Food makes me different from you...

I'm quite choosy and picky when it comes to food. My friends always said that I'm weird. For me, I do admit that I'm quite different to other people when it involves food.

I don't like fillings, any kind of fillings especially in local kuih, especially karipap or even tarts or pastries. I will only eat the pastries.

As for ABC, I only have mine served of ice, syrup and milk. I always asked for extra milk as I don't want the extra things. Cendol, it is served only with ice, coconut milk and syrup. No green stuff for me.

I only eat plain cakes. I love butter cakes and plain cheese cakes. I don't eat cakes with creams, nuts or any extra ingredient. I loves only Indulgence from Secret Recipe and Opera from Coffee Bean. Other than that, I don't eat it.

I never eat durian. However, the weird thing is I love tempoyak and can eat bubur durian, but only the kuah not the durian. Maybe because my mom is a perakian and my abah was from KL, so I got a mixed genes.

I only eat certain types of fish. I don't eat fish that is handsome (e.g. keli and haruan). Luckily, I gave birth using normal method, so I don't have to eat haruan. Because I hate the fish, I vow to deliver my future babies normally. I only eat fish from the sea, which are kembung, bawal and tenggiri. These are my favorites. As for non-sea fish, I only can eat talapia merah. Others than that is a serious no-no.

I also eat certain fruits only. I love apple, oranges and rambutan. As for rambutan, my mom and MIL will peel the fruits and keep the peeled ones in fridge for me. At home, hubby will do it for me.

I don't like western food. If I go to Chillis or TGI, I order burger or sandwich. I cannot eat large portion of beef or chicken.

I love rice. Any kind of rice, especially the fried one. Thats why I cannot diet like other people. Rice is something that I need everyday, at least once a day.

I only loves squid. I don't like other kind of seafood. Only squid and some type of fish. If people serve me prawn, I will only eat if hubby around. Because, he will peel the skin off for me. If not, no prawn for me. I also don't like crab as it is a waste. Expensive but little meat.

I loves mamak food. Maybe because abah introduced it to me since I was small. Especially nasi kandar line clear. Really heart for it...

Internet vs. LCD Tv

Yesterday, hubby asked me: "Which item do you like me to buy for the house?? Internet or LCD tv??

If for me, I would take the latter one, as I use Internet from 8 till 6 in the afternoon. Once I get back home, its all tv and family for me.

The cost for a month is similar. Internet you get almost anywhere, as for the TV, it a purchase that you will be really satisfied. You get to watch movies in larger screen and better viewing.

So, I hope you will make the right decision...

My BIGGEST purchase...

I've been thinking of buying a landed-property as the current one that we have is a pigeon-hole. Somewhere not on the ground, and up in the sky. At first, I think we could live in it until we grow older, until the time when Eya has married, that kind of storyline. But, seriously, I really need a proper home where all my children can play in their own yard.

Seriously, I don't think I could afford it. Our current financial standing is just nice, plus having a liability of need to pay for an apartment that we don't live in. Don't get me wrong. I love the apartment. Its hubby first purchase and we have been living in it for a few years. I do love it...

I just could not go to any show house because I feel sad that I could not buy my own house. Almost all the new house cost more than a quarter of a million.

Hubby kept asking me if we need to buy a new house. I said just go for it if you can find me a nice modern house, that has an installment less than 1.5k. Hubby knowing that I had give the green light, start looking for every house that he could searched for.

Then, he told me that there was a new house launching at Bangi. He said the design was something that he knew I would love. So, last weekend we went to see the show house and guess what, it was love at first sight.

The house has a modern design, not the normal square house you always see. It really something that I would fall for. We had a few chit chats with the agents, asking about the procedures everything, and thought we really have to buy the house.

I asked for mom's opinion a.k.a approval and she was okay with it. The booking cost was a lot as I'm not a government staff but I was determined to buy it. So, I put my thinking hat on and thought how to get the booking deposit. Luckily, I did managed to accumulate the sum needed.

As some of my friends said to me (even hubby), this was my first quick decision in making a mega purchase. They were really shocked. They told me that it was like buying a cookie.

So, the house has been booked and now, its time to find the bank loan. With hubby effort, we managed to get a best deal from a bank and now, I'm gathering all the documents needed.

BTW, the house will only be ready by mid-2010. I really need to be extra careful with my spending after this. But again, its something for my family. I really envy people with wealthy parents who can buy them everything, even a house. For me, I need to do it with my own hard-earned greens.

The 'kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang' phase had begin. Brace yourself....

A week in the new house...

Its been exactly a week after we moved. Everything has been settled including the drilling, nailing, hanging of pictures, etc.

Even Astro has been installed. The most important item in our household. The one that we couldn't live without. I even called Astro for several times as the smart card didn't arrived after 3-5 working days. We were so desperate to get Astro. On Tuesday, we called mom and luckily the card did arrive. Fuuuhh....what a relief....

As for cooking, I only managed to cook on the 4th day, as something was wrong with the gas cylinder. At first hubby thought it was the head of the gas but after we bought a new one, it was still leaking. So, the next step was to buy a new cylinder. Luckily, it was okay.

Previously, hubby did all the cookings but as he was tired driving around, I think this time its better for me to cook. Unless, I want him to cook something special for me. Yes, he is a better cook than me. I knew all the theory and can cook all the main dish but I hate cooking. Hubby loves cooking, so as a win-win situation, I prepare everything and he will do the cooking. See, how our partnership work out great.

Eya on the other hand, sleep with us. Sometimes, we put her to sleep on her mattress beside the bed but as we have a huge bed, the size was enough for the three of us. We want her to sleep on her own bed in her own room but we still do not have the courage to let her sleep on her own.

And as agreed with mom earlier, we will come home every weekend to accompany her. Along also is moving out. Kaklong had found someone to take care of Zidane.

Shopping at IKEA...

I had spent quite a lot of money for the moving process. It were for the deposit, lorry, and buying new items for the house.

As adik going to spend her Monday night at my home, we need to buy her a decent mattress. I got the bedframe for quite some time but until today, no mattress. So, it was among the important things to buy in our shopping list.

I also had to buy a new, small dining table as our previous one was quite large. We left it at our home and bought a new one from IKEA.

One could not go to IKEA and didn't buy all the small, cheap stuff. Every room, I bought a few stuffs and at the end, resulted in a lot of stuffs to be bought.

From my planned shopping list drafted earlier, the amount sky-rocketed to almost double the price. Luckily, I have some backup money to use. No more major shopping after this.

New Place to Call Home...

After the disclosure of our decision to mom, we had started the moving process. I took a leave just to pack all my stuff. Although, I had lived in the house for a few good years, our stuff was not that many. Me and hubby like minimalist design. It took us half a day to do all the packing up.

Last Saturday, we met the house owner together with the agent. They seemed like very nice people. The husband was around hubby's age and surprise, the wife is a TNB-ICT staff and she knew all my friends. Currently, she is on study-leave, doing her master at UPM.

The next day, hubby went to our home to move the packed stuff into our new rented house. We still use the same lorry, the one we used to move to our home few years back. Their service was quick and more importantly, cheap.

Next week, I'm going to take another leave as to tidy up the house and unpacking all my stuff.

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