My New Addiction

Eya's has changed her diaper brand quite a few times. During my pregnancy, I bought a few brand just to try them out. Some of the brands that I bought and my reviews of them are:

  • Mamy Poko: too costly
  • Pampers: clump easily
  • Drypers: leaking
  • Huggies Dry Comfort: clump
  • Pureen: Best used for the 1st 6 months
  • Huggies: Brand that I used until now
As I surf the net everyday, I always searching for baby's product when one day, I found out about a website that sell cloth diaper.

What is cloth diaper?

It work just like disposable diaper but you don't dispose it. Instead, you wash it and use it again. The downside of using CD is the first investment is quite high. Average price for a CD is around RM60. Just imagine if you have to buy 3 or even 5 of it. The cost may seem quite high compared to buying disposable. But in the long run, it is cheaper and more economical to use CD. It is cheaper if you use it quite early compared to me who discovered it after Eya is almost 2 years old.

Unlike disposable, you have to wash it, which may seem a lot of work to some mommies. Using dispo, you only throw it.

I have quite a stash now. I got 11 CD, with various brands and inserts to go with the CD. I have one size diaper, L-sized for my pocket diaper, All-in-One or fitted diapers. Currently, I have Drybees, Wahmies, Kissaluv , Happy Heiny's and Bumwear. Mom prefer to use the pocket diaper on Eya compared to fitted diaper. Which one I like the most? It have to be the Drybees as it got various color and patterns to choose from.

As Eya is almost 2 yrs old, I may stop buying it as Eya going to be potty-trained soon. Unlike mommies who have babies, then, you may need to buy more than me. Actually, I do want to buy more but mom prevent me from buying it. She said the stash that I got now is more than enough.

For nursery, I still supply them with Huggies Dry as it will be a lot of work for them. My last purchase of Huggies is 3 months ago. Now, I've no longer have to wait for Huggies pomotion.

Eya @ 18 months

I didn't post any recent updates of Eya's development. So, here is a list of things what my lil' angel can do now.

  • Walked full-time now, she even forget how to 'ngesot'
  • Still have 11 teeth, no new teeth appear yet
  • So 'manja' with her ayah. Everytime she cries, she call for her ayah
  • Her ayah need to scratch her back everytime she wants to sleep. (Padan muka, tulah ajar princess awak tu lagi)
  • Can call 'de-de' (ayah-de) and be-be for her ateh
  • Really loves shopping (know how to choose her own stuff)
  • We notice that she is a bit 'penakut'. Have to sleep with lights on; if go back to Taiping, she has to sleep between me and hubby; afraid of big doll (Mr Sly) and even little Slimer
  • Very stubborn.
  • Finish taking all the immunisation dose. The next one will be during her Standard 6.
  • Loves eating 'telur dadar'
  • A little allergic to chicken

My car is sick...

After the accident, which caused dent to my bumper, my car can only takes max of 4 people. If more, the car body will produce a sound like it was 'tersagat'.

At first, I thought it was the absorber, so hubby said we will go and replace it with new ones, if it really serious. I've asked the price of an absorber, and for my car, it cost RM175 each.

Need to collect money for a pair then.

Need to find a workshop to have a look at the problem.

Stupid man who hit my car.

Attack of the AL's clan...

I've learned to eat sandwich during my study. Why? Because I couldn't find any nasi campur gerai or nasi bungkus at that area.

So, once here, I continue my love for sandwich. Not the regular 2 slice of bread, egg or jam but real sandwich with beef, chicken or turkey. But for me, I only could eat beef filling.

Which sandwich I like? I love sandwich from Subway, Tony Roma or O'Brien. They have nice sandwiches.

One Friday afternoon, I simply asked my family if they wanted to try eating sandwiches for dinner. As my family is food lovers, they agreed.

So, all of us went to Subway @ KJ and had sandwich for our dinner. The guys ordered 1-foot long but for the girls, we only ate the 6'.

Adib and Yop also followed us and that were their first time eating at Subway.

After the dinner, my baby who like to make new friends, who had just learn to walk, went to a table of a family with 3 boys. All of us were shocked to see Eya was so brave and went straight to the table. Even the boy's mom were laughing and shocked to see Eya coming to their table.

I really have to keep a close eye on her as she is walking full-time now.

Girl's Day Out...

All the guys in the house, hubby, along and abo accompanied Cu to Selama to help my 3rd cousin (I think so) for his campaign.

So, only the girls was at home. After mom and I cast our votes in the morning, I decided to go to One Utama.

Once there, we had our breakfast at Sri Melaka as mom wanted to eat rice for brunch. All of us ordered 'nasi goreng'. After the brunch, we went for window shopping. What else can girls do??

It seemed that there were a few sales going on. I decided not to buy anything for Eya as I had bought her pants and shirt the day before. Nini and mom were the ones who bought the most item that day.

As for Eya, she got a pair of pink Crocs from her ateh. She was quite a good shopper. She sat on the bench, and the amoi handed her a few crocs with different colors. She would tried a pair and then open it, and tried another pair. At the end, she ended up with two colors, pink and light green. She made her choice and chose the pink one.

As we went quite early, Eya got the chance to try her new walking skills, assisted by her Ateh. She seemed so cute wearing her new pants and walked around OU.

We spent 5 hours in OU that day. Just window shopping and lepaking.

The funniest thing that happened that day was:

The three of us, bought the Big Apple Donuts. After we paid for the donuts, we went to the bench where mom and Eya sat. Eya pulled my hands and dragged me to the Big Apple shop. Once there, she pointed to the donuts display, acting like she wanted to choose her own donuts. After that, she dragged me to the donut display. Then, I knew that she copied what my mom did. Choosing her own donuts, then paid for the donuts. All of us had a big laugh.

Eya also missed her ayah so much during the weekend. Every time, our phone rings, she would asked if the person was her ayah. And, when she got to talk to her ayah, she sounded so sad. I never know that she could miss her ayah so bad.

My First Vote...

This was the first time I helped to select my government. I registered as a voter a few months back but never expect the election day going to be held so fast.

I was registered as a voter in the Parlimentary seat of Segambut, witnessing 2 parties, BN and DAP fight for the parliament seat. Last term, the seat was held by the BN party but this year the result was a little bit different.

As I live in a Chinese majority area, most of the voter that I saw that morning was 95% Chinese. I don't know where are other Malay people. Maybe they were still asleep.

My mom cast her votes at Saluran 1, the ground floor while I at Saluran 9, the 3rd floor. My saluran was crowded and the queue was long. I had to wait for at least half an hour before I could cast my votes. I really wanted to take some pics but as they were a few police at the voting room, I wouldn't take any chances to be scolded by the police. I didn't know whether we could take pictures or not.

I went in, gave my I.C., and then got the orange paper and straight put a cross in it. I had made up my mind long before the election.

I waited for the result for the PRU12, and the result was very good. It seems I had used my votes well.

All 3 of us (mom went to Pulau Tioman that night), watched the PRU12 result on the tv but all the result were from Sabah, Sarawak and Melaka.

Nana who had a usb-modem, went to a website, we may called it M website. On the site, it display all the latest result for the hot seats. We were shocked to learn that Nurul Izzah had won the Lembah Pantai seat. Seriously, we couldn't see that coming. Shahrizat is a good politician to me and I never doubt that she would win the seat. For other seats, I prayed that all the candidates lose and it came true. And there were also some who played dirty tricks and used all the 'undi pos' to win their seats. 'Takkanlah mula2 beza 100, tiba2 kira 2-3 kali, boleh beza ribu-riban. Nampak sangat menipunya. Takkanlah orang SPR tak reti kira.'

The people has spoken. I laughed at all the gimmicks they tried to show in tv or paper. Pleaselah, suma orang bukan bodoh lagi. People are cleverer now, they don't simply take in all they hear or see from the media controlled by the government.

Good luck for the 5 new states, do your best so you can still win in the next 5 years.

To the almost 2/3 rd majority winner, learn from this election result and please hear what the people want from you.

Alin + Rithuan Wedding

Alin is a member of the Tupai's group while I was in another group. She was supposed to get married on 8th of March but had to postpone due to the 12th Election.

Her wedding was in Bangi, and I went there with Nurul. I went alone as hubby was not feeling that well that day.

As her parents worked with RTM, the deejay for the day was a little bit different. They even have lucky draw kind of quiz, where if you brought an orange, you got a hamper. You even can dedicate songs and they djs went around to interview the guests. It was a bit entertaining.

To Alin n Rithuan, 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' from me, hubby and Eya.

Hubby met someone from TA

I accompanied hubby to met someone from TA. I didn't really went with him, I just drop him at the bus stop and went to park the car. Hubby earlier asked me to park somewhere but as I was not familiar with the place, parked at the first parking lot that I saw.

Once I went in the parking lot, the space seemed so small. As usual, the first 3 levels were reserved for the tenants so I went straight to the last level. What I saw was something I never see before. At this time, I was so scared. Can I park here? Is this really the parking lot?

At the end, I just park the car and went up to the lobby. The building was really old, so no wonder the parking lot looked like that.

As for hubby, the meeting went well.

Our Treasure...

Me and hubby are avid movie lovers. Now, with Eya, we rarely go to cinema as it will be unfair to her. We simply cannot leave her while ourselves enjoying movie or shopping. Every where we go, we need to bring her. Even if I go to a work retreat or anything, I still need to bring her and when there's Eya, hubby must be there too.

The solution of not having the chance of watching movie in cinema, is too buy dvds. For some Malay movies, I prefer to buy it at Speedy. I don't simply watch any Malay movies. The movie that I love is Chief Kodok's or Y.A. movies. And now, I also like Mamat Khalid's movies.These people are so creative. Almost every new movie that they produce, the storyline is some what different from the typical Malay movies. You cannot predict what happen in the end.

So, for other movies especially English movies, I have to buy it from my dealer. Where is it? I really cannot reveal the place here as the spot is quite popular with the so-called police. Why I buy my stocks there? For the money I spent, I would got A-class movie, not cinema copy, not movie without voices, clear movies and worth the money.

Although, I do buy my DVDs using this method but for some movies, I would only watch it in cinema. Blockbuster movies or movies with Will Smith in it, I would watch it on the big screen. I have to support my boyfriend.

We buy our DVDs almost every week, 5-6 movies per visit. Due to our interest and passion of watching movies, now we got our own collection. Me and my brother.

DVDs that we purchased are the one in the plastic cover. So, my brother, being passionate about the collection, went to buy the black box. We transferred all the DVDs into the box. Now, we have almost 200 DVDs. I simply didn't want to count how many have we spent on the DVDs alone.

As the DVDs no longer can be kept in a box, Abo decided to buy DVD rack. For this, we went to IKEA to buy it. As IKEA do have special-made DVD rack, which by the way was very cheap, we bought 4 of it. Each rack can accommodate 100 DVDS, which means to fill it up, we have another 200 DVDs to purchase in the future. Abo, Adib and Betis helped to assemble the rack.

Abo and Nini also had downloaded several tv series and burned it. So, now we have quite a good collection of tv series and DVDs.

My baby first steps...

I've been worrying and wondering when my lil angel will start walking. The paed told me that she has to walk before 20 months and as by now, she is already 17 months, I was so worried.

Then, suddenly, yesterday when I was taking a short nap at home, all my family members started screaming. I woke up from bed and saw she was walking. Not too many steps but she was really walking.

After that, she kept standing up and trying to walk. I was so happy that I really don't know how to describe in it words. I am so proud of her.

My daughter first steps was on Tuesday, around 7 p.m.. when she is 17 months and 1 week old.

The only problem is, she is so 'kelam-kabut'. It seemed that she is not trying to walk but running. Because of this, she kept falling but she is one tough cookie. She would stand up and try again.

For me, it is more like a milestones, achievement for me rather than her.

And for along, your record at 18 months cannot be broken. You are still the proud holder of that record. Let's see if Zara/Shahir can beat your record.

Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

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Arale's Wishlist

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