Along and kaklong wanted to treat mom at TGIF @ The Curve for the mother's day. We decided to tag along.Mom ordered the grilled chicken, kaklong ordered steak and the rest of us ordered burger. Oh! Nini ordered chicken with mushroom sumthin. The portion was too big that me, mom and nini cannot finish our food. As for Eya, as some of us had mashed potato, I gave her some. I forgot that I had chilli sauce on my fingers and foolishly, I used the same finger to feed her. She cried and screamed as she tasted the chili. I gave her a lot of water to get rid of the chili taste. After a few mins, she was okay.BTW, before we went for lunch, kaklong bought a pair of crocs at Ikano. Yay, our crocs have new friend.


Some of you may have seen this item before and you think its weird for anyone who wears it. At first, I thought people who buy this shoes is wasting his/her money as the shoes look so weird. I went to the Crocs @ The Curve just to try out the shoes a few weeks ago. Althought it was weird in looks, in terms of comfy, YES, its really light and comfy. Then, last week, after the lunch with my mom, we decided to test the Crocs again.After the tryout session, me, hubby and Nini decided to buy it. Although, I might regret this decision, I decided just to buy it as it is real comfy and nice to wear it. It is best used when going for vacation.

Happy Mother's Day to me...

After 4 years of marriage, this is my first year celebrating mother's day as a mother. I'm a proud mama to Eya who is 7 months now.Its not that easy being a mom. Thanks to my mom, I'm able to take better care of Eya. I admit that having mom makes my life easier with Eya.Its a miracle to witness my little angel growing up before my eyes. From the moment I gave birth to her up until now, my love for her never stop growing. She is the apple of my eye.When I get back from work, feeling tired, just to look at her, will bring some comfort to me.Couldn't wait for the moment when Eya can speak and utter the words, "Happy Mother's Day, Mama!".

Happy Mother's Day

This year I was totally blank on what to get my mom for the Mother's day. Usually, I treated mom for special lunch at hotels that have mother's day promotion but this year the promotion was not that nice that I forgot to book one.I decided to treat mom to Fasta Pasta @ The Curve. At first, I thought of going to Italiannies @ OU but thinking that it was Sunday, I didn't want to take chances of having no parking spaces. I ordered ravioli, which is my favourite kind of pasta. Its not that easy to find it here. I learned to eat it when I was working at a hotel in UK. They loved to serve ravioli as lunch and I would eat a lot of it.Nini ordered lasagna and it was very nice. As for mom, I ordered her spaghetti marinara and it was kind of nice.

Eya @ 7 month

Eya has not changed that much but somehow her attitude change a bit since she recovered from the fever. (became naughtier)

  • Weighed at 9.5 kg
  • Can say simple syllables, ba-ba, bom-bom
  • Can mimic what other people are saying
  • Became so attached to me
  • Has changed her milk- Anmum Step 2->Bebelac ->Mamex ->Dutch Lady Step 2
  • Now eat Nutrakid, flavor rice+carrot
  • Can now reverse and lift up her back (just waiting for her to start crawling)
  • Had a few episodes of sickness, fever+light measles+cough+cold+bronchitis/asthma but she has recovered now
  • Had her first trip/vacation to Langkawi
  • Now sleeping on 'toto' with opah and acu. Couldn't sleep on her own mattress as she is so aggresive during sleeping. She will travel around, up and below her mattress.
  • Don't like rice porridge- now, she likes it ...
  • If someone scolded her, she will makes funny faces so that person can laugh and forget about it

Nini and her decision

Nini, my lil sis is waiting for all the offers she can get to any Ipta/Ipts. Right now, she had already got a few offers. For me, its quite good as some of her friends with better results did not get any offers. For her, she got all that she applied for.

The offers in the list:

  • Matriks (2 yrs) - X
  • UiTM -Diploma Sains Komp - ?
  • UNITEN - Foundation in IT - ?

She rejected matriks as she didn't want to waste her 2 years studying and later got some stupid course for degree, something that she does not have interest in.

For UiTM and UNITEN, they are sort like similar program but when I compared the subjects for diploma in UiTM and UNITEN, it seemed I prefer UNITEN. OK, I'm not being bias here as I was a UNITEN grad. And if they have similar contents, I'll choose UiTM as it is cheaper than UNITEN. As what hubby like to say, sending a child to UiTM is much more cheaper than sending a child to kindergarden.

I compared the subjects for both of the diploma and I noticed that UiTM offers a lot of fundamental and non-related IT subjects such as Philosophy and Man and Manhaj of AlMighty. I didn't really see the need of this subject to science comp diploma. Its not that Islamic subjects has no use but there are a lot of them in the course outline. For UNITEN, the only subjects that is IT non-related is English, M'sia studies and Islamic studies.

Then, the subjects for programming is not that many offered in the course. Only a few and it is only fundamentals. I really am thinking and considering my sis's future here so I want the best for her.

However, the final decision is with her. Only she can decide her own future.

Eya and her apparatus

Eya was breathing un-normally after we got back from the trip. On Monday, she couldn't drink her milk as she would vomit all of it back. She could only eat her cereal. Luckily, or else she will starve.I arrived at home around 7 p.m. and decided to take her to Assunta without any appointment. Fortunately, Assunta has an evening clinic for paeds on Monday. We had to see another doctor that was on call. He checked Eya and said that as Eya is too young, he couldn't diagnose Eya precisely. She was either having an asthma or bronchitis. I was shocked as me and hubby do not have asthma. The doc said that it could be inherited from grandparents, uncle or aunties. OK, that one I believe as only me don't have asthma in the family. The others do.The doc prescribed some meds and gave Eya a aerochamber to be used with the inhaler. Eya got 2 types of inhaler, which for me is unbelievable as Nana only got one. The doc said one was for treatment and the other was for prevention. Everything cost around Rm200++.The doc also asked Eya to be given the nebulizer. It was very effective if you got a lot of phlegm. Eya was ok for the first 5 minutes. Then, she became bored and want to get rid of the tube. The nurse had to wrap her in order to finish the dose.She been taking the meds and she is better now. Really hopes that it wont happen again. And really hopes that Eya will not have asthma.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

The trip to Langkawi was our first family trip with Eya, together with mak, nini, abo, along and kaklong. We started our journey around 10 p.m. and Along drove the first leg of the journey. Eya got the best seat; I laid down her comforter and she slept throughout the journey.

We stopped at Penang at 3.00 a.m. as hubby, along, abo and Nini wanted to watch the semi-final between MU and AC Milan. I knew that MU would lose the match as everybody in the family watched it, especially hubby. And if hubby watch it, I knew MU will definitely lost. Eya was the only baby inside the mamak restaurant and the four of us were the only women inside it. It was a weird scene for all the restaurant patrons.

Then, when the score was 3-0, they decided to continue with the journey. We drove through Penang Bridge as it was Kaklong's first time in Penang. The toll fare has increased to RM12 now (before it was RM7).

We arrived at Kuala Kedah around 630 a.m. We unloaded the baggage and I went to purchase the 7.15 a.m. ferry tickets for Rm18 per head. (Cekik darah betul). Eya and me slept throughout the journey. We arrived at Langkawi at 830 a.m.

We went to pickup the van I arranged earlier and straight went to have our breakfast. We searched high and low for any sign of food and managed to find one. I thought it was some sort like a Langkawi special food, it was like nasi minyak and ayam merah, and it was for breakfast.

After all the tummies was filled, we went to the TNB bungalow, unloaded our stuff again and everybody slept.

After we all were refreshed, we went out to have our lunch at 4 p.m. We called Ardy, my cousin who is working in Langkawi to be our guide. He brought us to some stalls in Kuah and being very generous, he paid for our lunches.

Then, kaklong and mak wanted to go to 'Idaman Suri' to buy, yes, you guessed right, pinggan-mangkuk and periuk belanga. This was what all of us bought there:

  • Kaklong: Corningware sets
  • Mak: Corningware sets
  • Me: Visions sets (for hubby, he's the cook)
I wanted to buy a Corelle set but the stock in Langkawi was the old ones. They didn't sell the new design that you can find here. But, I think thats good. Else, I will spend more money to buy all the pinggan-mangkuk sets.

After all the shopping spree, we went back to the bungalow and get refreshed. We ate 'ikan bakar' for our dinner. For a full table of 8 adults, menu comprising of:

  • Ikan pari bakar
  • Ikan loban bakar
  • Ikan kerapu 3 rasa
  • Sotong goreng tepung
  • Sotong goreng cili
  • Udang goreng cili
  • Sayur kailan ikan masin
  • etc...
the price was around RM160. It was nice but the restaurant was a bit weird for me. Their tv showed Animal Planet and at that time, it was a show on snakes. Eeeee....weirdo....

Then, we send Adi back to his home as he is working the next day.

I woke up quite late as it raining heavily last night and Kaklong and Nini were preparing breakfast. Our menu for that day was nasi goreng sardin and egg sandwiches with hot tea and cold crysanthemum tea. All the ingredients were purchased last night after our dinner at some grocery shop.We had our breakfast at the balcony with the perfect view of seas in front of us. After the breakfast, we relaxed and enjoying the sea breeze.Later, we went out just to do some shopping. We stopped first at the cable car and just strolled around it. The fare was expensive, RM25 per person and being someone terrified of height, of course I wouldn't go on it. Then, we went to pick Adi and went to Kuah for some more shopping. Along and abo bought variety of cigarettes. Some of the brands was not available here. John, Toz, Peel, Double Happiness, Perdana, Black Devil, etc....They bought a box to try and if it was good, they will buy a carton of it. The rest of us, did chocolate shopping. Kaklong who was a chocoholic bought a lot of them. As for me, I only bought a bar of Cadbury Breakaway and hubby, a bar of Cadbury Real White Chocolate. Some of the chocolates also are not available here, including the local brand.That night, we had our dinner at City Bayview hotel, courtesy of Adi. We had Chinese dinner and it was very nice.During the dinner, Eya did an exorcist stunt to me. She puked on me and I was thoroughly wet. Luckily, there was not that many people in the hotel. Eya was not that well that night and was restless through the night. She must be very tired from all these trip. Pity her.....

Adi took a day off to spend some time with us. We checked out at 11 a.m. and went to Jetty to return the van. We had our lunches beside the lake and spend the remaining time before our ferry sail off, window shopping in the jetty point. The chocolate was RM2 more expensive and even Bread Story was expensive here.Our ferry left at 2.30 pm and we were so sad to leave Adi. I really hope that he come and visit us in KL.We arrived in Kuala Kedah at 5 p.m. and continued our journey to Penang again. . Before this, we use the bridge but as Kaklong wanted to experience to ride in a ferry, we went to 'pulau' by ferry.This time, I was going to eat nasi kandar 'Line Clear'.It was not because of Aswad, AF5 that I knew line clear. I started eating nasi kandar line clear even before I was married to hubby. Abg Zul introduced it to me a few years ago and since then, I was addicted to it. The stall its beside Chowrasta bazaar, the place where you can find buah pala and jeruks. I been wanting to eat there since I knew that I was pregnant with Eya. My mom always like to said that Eya is drooling because I couldn't eat nasi kandar 'line clear' when I was pregnant. Even Eya loves its curry. BTW, Eya loves curry. At first, I thought she couldn't handle the spicy taste but she really likes it. A true Northern man's daughter.After the early dinner, we continued our journey back to KL. Halfway, we stopped at Taiping as hubby wanted to see his mom. We got refreshed and MIL served us Kuetiau Goreng. We arrived in KL at 3 a.m.Its the best holiday I've ever had since Abah had gone. Its because I experienced it with my mom, siblings, and of course, my own family, hubby and Eya. Looking forward to the next one....

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