2 more teeth

I still did not see the new teeth but mom insisted that she has 2 new teeth.

Before this, she has 6 teeth so added to the latest one, now, she has 8 teeth. Quite a lot for her. The 2 teeth is at the bottom, one at the right and the other is at the left.

She has mastered a new kind of movement, ' the commando crawl'. If she is in the lying position, she would turn herself and do the crawl. She still cannot do the normal crawl. As she cannot sit on her own so that is new technique she used to move.

She also has become so sensitive. I don't know whether she is really sensitive or just 'ngada-ngada'. If someone including me, talk to her in a loud tone or scold her, she will cry or better yet, scream. The best thing is she can stop the crying in seconds. I always say to her, ' You are such a drama queen'. But this doesn't stop me from scolding her as I'm the only one she is scared of. She need to know her boundaries. She cannot do anything that she likes. She need to listen to someone.

Raining Season

Hubby had promised me that he will take me 'beraya' this raya. He said city folks didn't know how to beraya. I really was looking forward to the 'beraya' thing but we only managed to go to a few houses.

It was raining season and everyday at exactly 2 p.m., the rain will start to pouring down and all we can do was stay at home and watched tv. Ya, now kampung folks also watch tv just like what we city folks do. My plan to go to my friends houses also was ruined.

The 8 days we at Taiping was spent by watching tv's and eat and eat.

The houses we went to visit was a few houses at Parit (maklong, makyang and tok unggal) and hubby's paklong (ayah's side).

Hari Raya for me, hubby and Eya.....

The same time last year, I was exactly a month or 30 days in my confinement period. Eya was asleep the whole day as I took some cough medicine. I only can eat nasi and rendang limpa, my favourite dish of all time. So, this time around, I able to eat anything that I want. The sad thing is I had to limit myself from eating too much rendang limpa because of the hypertension that I got.

I seriously think I got it because of the stress at work. I was so busy before the holiday that I actually work from the moment I swipe in until I went home.

Back to my raya story, for this year, I took the tender of preparing cookies and tidy up the house. For my sister, she prepared rendang and all the raya dishes. I was so happy with the arrangement.

The day before the raya, I made hubby a cake and for my family, another cake.

The theme for our family this year was purple. Everybody in the family was totally purple except for myself, whose clothes has a little bit of white and green.

Morning of the raya, the guys went for solat sunat while us the gals prepared the food and get ourselves ready. Eya wore her first baju kurung, the same colour as her ayah's baju melayu.

After the breakfast, we went to Tmn Ibukota to visit abah's grave and later visited a few of relatives's house.

Arrived at home, we took pictures of our family and relaxed. The three of us went back to Taiping at 6 p.m. and arrived at 9 p.m.

Does all good things must end???

I was among the Gol and Gincu the series fanatics. I simply love the shows. It is the only Malaysia-made show that I cannot missed.I cannot explain why I really love the series. Maybe its because of the simplicity of the plot, the combination of really good casts, the stories they were trying to tell or maybe it is a teenager story. (I don't think so, most of the issues are not that teenager)I was happy, satisfied with the endings but I really want to know what happen to the b***h a.k.a Ayu. And if you ask me, which character that I hate in the show, it will be Reza. He is so slow, stupid and I don't believe that he is a lawyer-to-be. How come you could be a lawyer when you cannot even defend yourself. This for me is the only flaw of this show. The rest is superb.I'm hoping that there will be a season 3 but seriously, I don't think so. Every character get a happy ending except for a few.Will really miss the show.

Eya's milestones of I year old

Eya's development is totally different with all her friends (my friend's baby). Nevertheless, I am still proud of her.

She do not go through the crawling stage. Her method of moving around is using her bum-bum and moves from one place to another a.k.a. ngesot. Some of my aunties said that if the baby ngesot, she will start walking very late. I don't know, I heard a lot of these kind of myths, but I still hoping that Eya will start to walk in 2 or 3 months time.

She has 6 teeth, 4 above and 2 below. Using these 6 teeth, she has develop a hobby of biting people, especially me. She choose the people that she want to bite, not all people are lucky enuff to be her victim.

She likes to eat all kind of food. The food she likes the most will be chicken pieces or plain rice.

BTW, I have a new granddaughter from hubby's side. We went to visit the baby and I tried to hold the baby. Eya was so jealous and angry that she started to scream and pulled my clothes. It so cute to see that Eya is capable of jealousy at such a young age. She also could not watch her acu hug/hold me or her opah.

She likes baby or boys so much. If there are any ads with boys or baby in it, she will stop what she is doing and stared at the ads until it finishes. She just know whether its an ads or a programme. She can differentiate it. Her current boyfriend is the boy in the Enfagrow ads.

Sorry, the ads in here is in Chinese.

Eya 1st Birthday Party

Eya celebrated her 1st birthday party on 29 September, 2007. Her actual birthday was on the 24th September, 2007.My initial plan was to get her a Baskin Robbin birthday cake, unfortunately the Baskin Robbin in Metro Prima do not sell cakes, only ice cream. The nearest one, according to the salesgirl is in OU, which of course for us was quite far, just to get a cake.Me and hubby decided just to buy a normal cakes but to our luck, the Bakers Cottage do sell ice cream cakes. We also decided not to have rice as our main dishes but asked mom to cook her special bihun goreng for us. On top of that, I bought KFC as extra dishes for our dinner that night.The people that was present was mom, ayah-de and her acu. Her abah had to go for a course and her ateh went to shopping.Eya really likes the ice cream but refused to eat the cake. The cake was very nice and was not that expensive. Looking forward to buy her another ice cream cake for her next birthday.

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