of the 19 years later. It sort of close the series by knowing what happen to all the members of Order of the Phoenix.And, while reading the book, a few times, I was at the verge of tears as some of the characters died. Although, it was just a fantasy, children kind of book, is still can make the readers feel sad. I was really sad when Fred died, and then Lupin and Tonks. They had married and have a baby boy which later, Harry become the godfather.I just really proud that I had read all the 7 books. But until now, I still searching for the time to go and watch the 5th movie of HP.

The final HP book

Yay, I finally got my hands on the last Harry Potter book. Before the release of it on 21st July 2007, I decided to wait and queue for it at 6 a.m. just for the book.I didn't pre-order the book as the price they set was quite high and the price is not being determined yet by that time. I thought that Malaysian are not that fanatic compared to other part of the world.As my plan to wake up at 6 a.m. failed, I went to Midveli to get the book and at the same time to do some shopping. I arrived there around 12.00 pm and straight went to MPH. I noticed that there was no new HP book on the promotion counter or at the shelves. I asked one of the MPH staffs and they said that for that day, the book was only being sold to pre-order customers. He said that try go to Carrefour if you want the book.Hearing that, I some sort of running to Carrefour downstairs and grabbed a copy of it. By that time, there was not that many people buying the book as a lot of them went to MPH. To my surprise the book price is RM69.90 which is much cheaper than MPH, at RM109.90. It was such a relief. If I pre-order, I need to buy it at a much higher price. The next day newspaper, said there was a price war between Hypermarket and the 3 big bookstore, MPH, Popular and Times Bookstore. Really, I don't care about the price war or about their decision to withdraw back the book. The most important thing is I managed to buy the book a cheaper price.

Kembara Malam

This was one of the module that I feared the most. Why?? Being the person afraid of darks and with wild imagination of unseen entity, I really scared of sitting in the forest alone. It was famously known as 'Malam Burung Hantu'.

During the briefing, someone asked whether it was that session and the fasci said it was walking in the forest in group. I was so relieved to hear that.

We (21 people) entered the forest with only 2 candles and some matches. Our belongings (torchlight, water) was taken away when we failed to answer 2 questions, which was set up so difficult (stupid) just to fail us.

We were told that from checkpoint 1 to cp2, it took about 40 minutes. When we reached the cp2, we need to give salam to Tok Moh, who will help us in finding the cp3.

We arrived at the last cp around 340 a.m. Then, we were instructed to sit in 1 straight line. They will called us one by one, and we had to walk back to our camp on our own. By this time, I was quite freaked out but knowing there was no way out, I had to do it.

The fasci said it was a 1 km walk and it was a straight line. They even gave some tips,

  • Just look ahead, don't look back
  • Don't look if you heard someone call your name
  • If sumthin want to cross, let them cross first
  • Follow the white track
By hearing this point, I was too scared but I just concentrate and start to move. It was so dark that I couldn't even saw the track and the track was winding, not straight. I was really afraid that I might be lost and walked into the woods, but I just keep walking.

After 10 mins, I see some buildings, and later knowing that building was my camp, I was so relieved. I didn't know how I able to make it to the camp. This was so much scarier than the solo camp during OBS.

I was so lucky that I didn't see or hear anything. A few said that they saw white things, heard recite of Yasin and azan. The most scariest was when one of my friends overtook a friend but when he arrived at the camp, the friend had already arrived. The question, who did he overtook?

Stay or leave...

I've been living with my mom for the last few months (almost a year I think). Sometimes, I think it was the best thing for me to do. I got to eat mom's cooking, if Eya was sick, mom can look after her, I have my family around me, etc..Sometimes, living with a lot of people can bring stress. Its not that living with my family is stressful but sometimes you got to live on your own. I admit that its been about 10 years that I live far away from my family. Its started with my college in Kuantan then move to Bangi for my uni years.I started to live back with my mom when I was about to give birth to Eya, around September last year. Its was great back then. My siblings were great, mom was attentive and not to forget hubby who is always beside me.I didn't know what has happened but when I think that the house is going to be filled with a lot of people, you have to deal with a lot of attitudes, bad or good, annoying or not.Living with a lot of people, especially with your own family is great. You got to have meal together, go for grocery shopping together, makan-makan session together, pendek kata suma nyer sama-sama.I hate it with people talk behind people back. 'Yelah, dia tu memang kedekut';'itu pun berkira' and a lot more. If its true, yes, I admit I was wrong but before you speak, look at yourself first. Are you better than moi? You suppose to have the courage to say it direct to the other people face. Its better. If what you're saying is good maybe that person can change or vice versa.Some of you really like to said I'm 'berkira'. If I'm really the berkira type, I won't lift my finger doing job around the house, I won't pay for any meals, in fact I won't pay for anything.And living expenses should be shared. So does the chores around the house. Thats why living with your own family is better. You know what you should do, your responsibilities. Now, I'm totally sad. I have tried being the good daughter and sister but sometimes people judge you differently. In front of certain people, they become different and when they with you, they are so nice to you. I tried and had done my shares around the house. I know what is my ability and I try to do it as good as possible but sometimes people just don't appreciate you. They take things for granted. I don't want to do things that I'm not good at and in the end, being criticized by the 'good' people.And sometimes, the works that we do, people don't appreciate it but the works that people did for us, we have to remember it everyday (even though the people annoyed us big time). Now the question, are they sincere enough doing it? Disclaimer: This entry is written to channel my frustration, sadness and a little bit of anger. No hard feelings, everyone....

Stupid hit my car

My car was involved in a 'burger' accident. I was in the middle. A Nissan Cefiro hit me and in turn, I hit a Honda in front of me. It happened when we was driving to work on Tuesday.The man that hit our car was so arrogant and rude. He didn't totally admit the fault was him and said that 'alah, rosak sikit je....bukan boleh claim pun' . Hello!! You hit someone else car and didn't have the courtesy to apologize or even offered to repair the damage that you had done. The scariest thing was if anything happened to my little baby. She was having a fever that day and we were planning to take her to Assunta after I punched in to work. I was sitting at the back with her. Just think, what could happened if we sit in front that day. Eya could have been dropped or 'tercampak'. The man didn't even take into consideration that he hit a car with a baby inside it.All that he can said is, 'Sorilah, aku ngantuk. Maaf jelah'. What if on that time, there was no traffic jam. It was a clear road. The impact could have been worse. I really hate that guy.The damage to my car was not that bad. The car was dented at the back, passenger side. The Honda was the worse, the back was totally dented. And for the Nissan, only a front lamp was damaged. The Honda claimed my insurance and for us, it was nothing as the damage was not that bad.Later, that evening, we went to report the accident at Jln Bandar. We were told by the police in Kepong that if an accident happened in any area in KL, you have to report it to traffic division in Jln Bandar. That area was so bad during office hour so we went there by 8 p.m.The Honda has reported earlier and the Nissan guy had called hubby and said that he sorry for what he had said earlier. He decided not to report and just wait for the police to issue him a summon. And, something funnier happened at the police station but I think, I shared it with hubby. Just that someone was going to spend the night in the lock-up because of some silly mistakes.

Adik and her need for fresh blood

Adik was supposed to register last Saturday but due to her illness, she was exempted from the registration process. Instead, I had to register on her behalf. Luckily, the registrar was kind enough to let us go through with the registration although the student was not present.I had to pay for her fees, accommodation, picked her orientation bag and shirt and viewed her hostel room. As for her, she was admitted to Assunta to receive fresh blood to replace the blood that was lost. She took almost 3 pint of blood as her blood count quickly recovered to 12g. Initially, she only had 4g. Almost every year, she will be admitted to hospital for the same reason. Why?? We all don't know. Maybe because of pressure, anxiety, her m*****al problem, who knows?I really hope that she will take good care of herself after this. Don't stay up too late, eat right, stay fit and most of all listen to what mom has too say. Although, she like to nag and nag, she take good care of you. Remember that. She did everything for you while you are sick. So, just don't forget that.And, Good Luck to You for you new phase of life as a university student........

Mom's Treat

Mom treated all of us to a nice big lunch at Chilli's @ BSC. We all had to decide on the place. Some of the suggestion were:

  • TGI Friday - Rejected as it was not that nice as before
  • Hard Rock Cafe - Limited choice
  • All Stars Sport Cafe - not a specialist in Western food

At last, we all chose Chillis for our lunch. Mostly chose steaks as their lunch, Nini ordered Fajitas, Abo with his burger, me and hubby chose chicken based, and for Eya she ate mashed potato.

We were so full that we did not eat dinner for that night.

Thanks again mom for the lovely treat!!

Cakap Buat!!!

My college sent me to attend a 5d4n course at Sungkai, Perak on 13-17th June for building high performance team. I thought it was a compulsory things that all must attend but a lot of the staffs didn't go with thousands of excuses. Only a few of the staffs went, including me.I really didn't want to go as I had to be away from Eya. I never leave her before this. And, I fed-up with all this camp crap. From primary school until now, its camp and camp. Every camp is the same, teambuilding exercise, personal development, bla, bla.....I set my mind that this camp was not that tough compared to OBS, and as it was compulsory, I had to go. The journey to Sungkai was on the 13th, departed at 6 p.m from uni***. The camp was deep in the heart of rubber plantation in Sungkai, near the hot springs.As expected, the module revolved around my workplace. The briefing about AKP;discussion with the managament or better yet, 'Sesi Hentam Org Atas'; teambuilding exercise; obstacles course with flying fox (its great, if not because of the stairs I need to climb, I would do it again), malam sedih ( the night when u remember your family) and kembara malam (the one I feared the most)It was something like a 'brainwash' camp. You need to call everyone sahabat, e.g. sahabat arale. It was okay for people in the same level with you but when it comes to higher ranking people, it seemed a bit weird.Your phone was taken away on the first day, only to be returned back on the last day. Luckily, I survived the boring 5 days camp. I hope I would not go there again.

Eya got a new chair

Since Eya started to eat cereal, we feed her by placing her on the bouncer. Now that is a little tricky as she moves a lot and that makes it harder to feed her.She also cannot be left alone playing on her playmat while we are having dinner as she would scream until someone pick her up. To overcome these problems, we decided to buy her a highchair. The only highchair that seem simple, practical and not that costly is Ikea highchair. As usual, before we buy anything for her, we have to try it on her first. We put her in it and she likes it so much that she scream when we took her out of it. Thats the signal that the purchase will not be wasted.The only cons is we don't think that the highchair can last long as it is quite small. I think we need to buy a new one next year.

Abang and the cuppies

I ordered these cuppies for abang birthday in April but they was in the moving process so that order was cancelled. I ordered again for a belated bufday cuppies and for the coming father's day.I ordered a Man-United theme as abang was a die-hard fan of MU. He told me that he started being a MU fan since he was in standard 6. Ok, whatever you say.The cuppies was ordered from Joanna, Happycakes. It was a really good design and the taste was good too. Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Father's day!

A Big Lunch from Mom

Mom decided to treat all of us, which includes MakYah's family, Cu's family and all his 'anak angkat' a.k.a. Abo's friends for lunch at our home. The menu for that day was Nasi Beriani Daging and Kambing (request from my hubby).A week before that, mak and makyah went to buy all the ingredients needed to cook the nasi beriani. The search went from Brickfields for all the spices, Tmn Tun for the side dishes ingredients and Segambut for the meat.Makyah was the one who cooked the nasi. She is a very good cook but sometimes her menu doesn't really suit our tastebud. We are really simple people that eat simple food. She really likes to try out new dishes that somehow is weird for our taste. Back to the story, the lunch started around 1230, right after makyah finished cooking. Nini, Iya and Mira carried the periuk nasi, dalca, kuah asam and the daging back to our house. BTW, makyah house is just in front of my house.Mom bought 5kg of rice to be cooked and from that amount, we got 3 large rice cooker of nasi beriani. It was a lot and there was a lot of leftover to last through the dinner. Thanks mom for the superb lunch. And thanks to Makyah and family who cooked the nasi beriani.

Baby Ogre is so cute...


director: Chris Miller

  • mikemyers-shrek
  • eddiemurphy-donkey

  • camerondiaz-princessfiona

  • pussinboots-antoniobanderas
the movie:

its so funny.this time it tells how Shrek is going to become a father and at the same time, he has to become the king if he fail to find the next heir, Artie (J.T.). Its so hilarious when Puss and Donkey switch bodies and how puss in donkey body want to impress the armies with his cute smile. I bet you gonna laugh on that scene. And, I really love watching the baby ogres. They are so cute.

Eya @ 8 month

Eya compared to all her friends is quite slow in terms of movement. She still has not crawled or even sit unaided. She is still in the rolling stages and she is quite fast doing that.

There are not much progress for this month but still I am proud of her.

  • Can clap hands
  • Wave bye-bye
  • its almost 11 kg
  • has 2 bottom teeth (luckily she didn't have any fever)
  • can lift up her bottom
  • experienceing 'anxiety separation' - only want me or mom only


Along and kaklong wanted to treat mom at TGIF @ The Curve for the mother's day. We decided to tag along.Mom ordered the grilled chicken, kaklong ordered steak and the rest of us ordered burger. Oh! Nini ordered chicken with mushroom sumthin. The portion was too big that me, mom and nini cannot finish our food. As for Eya, as some of us had mashed potato, I gave her some. I forgot that I had chilli sauce on my fingers and foolishly, I used the same finger to feed her. She cried and screamed as she tasted the chili. I gave her a lot of water to get rid of the chili taste. After a few mins, she was okay.BTW, before we went for lunch, kaklong bought a pair of crocs at Ikano. Yay, our crocs have new friend.


Some of you may have seen this item before and you think its weird for anyone who wears it. At first, I thought people who buy this shoes is wasting his/her money as the shoes look so weird. I went to the Crocs @ The Curve just to try out the shoes a few weeks ago. Althought it was weird in looks, in terms of comfy, YES, its really light and comfy. Then, last week, after the lunch with my mom, we decided to test the Crocs again.After the tryout session, me, hubby and Nini decided to buy it. Although, I might regret this decision, I decided just to buy it as it is real comfy and nice to wear it. It is best used when going for vacation.

Happy Mother's Day to me...

After 4 years of marriage, this is my first year celebrating mother's day as a mother. I'm a proud mama to Eya who is 7 months now.Its not that easy being a mom. Thanks to my mom, I'm able to take better care of Eya. I admit that having mom makes my life easier with Eya.Its a miracle to witness my little angel growing up before my eyes. From the moment I gave birth to her up until now, my love for her never stop growing. She is the apple of my eye.When I get back from work, feeling tired, just to look at her, will bring some comfort to me.Couldn't wait for the moment when Eya can speak and utter the words, "Happy Mother's Day, Mama!".

Happy Mother's Day

This year I was totally blank on what to get my mom for the Mother's day. Usually, I treated mom for special lunch at hotels that have mother's day promotion but this year the promotion was not that nice that I forgot to book one.I decided to treat mom to Fasta Pasta @ The Curve. At first, I thought of going to Italiannies @ OU but thinking that it was Sunday, I didn't want to take chances of having no parking spaces. I ordered ravioli, which is my favourite kind of pasta. Its not that easy to find it here. I learned to eat it when I was working at a hotel in UK. They loved to serve ravioli as lunch and I would eat a lot of it.Nini ordered lasagna and it was very nice. As for mom, I ordered her spaghetti marinara and it was kind of nice.

Eya @ 7 month

Eya has not changed that much but somehow her attitude change a bit since she recovered from the fever. (became naughtier)

  • Weighed at 9.5 kg
  • Can say simple syllables, ba-ba, bom-bom
  • Can mimic what other people are saying
  • Became so attached to me
  • Has changed her milk- Anmum Step 2->Bebelac ->Mamex ->Dutch Lady Step 2
  • Now eat Nutrakid, flavor rice+carrot
  • Can now reverse and lift up her back (just waiting for her to start crawling)
  • Had a few episodes of sickness, fever+light measles+cough+cold+bronchitis/asthma but she has recovered now
  • Had her first trip/vacation to Langkawi
  • Now sleeping on 'toto' with opah and acu. Couldn't sleep on her own mattress as she is so aggresive during sleeping. She will travel around, up and below her mattress.
  • Don't like rice porridge- now, she likes it ...
  • If someone scolded her, she will makes funny faces so that person can laugh and forget about it

Nini and her decision

Nini, my lil sis is waiting for all the offers she can get to any Ipta/Ipts. Right now, she had already got a few offers. For me, its quite good as some of her friends with better results did not get any offers. For her, she got all that she applied for.

The offers in the list:

  • Matriks (2 yrs) - X
  • UiTM -Diploma Sains Komp - ?
  • UNITEN - Foundation in IT - ?

She rejected matriks as she didn't want to waste her 2 years studying and later got some stupid course for degree, something that she does not have interest in.

For UiTM and UNITEN, they are sort like similar program but when I compared the subjects for diploma in UiTM and UNITEN, it seemed I prefer UNITEN. OK, I'm not being bias here as I was a UNITEN grad. And if they have similar contents, I'll choose UiTM as it is cheaper than UNITEN. As what hubby like to say, sending a child to UiTM is much more cheaper than sending a child to kindergarden.

I compared the subjects for both of the diploma and I noticed that UiTM offers a lot of fundamental and non-related IT subjects such as Philosophy and Man and Manhaj of AlMighty. I didn't really see the need of this subject to science comp diploma. Its not that Islamic subjects has no use but there are a lot of them in the course outline. For UNITEN, the only subjects that is IT non-related is English, M'sia studies and Islamic studies.

Then, the subjects for programming is not that many offered in the course. Only a few and it is only fundamentals. I really am thinking and considering my sis's future here so I want the best for her.

However, the final decision is with her. Only she can decide her own future.

Eya and her apparatus

Eya was breathing un-normally after we got back from the trip. On Monday, she couldn't drink her milk as she would vomit all of it back. She could only eat her cereal. Luckily, or else she will starve.I arrived at home around 7 p.m. and decided to take her to Assunta without any appointment. Fortunately, Assunta has an evening clinic for paeds on Monday. We had to see another doctor that was on call. He checked Eya and said that as Eya is too young, he couldn't diagnose Eya precisely. She was either having an asthma or bronchitis. I was shocked as me and hubby do not have asthma. The doc said that it could be inherited from grandparents, uncle or aunties. OK, that one I believe as only me don't have asthma in the family. The others do.The doc prescribed some meds and gave Eya a aerochamber to be used with the inhaler. Eya got 2 types of inhaler, which for me is unbelievable as Nana only got one. The doc said one was for treatment and the other was for prevention. Everything cost around Rm200++.The doc also asked Eya to be given the nebulizer. It was very effective if you got a lot of phlegm. Eya was ok for the first 5 minutes. Then, she became bored and want to get rid of the tube. The nurse had to wrap her in order to finish the dose.She been taking the meds and she is better now. Really hopes that it wont happen again. And really hopes that Eya will not have asthma.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

The trip to Langkawi was our first family trip with Eya, together with mak, nini, abo, along and kaklong. We started our journey around 10 p.m. and Along drove the first leg of the journey. Eya got the best seat; I laid down her comforter and she slept throughout the journey.

We stopped at Penang at 3.00 a.m. as hubby, along, abo and Nini wanted to watch the semi-final between MU and AC Milan. I knew that MU would lose the match as everybody in the family watched it, especially hubby. And if hubby watch it, I knew MU will definitely lost. Eya was the only baby inside the mamak restaurant and the four of us were the only women inside it. It was a weird scene for all the restaurant patrons.

Then, when the score was 3-0, they decided to continue with the journey. We drove through Penang Bridge as it was Kaklong's first time in Penang. The toll fare has increased to RM12 now (before it was RM7).

We arrived at Kuala Kedah around 630 a.m. We unloaded the baggage and I went to purchase the 7.15 a.m. ferry tickets for Rm18 per head. (Cekik darah betul). Eya and me slept throughout the journey. We arrived at Langkawi at 830 a.m.

We went to pickup the van I arranged earlier and straight went to have our breakfast. We searched high and low for any sign of food and managed to find one. I thought it was some sort like a Langkawi special food, it was like nasi minyak and ayam merah, and it was for breakfast.

After all the tummies was filled, we went to the TNB bungalow, unloaded our stuff again and everybody slept.

After we all were refreshed, we went out to have our lunch at 4 p.m. We called Ardy, my cousin who is working in Langkawi to be our guide. He brought us to some stalls in Kuah and being very generous, he paid for our lunches.

Then, kaklong and mak wanted to go to 'Idaman Suri' to buy, yes, you guessed right, pinggan-mangkuk and periuk belanga. This was what all of us bought there:

  • Kaklong: Corningware sets
  • Mak: Corningware sets
  • Me: Visions sets (for hubby, he's the cook)
I wanted to buy a Corelle set but the stock in Langkawi was the old ones. They didn't sell the new design that you can find here. But, I think thats good. Else, I will spend more money to buy all the pinggan-mangkuk sets.

After all the shopping spree, we went back to the bungalow and get refreshed. We ate 'ikan bakar' for our dinner. For a full table of 8 adults, menu comprising of:

  • Ikan pari bakar
  • Ikan loban bakar
  • Ikan kerapu 3 rasa
  • Sotong goreng tepung
  • Sotong goreng cili
  • Udang goreng cili
  • Sayur kailan ikan masin
  • etc...
the price was around RM160. It was nice but the restaurant was a bit weird for me. Their tv showed Animal Planet and at that time, it was a show on snakes. Eeeee....weirdo....

Then, we send Adi back to his home as he is working the next day.

I woke up quite late as it raining heavily last night and Kaklong and Nini were preparing breakfast. Our menu for that day was nasi goreng sardin and egg sandwiches with hot tea and cold crysanthemum tea. All the ingredients were purchased last night after our dinner at some grocery shop.We had our breakfast at the balcony with the perfect view of seas in front of us. After the breakfast, we relaxed and enjoying the sea breeze.Later, we went out just to do some shopping. We stopped first at the cable car and just strolled around it. The fare was expensive, RM25 per person and being someone terrified of height, of course I wouldn't go on it. Then, we went to pick Adi and went to Kuah for some more shopping. Along and abo bought variety of cigarettes. Some of the brands was not available here. John, Toz, Peel, Double Happiness, Perdana, Black Devil, etc....They bought a box to try and if it was good, they will buy a carton of it. The rest of us, did chocolate shopping. Kaklong who was a chocoholic bought a lot of them. As for me, I only bought a bar of Cadbury Breakaway and hubby, a bar of Cadbury Real White Chocolate. Some of the chocolates also are not available here, including the local brand.That night, we had our dinner at City Bayview hotel, courtesy of Adi. We had Chinese dinner and it was very nice.During the dinner, Eya did an exorcist stunt to me. She puked on me and I was thoroughly wet. Luckily, there was not that many people in the hotel. Eya was not that well that night and was restless through the night. She must be very tired from all these trip. Pity her.....

Adi took a day off to spend some time with us. We checked out at 11 a.m. and went to Jetty to return the van. We had our lunches beside the lake and spend the remaining time before our ferry sail off, window shopping in the jetty point. The chocolate was RM2 more expensive and even Bread Story was expensive here.Our ferry left at 2.30 pm and we were so sad to leave Adi. I really hope that he come and visit us in KL.We arrived in Kuala Kedah at 5 p.m. and continued our journey to Penang again. . Before this, we use the bridge but as Kaklong wanted to experience to ride in a ferry, we went to 'pulau' by ferry.This time, I was going to eat nasi kandar 'Line Clear'.It was not because of Aswad, AF5 that I knew line clear. I started eating nasi kandar line clear even before I was married to hubby. Abg Zul introduced it to me a few years ago and since then, I was addicted to it. The stall its beside Chowrasta bazaar, the place where you can find buah pala and jeruks. I been wanting to eat there since I knew that I was pregnant with Eya. My mom always like to said that Eya is drooling because I couldn't eat nasi kandar 'line clear' when I was pregnant. Even Eya loves its curry. BTW, Eya loves curry. At first, I thought she couldn't handle the spicy taste but she really likes it. A true Northern man's daughter.After the early dinner, we continued our journey back to KL. Halfway, we stopped at Taiping as hubby wanted to see his mom. We got refreshed and MIL served us Kuetiau Goreng. We arrived in KL at 3 a.m.Its the best holiday I've ever had since Abah had gone. Its because I experienced it with my mom, siblings, and of course, my own family, hubby and Eya. Looking forward to the next one....

Retreat at Country Heights Resort

Me and family went to have a retreat at Country Heights Resort in Kajang. My cu has this special privilege card that gives him the some free stays at some places, which includes this resort.

For us, its feel the same like home. Nothing special as it was too close to our office and the area is so familiar to us. For cu, it gives him the chance to relax from his business and of course, the chance to indulge in his hobby, fishing.

To go to the resort, we had to go through some houses. As it was at the country heights, the houses was so majestic, huge and mansion-like. I wondered who are these people. How come they become so rich?

We spent the day watching tv, eating satay from Kajang and chatting with each others.

As for Eya, she really proves she a good girl. Even though, we didn't bring her buaian, she can still sleep. And this has been going on for some days. I just put her on her bed, sang her some lullabies, pat her and walla, she sleep. Good for her, as its easier to bring her to any where now.

p/s: Cu just bought a house in Bandar Sg Long. Its really a nice home to live in. It going to be ready by Feb 08.

Eya is not well again

Its been almost a week since Eya recovered from her fever. Suddenly, on Monday night she had a fever again. It was not that hot compared to her earlier fever. It seemed that the fever started from her head as her hand and feet was cold. We gave her the medicine and in not more than 10 minutes, the fever subsided.

I left for work on Tuesday thinking that she was okay, as I had some awareness course to attend. By the time I got home from work, mom said the fever was high again and she kept crying the whole day.

I couldn't take her to the paed since it was almost 8 p.m. Then, I realised that there was this one paed clinic at Taman Tun. I really hope that the clinic is open.

We brought Eya there and the doc did a very thorough checkup. He said Eya was okay and asked us to take Eya's urine sample, in case Eya is not okay by tomorrow. This was hard! How was I suppose to take the sample. I couldn't ask Eya to pee in some container, I'm sure there must be some other way. The doc gave us the thing. We was to place the thing down and when Eya pee, it will flow into the plastic. Again, this is hard.

Then, we decided that if Eya had a fever again today, we gonna bring her to Assunta to see her paed. It will be much easier. We went to the TTDI doc as we don't have any other choice and just to have a second opinion. And the price for the TTDI doc was much much expensive than Assunta. RM65 just for a fever and phlegm medicine.


Just want to say a lot of thanks to Nini, my lil sis who has helped me to calculate the marks for my paper. We stayed up until 1 a.m. last night. Thanks to her I managed to finish all the marking and entered the grades by 10.30 a.m. today.

Really appreciate it sis.

p/s: Pic courtsey of


I just read my sis's blog and it had triggered me to write what she had wrote earlier...

My family is quite small, it consist of mom, siblings and me and cu's family. all together is about 13 people. yes, just 13 people in my big family. since we were young, we always traveled together and I still remember the camping trip in PD. Really miss that moments.

Recently, he had become a successful businesspeople and really don't have any more time for family get-together. As said by my sis, no sleptover, going for vacation together or just eating together at a mamak's stall. I feel happy and proud that he had succeed in his business and I never thought that someone could change that much. I really want my 'old' cu, who is always there for the family.

He is the one that persuaded me to book a bungalow at Langkawi as we don't have any family vacation for the past few years. I booked it and managed to secure a booking next month. I was so happy when I knew that I get the booking and announced it to everyone.

Suddenly, my mom said that cu cannot go as maksu don't have any leave. I was devastated when I knew this and mom asked me to call cu himself. Cu said maksu will try to change her leave and hopefully they can go. By this time, I had a bad feeling that they just don't want to go.

Then, my mom called my other uncle and he said that he wouldn't go as cu didn't go. This is another issue that I had with cu. This other uncle depends a lot on cu. Even, his monthly grocery will be paid by cu but he is just the step-brother and he is 33 years old with a son. And, every little things in his house was bought by cu. Someone might said ok, what...that is his brother. Yes, but when mom and cu were small, atuk was a little biased and never bought anything for them. As for this other uncle, atuk bought him a car, a motorcycle and everything a person could need at that time.

Mom was very suspicious at this time coz cu told her they are still waiting to know whether maksu got the leave or not. Now, cu told this uncle that he cannot go. And after that, he called to inform us that he had to go to Bandung for some works. See, its too fishy for me....

And to make matters worse, he is going to Kijal for a retreat with his employees and mom and sis. He never offer us to go there with him. Its not that I really want to go but the gesture of inviting us will be nice.

Abg Aan, his employee is supposed to drive them there but at the last minute, he couldn't go. Then, he asked Abo to be the replacement driver but Abo got a test and also couldn't go. Last night, he asked hubby and me to go. Please lah, you think we are so desperate to go there. We don't like being the last resort. If only he offered us before, we will surely drive his employees there.

And for the Langkawi vacation, mom told him that I was a little bit offended and guess what he said. Takpelah, nanti *** bagi duit kat Jaja pasal takleh gi. (Nevermind, I'll offer Jaja some money for not being able to go there) Eventhough, I'm the 'mata duitan' person, I still prefer my family over some money. I was DAMN OFFENDED by his statement.

And as Nana is working with him now, Nana also cannot go with us. He knew this plan had been planned since last year and for Nana, she has been waiting to go and work with him since I don't know when. When we had a nice plan, he came and ruined it for us. Its okay that he don't want to go but please don't take Nana from this vacation.

I really miss my dear old cu. Never thought that wealth can change a person like this. In drama yes, but I never know that it can happen to my own dear family.

Going to miss you there.....

18/04-Happy 3* Birthday, Abang...

Just want to wish my abang, HAPPY 3* Birthday...

Me and Eya really, really loves you,its been almost 8 years that I've celebrated your birthday....

Wonder what I should get you this year...

A few thoughts...

  • Wallet ( your buddies presented you one as a farewell gift) - X
  • PSP Games ( I really want to get you this)
  • Perfume ( still a lot) - ?
  • Shoes (just bought one recently)
Please give me a hint....

p/s: Pic courtesy of


STRESS!! Need to finish marking all 116 papers by Friday. I was so unfortunate that my paper was the last paper. HATE IT!! HELP ME.....


I felt so grateful that Eya is well now. This is the chronology of Eya being sick for the 1st time:
  • 4/04: Eya had a mild fever. Her temperature was moderate high. I took a 1/2 day leave to bring her home
  • 5/04: The fever was high. Went to nearby clinic to get her medicine. I also had a fever.
  • 6/04: The fever was not that high. By this time, she is quite playful. I m.c. for the 2nd day, mild fever as well.
  • 7/04: She was fine the whole day. Went to OU to buy her toy.
  • 8/04: She was ok in the day. By 11 p.m., her temperature rose and she started vomiting. Didn't sleep that much and very cranky.
  • 9/04: Brought her to Assunta. Paed said she had a 'viral fever'. Told me to keep a watch on her and if the fever not subsided in 2 days, she need to take a blood test.
  • 10/04: The fever was moderate. She was cranky the whole day.
  • 11-12/04: Fever came on and off.
  • 13/04: Took her to Assunta again. Paed said that she has a light measles and because the rashes had came out, she will be better in a few days.
Eya has become very clingy and is so attached to me. She can only be hold by me or sometimes my mom. She changed quite a lot after the fever. She is afraid of people and I really don't like it.

New addition to the family

Just want to announce that I gonna get a niece in another 7 months. Kaklong is now 3 months pregnant...I am so excited to have my first niece and of course Eya is going to get a sister (hopefully) or a brother...As for Along, he really wants a son....No wonder Eya likes to suck her toes, its not me who going to have another one but my brother....CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!

Eya is not well

On Wednesday last week, Eya was sent only for 1/2 day to nursery as she was not feeling well. When I dropped her at the nursery, she seemed tired and her body was hot. After I finished invigilating, I called the nursery and they said her body was quite hot.Masyu drove me to the nursery and I picked her up. I called hubby and asked him to come and pick us up.The fever subsided after I gave her some medicine. Then, tomorrow, the fever came again and was okay after I gave her the medicine. She was fine for two days and suddenly on Sunday night, the fever came again and this time it was bad.She kept vomiting and could not sleep. However, I thought its better for her to vomit as all the phlegm can be out of her system. Then, I decided to bring her to the paed as the medicine wouldn't work on her.By the weekend, everybody in the house had fever except for mom. I was on m.c. for 2 days and until now, is still coughing badly. At the paed, she said she had a moderate fever of 38.1 and it was a normal fever. In case, after two days, she still has the fever, she has to get a blood test.Eya now is thinner and looked tired. She don't want to eat much and she drink less milk. I really couldn't stand to see her like that. ( I really prayed that her sickness will be transferred to me)Yesterday, she had the fever again and after mom gave her the medicine, she was okay. If tonight, she still has the fever, tomorrow I will bring her for the blood test.p/s: The pic was before Eya was sick...

Eya's 2nd haircut

Eya's hair was quite long and it made her feel uneasy as rashes begin to appear. Luckily, Abo was home and he was good in cutting hair.I had to hold Eya as her Ayah-de cut her hair. She being really calm throughout the whole process. Actually, I would like to see Eya with long hair but until now, her hair is not that much. Mom kept insisting me to buy hair clip for her but it would look funny if Eya wearing it.And as Ayah-de was around, all of us also cut our hair.

Eya's New Buddy

I bought Eya's a new toy at Toys 'r' us who is now having a 20% sale. I received the e-newsletter on Friday and looking at the sale, I decided to buy the elephant, which Eya has set her eyes on. During one of our grocery shopping at Carrefour, Eya had suddenly grabbed the elephant and she seemed to like it a lot. The price was a lil bit pricey and thinking that Eya has Dino, maybe the elephant was an unnecessary purchase.Because of the sale, me and hubby decided to go to OU to look for the elephant. Mom, Nana and Nini went to watch 'Jangan Pandang Belakang' while the rest of us went to Toys 'r' us. Unfortunately, the 20% discount was only given to the 2nd item. I was quite frustrated and went to look for other toys. I chose 'My First Book' and the elephant and tried to compare, which one would be the best for Eya. Then, I realized that Eya is the one who going to play with it, so I asked Eya to make her choice. She picked the elephant instead of the book.And at the payment counter, I was surprised to know that the elephant is discounted for 20%. Eya still prefer Dino but she now can play with Ele as well. BTW, I chose to name the elephant Ele.

Eya's 1st Day at uni...

The day when I sent Eya to the nursery. I woke up really early and prepared her milk and put her things, which were prepared earlier in the car. Deep inside me, I felt like crying but I knew this was the best for her and me.Eya who always wakes up at this time for her milk, woke up and smiled to me. It seemed she knows that she going to the nursery. I picked her up and went into the car.Throughout the journey to Bangi, she slept all the way and I kept looking at her. I really hoped that she can adjust herself to the new surroundings. I gave her to one of the caretakers and went back to my office.Just before noon, my mom called and asked me to check on her. I refused as this may jeopardize her adjustment to the nursery. I kept staring at my watch and hopes that times will fly quickly.At 5.25 pm, I went down and saw hubby and Eya is waiting for me. I didn't know why but I felt like I missed her a lot and quickly went to the car and took her. In the car, she seemed so happy and kept babbling and babbling. Maybe she wanted to tell me how her life went that day. The caretakers left me a note saying," Pn, baby Aleeya hari ni tiada masalah. Esok, bawa plastik bag untuk baju kotor dia.""Eya, you are such a good girl"

Armi's Wedding...Congrats to you!!!

My family and I went to Alie's brother wedding last Sunday, which was so near to my home. How do I know Armi?? My BFF (in SMP) ex-bf was Armi's best friend so I did know who Armi is. Later, he became A***** (my friend) boyfriend for a year I think. They met during tuition in form 3. Armi dumped her without any reason (from what she told me) when he entered MCKK BUT in a good way I supposed. (BTW, Armi is a nice guy, I think I know the reason why he dumped her)Only later did I know that his brother is one of Abo's gang. My family was the only family in TBM that was invited to the wedding. The reason was my mom knew his mom, Abo is his brother's best friend and Alie crashed at my place during his visit to UK.A and her mom was so frustrated and devastated when they found out that even I got an invitation to Armi's wedding. The most stupid dialogue that I heard from both of them during the weekend was:

A: Pelamin Anganku Musnah. Dulu kitorang ada rancang nak buat pelamin warna krim masa nak kawin

A's Mom: Agaknya dia jemput Kak I**** pasal sama-sama balu kot... (what the heck!!)

Such a low mentality. For me, any relationship (if it was real) in highschool is 'CINTA MONYET' or some can be considered 'CINTA UNGKA'. The funny thing was A is now engaged to somebody (her choice) and going to be married this August. For godsake, please, why you must remember your ex if you was dumped without a reason, AND, you are engaged now. From her statements, it just showed that she had no love for her fiance.Logically thinking, if you are really truly, madly, deeply in love with your soon-to-be hubby, why u need to uttered such stupid statements. You just ignore the wedding and forget about it.I really am happy for Armi to find such a lovely and nice wife. You had made the right choice, man...


Cu asked me to be his panel of interviewer AGAIN last Saturday. out there might asked....interview sapa terer...I was supposed to interview a bunch of students from Trans***, who just finished their ticketing and basic course in sumthin...cannot uncle business is somewhat dealing with the airlines industry...There were 4 of us, me, hubby, Azhar and Badrul. I decided to sit with hubby as I want hubby to know how the interviews are done. This is my second, btw. All the applicants looked so glam, wearing kebaya, suit, just like people coming to an ANTM audition...The funniest thing was (jahatnya aku ni), the way the wrote their resume. It just looked funny and weird to me. The normal resume would have a pasport photo at the front page and a some personal details. For them, their resume have a large 4R photo with them posing and a complete, full details of their profile. These includes nicknames, no. of siblings, sometimes a short essay, printed on colourful pages and some using size 18 font. I didn't blame them but their lecturer should give a briefing or teach them on how to write a correct and useful resume.The job that my uncle was offering required them to be able to converse in basic English, which only 20% of them pass this stage. Even, a fresh grad from some of the IPTAs could not speak basic English. This just prove to look or get a job, you really need to be able to speak English.We started the interview at 2 p.m. and finished it by 5 p.m. Eya also followed us to the interview together with mom, abo and nini. Nana, who is now working for cu, helped us throughout the interview.

Eya @ 6 month

  • Eya can turn herself quickly but still don't know how to turn herself to lying position
  • Eya has started eating solid food (FR + Nestle Rice Cereal)
  • Eya loves to eat mashed potato (a lot) + milo (only a few spoonful)
  • She can baby talk (fav words - te-te)
  • Mom claimed she can said 'pah'
  • At 5 1/2 month is 8.3 kg
  • Ateh said she cried if I left for work
  • Likes to 'ngorat' her ayah
  • Don't like to share her toys (people cannot touch her toys esp. Dino except for me, mom, ateh, acu and hubby)
  • Only will drink her milk from Dr Brown bottle. She cries if we give her other bottles.
  • Likes TV3 ads so much. The ones before every program start or before Buletin Utama.
  • Likes Digi ads, the one with the ducks.
  • Likes Jom Heboh-Heboh song.


Eya has started eating solid food at 5 1/2 month. Although, her paed advised us to wait until she is exactly 6 mth, from the articles I read, when your baby react when she sees other people eating, then you can start giving her first food. Eya could not watch other people eating, she will start drooling and banging the table (like asking for food).The first food I gave her was Farley Rusk. She really loves FR. I only give her one FR back then, but now she need to have 2. My mom said the FR in my baby days was a lot bigger than today FR.Then, I bought Heinz Rice Cereal as my friend gave her daughter this cereal. Eya didn't like it at all and can only eat a few spoonfuls of it (the rest are stored in the kitchen cabinet). I bought Nestle Rice cereal with milk, and tried it and Eya loves it but I need to add a few scoop of her formula milk. I think she really follow my trait, can only eat food which is sweet or tasteful.Now, she eats twice a day, noon and night. For noon, my mom gives her a bowl of Nestle Rice cereal and for night, 2 pieces of FR. Maybe some people think that I overfeed her, but she really needs that extra piece as she would not be full. According to her growth chart, she is not obese but above average, which is normal according to her paed. ( Eya keep waking up at 4 a.m. when she was given only one or no night meal. Then, we started giving her 2 and she sleep soundly until morning)As for the milk, she drink it quite a number of times per day. Now, at 6 month, she drinks 7 oz per bottle. I think:

  • 1 for morning

  • 1 for noon

  • 1 for afternoon nap

  • 1 after dinner

  • 1 for sleeping time

Eya is going to uni...

The moment for Eya to go to the nursery is getting near every single day. I don't know whether I am prepared for this milestones. Eya is well-cared by my mom, her Ateh and Acu, which for me is the best care she can get. Its not that I don't believe the caretakers but knowing Eya, she likes attention and has quite an attitude for a baby her age. Although, I had expressed my concern regarding this matter in my previous blog, I still feel the fear and concern of her going to nursery. I knew this is foolish as a lot of parents send their children to nurseries. And for me, I know the nursery its the best she can get.BTW,I had bought all the things listed in the list given by the nursery s/visor. These includes the toiletries, clothing, pillow and cereal+milk. The one thing I fear the most is she could not sleep there as she sleep in 'buaian' for this past few months, and being lullabied by her opah. I really hope that her caretaker know the way to make her sleep on the mattress.Deep in my heart, I really hope she can adjust herself in the nursery. And knowing that I'm near to her, I'm so grateful to be working here.p/s: The title Eya is going to Uni is coined by my mom as eya's nursery is in one of the local university...

My First Cheesecake...

Its not my cheesecake actually but I helped my sis-in-law in making it. We tried the most basic cheesecake.

SIL bought all the ingredients, which were:

  • cream cheese (Philadelphia, RM7+)
  • plain yoghurt/sour cream
  • castor sugar
  • a little bit of lemon juice
  • 3 eggs
  • biscuit
  • melted butter
We tried a recipe given by SIL's friend. First, she mixed the cream cheese, yoghurt, sugar and eggs. Beat it until smooth. Add the lemon juice.

For the cake base, I melted the butter and crushed the biscuit. Used the butter to make the biscuit as the base.

Poured the mixture on top of the biscuit. Baked it at 170 C for around 40 minutes.

The cake turned out great. Some of us ate the cake with the blueberry sauce, which can be bought at any supermarket.

p/s: the last piece...luckily, I managed to snap the pic before it being consumed by Acu...

The New Snapper

Me, Nini and Abo decided to replace the old camera which was broken due to some people fault. I sent it for repair at Canon HQ and the techie told me it going to cost me around RM800. He told me it was better to get a new camera than to repair the old one. The old camera (Bye Bye Camera blog) was a Powershot A520. For the new one, we decided to buy Powershot again, A550 as the price was a little bit cheaper than A540, as I did my comparison in the Canon website. Olympus was kind of nice also but it use the xD memory card, which according to hubby, it is kind of pricey.We went to buy the camera at Sg Wang and there was no stock. We surveyed around and found this one camera shop which sells the camera at RM595. I looked around and saw that A540 was cheaper than A550. I compared both the camera and Abo decided to buy the A540. It was cheaper than the price shown at the website. The three of us + mom shared to buy it. The camera will be kept in a secret place so only the three of us know the place.For the old camera, it will be kept nicely as it was something bought using mom retirement gratuity. Really felt sorry for mom as she loved the camera so much.

Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

Everything that Arale write in here is for her own eye's only and anybody who is interested. If you don't like what you see/watch/read here, please leave the blog as fast as you can.

Arale's Wishlist

  • Lancer Sportback or BMW 1 series
  • More vacation trips...
  • Reno works for GH
  • Trip to USS or Disneyland HK


Arale's History Channel...