Eya turns 3...

Eya, 3 years old with her birthday cake...

Eya, Ayah and mama...

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com This signified that my little angel just turn 3 on 24th September.

Again, I did not plan anything big as her birthday fall on a long holiday. The birthday celebration was just between the family. Initially, hubby planned to celebrate it at Taiping with all her cousins but something came up so plan was changed.

She knows how a birthday should be celebrated as every week her friends from the nursery will have a birthday bash. She kept asking us to have Happy birthday for her. Everytime she sees a big cake, she will sing the birthday song.

So, this year we plan to have a small celebration with cake at her favourite fast food restaurant, KFC. Kaklong volunteered to buy her a birthday cake.

We put the candles on and asked her to blow the candles. And she knew how to do it. Maybe from her observation at the nursery.

Me and hubby is happy to see her growing up so well but at the same time quite sad as she is no longer our small baby. I hope time will slow down as we don't want her to grow up so fast.

I can still remember the moments I held her in my arms 3 years ago. It was the best feeling in the world to have your own flesh and blood.

To Eya, mama and ayah will always love you. You are our little angel.

Bangkok Trip II

At last, the continuum from Bangkok Trip I.


The plan was to go to Pratunam, which is a shopping heaven for those who want to find cheap and nice cloths. As we crossed the road from our hotel, a man told us that the place is closed due to the visit by the King. I was quite confused as I don't think a place like that would be closed. So, all of us went back to hotel and decided to go out after lunch time.

After we had our lunch at Makyah Place, we went to Siam area to find Hard Rock Cafe. Unfortunately, it was raining, so we strolled around Siam Paragon. One thing I can say is Thailand has the best shopping mall. It is greater than any mall we can find here in Malaysia. Hubby managed to buy 2 Wrangler jeans which was not available in Malaysia anymore.

Then, we went to Hard Rock Cafe. I bought a HRC t-shirt, one for each of us. Abo bought the collectors pin and adik bought the lanyard.

Our next agenda was to go to Suan Lum Night Market. My ever genius Abo and Adib suggested we took a walk in the Lumpini Park as they don't want to take the MRT. We agreed thinking the it was a short walk. The park was very nice and one thing that surprised me was they all respected their national anthem and stop jogging/walking. Something that we could not see here in Malaysia.

It was a long walk and we were truly exhausted when we reach the night market. The market was a heaven as I can find a lot of knick-knack for my house. I bought a few frames for the house and light balls. I planned to go back when my house is ready so I can buy a few more things for my house decor.

The final part of my Bangkok trip will be published soon.

p/s: Busy with the financial year performance.

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