Waa...no more HP books..

Last Saturday, almost a week after I bought HP, I managed to finish reading Harry Potter 7.Simply said, J.K. Rowling writing was superb. I really didn't expect the ending that way but it was okay. I was sort of frustrated when the boy who lived, undesirable No. 1 didn't died. I really hoped that Sirius will appear or live again. I love that character the most.I brought the book everywhere I go since I bought it but still could not finish it earlier. At office, I was too busy with the lecture and all. At home, I need to be with Eya since I've been working the whole day. The only chance I get to read the book is when I'm in the car going or coming from the work. So, I get about 2 hours per day to finish reading the book, provided I don't fell asleep or Eya not going to nursery.I really love the part of the 19 years later. It sort of close the series by knowing what happen to all the members of Order of the Phoenix.And, while reading the book, a few times, I was at the verge of tears as some of the characters died. Although, it was just a fantasy, children kind of book, is still can make the readers feel sad. I was really sad when Fred died, and then Lupin and Tonks. They had married and have a baby boy which later, Harry become the godfather.I just really proud that I had read all the 7 books. But until now, I still searching for the time to go and watch the 5th movie of HP.


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