My family planned to go somewhere during the Raya Haji but the plan was cancelled as a lot of places was flooded. I suggested to have a BBQ party instead and everybody agreed.

My cu sponsored all the meat, which was lamb chops and of course, chicken for me. Me and siblings prepared all the side dishes which includes

  • mashed potato - recipe learned from The Naked Chef

  • coleslaw - taken from top secret recipe

  • mint sauce - recipe found on the net

  • gravy - taken from Amy Beh
All the side dishes was successfully done, especially my coleslaw which resembled KFC coleslaw so much as it was the exact KFC recipe. The taste was somehow similar. It was taken from the website stated above. Give it a try....

BTW, maksu prepared potato salad and Nabilla did her famous cocktail drinks. It was superb.

All the guys, especially Abo and along grilled all the lamb chops. We also invited all mak 'anak angkats', which were abo's friends. We truly enjoyed the BBQ.

Oya also came to the party as she agreed to meet me earlier but cancelled due to her meeting with her bosses.

We started grilling somewhere around 6 p.m. and finished around 10 p.m. Later that night, all of us watched 'setinggan' while the boys went to play futsal.

I want this....really, really want it...

I have a thing for Dr Slump, especially arale norimaki. It was so hard to find them here. So, when I went to Midvalley and saw this arale, I was dumb-strucked. It was the biggest arale I've ever seen (40 cm high). I went in to check the price and it was RM598.00. If I had the extra money, I would certainly buy it. They also have gatsu, which was RM368.00. People would think I'm crazy if I spend almost 1K on these two items.

Feeling frustrated, I asked the salesman if they have anything on Dr Slump. He said the 18 figurines of Dr Slump is coming in next month and told me I can pre-order it if I want. Hearing that, I paid him the 30% deposit and feeling happy that at last, I got all my Dr Slump character. BTW, the Box of 18 cost around RM168. Couldnt wait for next month.

Thanks for the best 5 years of my life.....

19/12, its the date of my wedding anniversary. This year marked our 5th wedding anniversary. I didnt expect too much for any of my birthday or anniversary, but for this year I really wanted something special. Special for me doesnt mean expensive item, jewellery or anything that cost sky-rocket.

I kept hinting at hubby ( I think nagging is appropriate) that I wanted something special. Surprise me with something. He kept quiet and told me he tried to arrange it.

I went to sleep later that night and found an envelope on the bed. It was a card and in it, was 2 movie tickets and a menu for a dinner. I was speechless and deep inside, felt touched of what hubby had done. He had arranged everything before I nagged him. I felt guilty asking him to do something when he did all this things.

On the day, we went to have dinner at Cinnamon @ The Gardens, which was a North Indian cuisine restaurant. Although the price was quite expensive, I really wanted to eat Indian cuisine since I came back from the UK. The moment the food entered my mouth, I was transferred back to my life in Brighton, which we always have take-away food from Indian restaurant. The taste was so similar and I really loved it. Hubby had found the perfect restaurant. Thanks, abang. I really love you for it. Even the manager was curious on how we knew exactly what to order. Oh, I ordered chicken vindaloo. It was my fav dish.

After the dinner, we went back to hotel and watched tv before the midnight show. Hubby had bought the movie tickets at GSC Signature, which was a premier GSC. The seats is arranged for 2 persons. And the movie he booked was I Am Legend, starring, my boyfriend, the Will Smith. The movie was good but I thought it was quite short.

Hubby had arranged the best surprise for this anniversary, which includes my favourite dinner, my favourite pastime, my favourite actor and my favourite hotel. Again, thanks for what you've done. I really loved it. And, thanks for the terrific 5 years of our marriage life and another 3 years of our friendship. We've known each other for 8 years and it felt just like yesterday. it good for me and her??

I know that I was quite a 'garang' person. When Nini was small, I always scolded her and at one point, I thought I was overdoing it. But at the end, she turned out great.

When I have a daughter, I think I would become a nice, mild-tempered mother. I wished to be like my dad, who was calm and sometimes, like a friend to me. Except, when it came to school matter and exam.

When Eya was still a baby, I was quite gentle with her. Now, when she has her own mind, will and demands, she is quite naughty. Hubby is the calmer one so I decided to become the 'garang' one. Yes, eya really need to know her boundary. She is only scared of me. If her ayah or opah scold her, she will pretend like nothing happen and will do it over and over again. Its only when I raise my voice, she will stop and sometimes she cry.

Sometimes, I do feel guilty scolding her. My mom always said to me that she is still a baby, you don't need to scold her. But for me, Eya need some discipline and she must learn it by now, or else she will not know how to listen.

I do think that she knows by now, that sometimes some of the thing she did is wrong. If I didn't impose anything or scold her before, she will think she can do everything and still be okay.

I really hope that I'm doing the right thing?????????????

Eat for free

My family and I really love Kunang-Kunang but recently, our love for it has gone. Why??? The first time we went, everything was great, the food, the services and the price. Then, a few months later, the price went up, but we still go there because of the food. After that, we only go there if we ran out of idea where to eat.

So, when it was Abo's birthday, we decided to go there to celebrate his birthday. We ordered a lot of food but it was just like what we ordered every time we go there. We did noticed the service was a bit crappy but maybe its because of the holiday. (It was on the Sultan Selangor's birthday)

Before this, after the order was taken, the waiter will place your fork and spoon nicely in front of you. Then, you receive your drinks, your starter and then your main course but that day it was different from the usual.

We waited for ages for the drinks to arrive. The main course arrived first, which was the nasi goreng. The waiter just put your food but didn't give any fork and spoon, even tissue was not given. Then, came all the goreng2 food but still no fork and spoon. Along said maybe they wanted to deliver everything then only they gave it so the family could eat together. Then, they delivered the drinks.

Kaklong got her food and maybe like half an hour later, the starter arrived. The potato wedges and samosa. I thought starter was supposed to arrive first but maybe here they did it differently. Hubby's sandwich and eya's mashed potato didn't arrive at all. I think that was the easiest dish to prepare.

Nana didn't received her teppanyaki and Abo got a cold chicken breast. We got all this after hubby went to complaint for a few times. By this time, an uncle behind our table has called the manager and scolded him. We decided to wait for a few minutes and if our food still do not arrived, we would leave.

As it was a birthday celebration, we ordered a lot of side dishes and half of our food didn't arrived. Nana had to go and take the plain water and ice on her own, bringing the tray to our table.

Hubby and Along was going to burst. We left; hubby and along went to the cashier and demanded to see the manager. The manager was no where to be seen and we decided just to leave the place. Then, he came out and talked with hubby and Along. I didn't know what they talked but at the end, we left the place without paying for the food.

We was so sad that a Malay business had went down the drain. It seem all the Malay business work well the first time. Then, they got a lot of customer, prices goes up, quality going down and services is becoming crappy and crappy. Why don't they remain the same? Now, we have to find a new spot for our makan place.

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