Mom's Treat

Mom treated all of us to a nice big lunch at Chilli's @ BSC. We all had to decide on the place. Some of the suggestion were:

  • TGI Friday - Rejected as it was not that nice as before
  • Hard Rock Cafe - Limited choice
  • All Stars Sport Cafe - not a specialist in Western food

At last, we all chose Chillis for our lunch. Mostly chose steaks as their lunch, Nini ordered Fajitas, Abo with his burger, me and hubby chose chicken based, and for Eya she ate mashed potato.

We were so full that we did not eat dinner for that night.

Thanks again mom for the lovely treat!!

Cakap Buat!!!

My college sent me to attend a 5d4n course at Sungkai, Perak on 13-17th June for building high performance team. I thought it was a compulsory things that all must attend but a lot of the staffs didn't go with thousands of excuses. Only a few of the staffs went, including me.I really didn't want to go as I had to be away from Eya. I never leave her before this. And, I fed-up with all this camp crap. From primary school until now, its camp and camp. Every camp is the same, teambuilding exercise, personal development, bla, bla.....I set my mind that this camp was not that tough compared to OBS, and as it was compulsory, I had to go. The journey to Sungkai was on the 13th, departed at 6 p.m from uni***. The camp was deep in the heart of rubber plantation in Sungkai, near the hot springs.As expected, the module revolved around my workplace. The briefing about AKP;discussion with the managament or better yet, 'Sesi Hentam Org Atas'; teambuilding exercise; obstacles course with flying fox (its great, if not because of the stairs I need to climb, I would do it again), malam sedih ( the night when u remember your family) and kembara malam (the one I feared the most)It was something like a 'brainwash' camp. You need to call everyone sahabat, e.g. sahabat arale. It was okay for people in the same level with you but when it comes to higher ranking people, it seemed a bit weird.Your phone was taken away on the first day, only to be returned back on the last day. Luckily, I survived the boring 5 days camp. I hope I would not go there again.

Eya got a new chair

Since Eya started to eat cereal, we feed her by placing her on the bouncer. Now that is a little tricky as she moves a lot and that makes it harder to feed her.She also cannot be left alone playing on her playmat while we are having dinner as she would scream until someone pick her up. To overcome these problems, we decided to buy her a highchair. The only highchair that seem simple, practical and not that costly is Ikea highchair. As usual, before we buy anything for her, we have to try it on her first. We put her in it and she likes it so much that she scream when we took her out of it. Thats the signal that the purchase will not be wasted.The only cons is we don't think that the highchair can last long as it is quite small. I think we need to buy a new one next year.

Abang and the cuppies

I ordered these cuppies for abang birthday in April but they was in the moving process so that order was cancelled. I ordered again for a belated bufday cuppies and for the coming father's day.I ordered a Man-United theme as abang was a die-hard fan of MU. He told me that he started being a MU fan since he was in standard 6. Ok, whatever you say.The cuppies was ordered from Joanna, Happycakes. It was a really good design and the taste was good too. Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Father's day!

A Big Lunch from Mom

Mom decided to treat all of us, which includes MakYah's family, Cu's family and all his 'anak angkat' a.k.a. Abo's friends for lunch at our home. The menu for that day was Nasi Beriani Daging and Kambing (request from my hubby).A week before that, mak and makyah went to buy all the ingredients needed to cook the nasi beriani. The search went from Brickfields for all the spices, Tmn Tun for the side dishes ingredients and Segambut for the meat.Makyah was the one who cooked the nasi. She is a very good cook but sometimes her menu doesn't really suit our tastebud. We are really simple people that eat simple food. She really likes to try out new dishes that somehow is weird for our taste. Back to the story, the lunch started around 1230, right after makyah finished cooking. Nini, Iya and Mira carried the periuk nasi, dalca, kuah asam and the daging back to our house. BTW, makyah house is just in front of my house.Mom bought 5kg of rice to be cooked and from that amount, we got 3 large rice cooker of nasi beriani. It was a lot and there was a lot of leftover to last through the dinner. Thanks mom for the superb lunch. And thanks to Makyah and family who cooked the nasi beriani.

Baby Ogre is so cute...


director: Chris Miller

  • mikemyers-shrek
  • eddiemurphy-donkey

  • camerondiaz-princessfiona

  • pussinboots-antoniobanderas
the movie:

its so funny.this time it tells how Shrek is going to become a father and at the same time, he has to become the king if he fail to find the next heir, Artie (J.T.). Its so hilarious when Puss and Donkey switch bodies and how puss in donkey body want to impress the armies with his cute smile. I bet you gonna laugh on that scene. And, I really love watching the baby ogres. They are so cute.

Eya @ 8 month

Eya compared to all her friends is quite slow in terms of movement. She still has not crawled or even sit unaided. She is still in the rolling stages and she is quite fast doing that.

There are not much progress for this month but still I am proud of her.

  • Can clap hands
  • Wave bye-bye
  • its almost 11 kg
  • has 2 bottom teeth (luckily she didn't have any fever)
  • can lift up her bottom
  • experienceing 'anxiety separation' - only want me or mom only

Who is Arale?

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Arale's Wishlist

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