Eya's feeding preparation

Eya is 5 months now but she still is not weaned. Doc wouldn't let Eya eat too early as her weight is on the 90th percentile (more than average, its normal not obese). We have to wait until Eya is exactly 6 months old before feeding her solid food.I really couldn't wait to feed her as it will be another milestones for me and Eya. However, that 6 months timeline is too long. Its not that I couldn't wait but now Eya likes to stares at other people eating and start drooling. She will watch the person eating, hoping that she will get some. If we eat icecream or any food that is soft, we will give Eya a taste of it as we don't want her to be 'kempunan'.So, I got her a set of bowls and fork and spoon yesterday. I also bought Farley Rusk as we couldn't find Heinz First Cereal. Mom tried to feed her and she really loves eating. However, we only feed her a tiny little bit of FR as we don't want her to eat real just yet.OK, another 3 weeks to go......

Baking our 1st Cake

Me and hubby decided not to go anywhere for this weekend. Just went to Jln Ipoh to service our car for the 33K km service. Later in the evening, me and mom decided to bake a cake. I was playing LIFE with hubby and sis when mom kept asking when I want to make her a bread pudding. (Refer to recipe) I told her I wanted to finish the game before making the pudding. Luckily, there was some cream left and I defrosted the cream. I cut the loaf of bread and melted the butter. Then, poured the cream and walla, its done. After the pudding is done, my mom asked me to bake a cake. I wanted to try baking a butter cake first to test the oven. I forgot to buy the castor sugar at Carrefour yesterday, so I went to Pasar Raya Wasbudi to buy one. I also bought a few other stuffs as my sis want to cook a special recipe that night.The cake turn out allright. It was very delicious but I think something must be wrong as the cake was a bit wet/moist. Our diagnosis were the butter is cold or the container is not big enough. BTW, Adib loves the pudding. He even asked for the recipe (macam nak buat).

Registering Eya...

I received a call from Pn Jamaliah, the ILSAS Nursery supervisor on 16th Feb, 07 at 11.32 a.m. that Eya has been accepted into the nursery. I can start sending her from 1st March, 07. Frankly speaking, I was not prepared for this call. I know that one day, she is going to this nursery but deep inside me, I'm want her to be taken care by someone she and me knows. But in reality, this option is not possible.Its either giving up hubby and me family life or sacrifing my mom's precious time. ( I think she has no problem with this, its just me want her to enjoy her time, going to mosque, religious class etc.)I really miss the time we are living in Nilai, just the both of us and going back every weekend to my mom's house. It felt like 'Balik Kampung, ho,ho,ho, balik kampung' sort of feelings. I miss all the moments we shared together. Its not that we couldn't have that moments at my mom's house but living with mom, sis, bro and a whole lot more restrict our freedom as husband and wife. For me, I think its okay as they are my family but hubby, he need more freedom. Going back to Eya, my mom taught her to sleep in the 'buaian' (cradle) as it is easier to put her to sleep. Now, as she is going to nursery, I afraid that she couldn't sleep on a plain mattress. The nursery don't have the 'buaian' as I think it may be quite dangerous for them to put babies to sleep in them. When I went to register her, the s/visor gave me a list of things to be brought everyday and information about the fees. I need to prepare all these stuffs by next month. Really hopes that Eya can be nice girl at the nursery.

8 hours, damn, we're tired.....

We went back to Taiping, hubby's hometown on Saturday, around 7.30 a.m. We knew that the road will be packed with cars of people going back for the CNY 'makan besar'. However, we didn't expect the jam to start right after the exit of Sungai Buluh. It was a bumper-to-bumper crawl. We reached Bukit Beruntung about 3 hours later. Why we stop here?? My darling angel has decided to 'poo' and we had to stop somewhere to clean her up. BTW, it was raining the whole way from Sg. Buluh to Bukit Tarak Untung.Hubby decided to use the old road rather than stucked in the jam again. I was very hungry at this time as I didn't have any breakfast yet. Although, there are some 'kedai mamak' in the nearby town, we couldn't stop as it was raining heavily and we wouldn't want to risk Eya getting fever as she just recovered from cold. So, we made our move to Taiping using the old road. Before that, we stopped at 7-E to buy some breads and 'air kotak' for our breakfast. As we only prepared 2 bottles of milk for Eya for the 3 hour journey and one has finished, we use the hot water for 'maggi-making machine' to make Eya another bottle of milk.From there up until Bidor, we couldn't stop for any meals as all the stalls, restaurants are not to my liking. (Who knows, ntah-ntah restoran tu from dusk till dawn ke, tak naya). At 12.30, we arrived at Tapah and had our lunch at one of the restaurants there. After the lunch, we decided to use the highway and luckily, there was no more traffic jam. We arrived at hubby's home around 4 p.m. The usual journey will take around 3 hours, which mean we should arrive 6 hours earlier at 10.30 a.m. The weird thing was my sis-in-law arrived at 1.30, a 4-hour journey from KL. But knowing her husband (the type of driver who only sees emergency lane as the normal lane and thought that the official speed limit in Malaysia is 150 km/h), I knew they will arrive earlier than us.

Get set...go

As I mentioned earlier in the previous post, I went to MV to do some shopping. It turned out that everybody also did their bit in shopping. Here are the list of shopping did by them:


  • A pair of Levi's jean
  • A Puma sneakers (orange)
  • RISK board game (present to Abo)


  • A Converse shoes(pink)

  • A pair of Ipanema slipper
  • A Hush Puppies shoes (present for last year birthday)

  • He was the one who want to shops for sneaker and shoes but couldn't find any (he has an extreme difficult taste when it comes to buy shoes,really hard to find one that he likes). Anyway, does any of you knows where to find Adidas Samba, he is looking for this one...

Introducing Dino...

Just like to introduce you, Dino, Eya's favourite toy and best friend.Dino was a present from my best buddies, Masyu, Nurul and Lida. It is a dinasour stuffed animals and it is green in colour (actually, a lots of color). It has dangling clinky rings, baby dino rattle textured spikes and ribbon tail.As Eya can now hold things, she likes to hold Dino by the red handle. She also was once bitten by Dino (the red handle got stucked in her mouth, not that dangerous, ok). However, in the other end, every part of Dino has been bitten by Eya. By the way, Dino real name is Spike the Dinasour but I think it is easier for a baby to say the word Dino than Spike.

Look, what hubby bought for us....

Hubby just got some extra money. He decided to spend some of it on me and Eya. I thought I could buy a new handbag, purse or maybe a new watch. We went to Midvalley to do the shopping and after some surveying, I finally found the bag at Metrojaya. As for Eya, hubby bought her a Fisher-price play gym at Jusco.Its called Miracle & Milestones, 3-in-1 gym. You can change locations and positions of all four stimulating toys, or add other ones for new ways to play. At first, I afraid that it might be a waste since Eya only likes to play with her Dino.

Eya has turned...

Yesterday, after our shopping spree, Eya was quite tired and moody. She was lying on her playmat when suddenly my sis shouted,"Eya dah terap" (Eya has turned). The process of turning was quite slow and she was quite angry with herself. It took about 10 minutes for her to do a complete turn. After the turn, she was not able to turn herself back to the lying position and my sis had to turn her. She was quite tired after that one turn. Congrats, Eya. Mama is so happy for your 1st achievement.

Refer to my fp for the complete photos of Eya turning.

Eya 1st achievement

Fever and flu is here...

Hubby got a fever for the past few days. He did not carry Eya for all the time he being sick as we were afraid she might got it from her 'ayah'. It turned out that I was the one that got the fever and cold. I got a m.c. for a day and just resting at home.Yesterday, when I got back home, Eya had a runny nose. I rushed her to the clinic to get some medicine for her. Doc gave her 2 type of medicine, the liquid one and the other one was drops in case she got a blocked nose. The cold was not that bad but she was very moody for the whole day. Luckily for me, doc said it is very lucky that she got her first cold after she is 5 months. For some baby, it is a weekly cases. Maybe it was because she is breastfeed that she got a higher body resistance to cold. Tomorrow, we are going back to Taiping. Really hopes that Eya will be better by today.

Yay...yay...new oven in town

My mom just bought a new built-in oven. Before we have this new oven, my mom use the old-style oven, the one that use gas. If we use the old one, the whole house will turn into oven as well. This new oven is so great. It has a cooling fan inside it, so even if we put on a high temperature, the house will still be cool and even the chef will not feel the heat from the oven.I was the first one to officially used the oven. I made the bread pudding (refer to my recipe) and luckily, it was a success. I could not find the exact single cream like I used before in UK. We went to pay for the oven at Plaza Damas and there was this supermarket. I thought they must sell some imported stuff as Hartamas was the rich people places. I found this one cream, President brand that can be use for thickening as well as in cooking. It was so expensive, RM15.90 for a litre. I did not want to risk the pudding by using milk as the taste might be quite different (weird). It took almost an hour++ for the pudding to be cooked. I think it must be because of the first use. The oven was slow to become hot. Anyway, my pudding was great. Everybody, even my Along ate the pudding and all of them said it was nice.

4 1/2 months

Eya got her 3rd jab of the triple dose vaccine last Saturday. I asked Dr Mary if it is normal for Eya not to turn yet. Until now, she doesn't even make a half-turn. At first, we thought it was due to her weight but all of my frens' tot has turned. Dr Mary said it is normal for a baby to skip some stages and straight go to crawling phases or sit on their own. When she tested Eya, she said that Eya is stabile and balanced. She can carry her own weight without any problem. She even told us about a patient of hers, Afiq who is 6 mths, 9 kg that don't turn and straight sitting on his own. Maybe Eya is just like him.I also asked whether Eya can start to be weaned. She told us don't start yet as Eya has a very healthy weight gain. At 4 1/2 mths, she is 7.4 kg. She should start eating solid by 6 months old. Dr Mary advised us to start by giving her rice porridge, and add new ingredients after 4-7 days. This is to let her to be familiar with the taste before introducing a new taste to her. Then, add some carrot, and maybe potatoes after that. The carrot should not be cooked together with the rice as the nutrients will be lost during the cooking process. Vegetables should be steamed and mashed before added to the rice porridge.I really couldn't wait for Eya to be 6 mths old. I want to buy all the cute plate, fork and spoon so she can enjoy her food. Buying Farley Rusks, Nestum, Gerber baby food, all that stuff. p/s: By the way, she is 1st on the waiting list for the nursery.

Shopaholic is back...

Yesterday, I went to a website recommended by Richard, the Mix.fm dj, www.thebabyloft.com. He reviewed a parenting book, titled Asian Parenting Story. I read some excerpts from the book and it seem the book has a very good content and its not that expensive compared to all those imported books.I searched for the book at MPH and tried to buy it online. Suddenly, I saw the MPH Top 5 and the book at no. 5 is Shopaholic and Baby, the book I waited for. I added the book to my shopping cart and intended to checkout. The total was around RM115 including the shipping cost. I calculated the amount again and found out that if I bought the book at store, I could get it cheaper and faster. The delivery time is 1-2 weeks. I decided to buy it at MPH, The Curve.I went there and asked the Service Counter about the book as I couldn't see the book on display. The sales rep checked it for me and told me that the book had not arrived yet. He then went inside the store to check for the book. Suddenly, he came out and said "Kak, buku tu baru je sampai. Akak nak tunggu ke?" (The book has just arrived. Do you want to wait?) I said that I would wait for the book, just take your time. He went into the store again and came out with a big box along with some price tags. He said to me that a lot of customers had asked for the book and I was the first customer to bought it. Straight out from the box, okay. What a privilege.I also tried to find the Asian Parenting Story but the book was not in store. I paid for the book and surprise, the book has been discounted for 15%. It was because of some MyKad promotion, which lasts until 28 February.Now, I have the complete Shopaholic series. FYI, I had started reading the book but until this entry is written, I only able to read it until page 21.

Really love her work...Take a look

This video was done by my senior in UK. I called her Aida but she is known as Aydeology in the fotopages world. I don't know her that well but I do know that she is really a good photographer.

Great, hah...

p/s:Some of the people you see in the video is my senior and I used to live there for a few months.

p/s2: Nice work, Aida....

Recipes of Bread Pudding

This recipe was found in a cooking magazine when I was in the UK. It is quite different with the normal breadpudding that you see. I hate the normal one so when I found this recipe, I really love it. It is so creamy, buttery and also sweet.
Bread pudding (My version)
1 loaf bread, cut into 1-inch squares 1 pint single cream3 eggs, lightly beaten2 cups sugar2 Tbsp vanilla1 cup raisins 1/4 teaspoon allspice1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
3 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted
1 Preheat oven to 350°F.
2 Soak the bread in butter that has been melted in a large mixing bowl. Mixed well until the bread is covered with butter.
3 In a separate bowl, pour cream into a pan. Gently stir the cream on a small fire. Mix well with sugar. Beat eggs, sugar, vanilla, and spices together. Gently stir into the mixture. Gently stir the raisins into the mixture.
4 Pour the mixture into the bottom of a baking pan. Coat the bottom and the sides of the pan well with the butter. Pour in the bread mix and bake at 350°F for 35-45 minutes, until set. The pudding is done when the edges start getting a bit brown and pull away from the edge of the pan.
Pic Courtesy: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/bread-pudding-ii/detail.aspx

Cheeky Eya

Eya is so clever that she can tell if I'm going out. If she sees me wearing my tudung, she will cry if I do not pick her up. I need to hide from her if I do not want to bring her along. She also seems to like boys a lot. She will smile back if the person who tease her is a boy or a man. If it is a girl, she will just ignore the person. And the best thing is (for now) is boys seems to like her a lot.Last Friday, when I took her to Jusco Metro Prima, we saw this boy came running to our direction. At first we thought, the little boy was chasing her parents or running for a toy, but then we realised that he wanted to see Eya. He stopped the stroller and took a good look at Eya. She was so happy and giggled back at the boy. Even when we went to Tesco, a boy who was carried by his father in front of us, kept waving at Eya. Its not just that one or two time. Everytime we brought her out, there will be boys coming to her. I think she get her father traits, likeable and friendly.

Bye Bye Camera

This camera belong to my little brother and was purchased by my mom in 2005. She bought the camera using her pension as our old camera was not a digital camera.I had used this camera during my study in UK and it helped me to capture all my memories during my stay there. After I got back from my study, the camera was passed to my other siblings. I didn't know what happen to the camera after that. Recently, the camera was nowhere to be seen. I said nowhere to be seen as before this, my sister use it a lot to snap peeks of my baby. Then, I was told that the camera is faulty and suddenly, A blamed B and B blamed A. The sad part was the camera was my brother's property and it was destroyed by someone else.My mom was so furious and started scolding everybody in the house. I tried to call the Canon marketing and it was closed on weekends. We all decided that if the repair cost is more than RM600, my sister is going to buy a new one as camera is cheaper nowadays.I just called Canon and I need to send the camera to Saujana Resort. They will check the camera and send me a quotation. If I agree, they will proceed or else, I can take back the camera. Really hopes it will be Rm100 or less. (in my dreams)

The Truth is Revealed

It seems that the human had spread her poisonous venom (words) to a new helpless victims. I knew that this will happen eventually. Luckily, a good elf has told me about it, else I would be kept in the dark, live my life happily without knowing I'm going to be bitten by this snakes who disguise itself as a human being. (hahhaha, big words)I was so furious when I found out about this. It starts to spread stupid rumours about me and hubby as well. Yes, hubby also its the victim here. I keep wondering what good will it get from this stupid acts. Yes, the main factor will be jealousy. I admit that but it is its fault that people like/love me better than 'it'. I don't play evil game, okay? Like what you're doing now. It just that 'it' does not know how to behave and this make people dislikes or even hates her. Maybe it seems to 'it' that I got everything compared to her dull, miserable life. Again, not my fault okay!!I really hopes that 'it' would stop playing this stupid games as people nowadays know how to think. They don't simply believe any words you say. I'm well prepared now. Don't mess with me and my family, especially my hubby and my little angel, Eya. You don't know who you are dealing with. HAHAHAHA.....

Words of Mouth

People always say that think before you speak. I think this is really, really true. I almost had a big fight with my hubby because of something that was said by a human. I straight believed what the human said without clarifying it with hubby. What she said was so devastating that it made me ignored hubby for the whole night. The next morning, in office, hubby googled me and asked why I was angry at him. I told him that it was something that he said to me. He told me that he said nothing during my shopping spree with mom. I told him what I heard from that human. He told me that he never said something like that. I asked him again and again in case he lied to me but knowing hubby, he would never lie to me. Looking at positive side, I thought that human never mean to cause a rift between me and hubby. Maybe he/she heard something different and delivered to me, the new version of the story/statements. It was me who was wrong to make a wrong assumptions without clarifying it with hubby. It was a new lesson to be learnt.

Shopping for Eya

I came back from office last Tuesday and found out that Along and her wife bought Eya a lot of new clothes. She said there was a sale at World of Cartoon at Aman Puri. All the clothes was discounted at 60-70%. My mom asked me to buy Eya some more new clothes although I had purchased 3 pairs at Sogo in the weekend. I agreed and asked Along to drive me there. A lot of the clothes were Pooh and Baby Looney tunes but I end up buying the whole lot, Pooh clothes. I spent around RM120 and mom, another RM50. We got almost 10++pairs of clothes including a denim jumper and a corduroy jumper. It was a worthy buy. Because of this impulse shopping, I think I have to wait for another 2 month before starting buying Eya new clothes.

Who is Arale?

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