Maid from Hell....and you can go to hell,Ana...

People may asked why I have maid to take care of my only daughter. Actually, I never really need a maid to take care of Eya but last year, when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I need to hire a maid as my mom would not be able to take care of me and her 2 grandchildren during my confinement period.

So, hubby asked yong to find a maid for us from Medan. We had to pay RM4000 to get the maid. We thought this maid will be okay since she was referred by yong's maid which is so good. She has been working with yong for 5-6 years.

So, we settled everything on our own including the immigration process and FOMEMA. She is a widow with 1 daughter and live in rural area of Medan. She started working with us since May 2009. Before she came to my house, I left her with mom almost 2 weeks as I wanted her to be trained by mom.

She don't have a lot of tasks to be done as I live in an apartment. Her main tasks is to cook dinner, clean the house, take care of laundry and babysit Eya if she is at home. Eya sometimes goes to her nursery, and only stay home 1 or 2 days in a week. So, I think that's not too much compared to other maid.

She was quite okay until she made friend with another maid near my mom's house. She started to talk for a long time on the phone at night, after she finished with her tasks. As I didn't want to invade her privacy, I don't really mind as long she doing her tasks.

Then, one day, exactly last 2 weeks, mom called to inform me that she was running away. She was only waiting for her salary to be sent back to Medan, then only she will run. I was terrified that I asked adik to fetch Eya from home.

Later, all of us confronted her to ask about her intention. She kept quiet but looked so surprised that her friend betrayed her by informing us. So, we decided to sent her back without her knowledge. Later, we thought that if we did sent her back, her daughter will have no money to study so we decided to give her another chance.

So, after we advised her, we went for a late dinner with mom who just arrived from Kepong. When Eya checked on her, Eya told us that her kakak was missing. We realised that she had run.

Luckily, she did not take anything valuable. We made a report in Kajang and went to immigration to cancel her passport and permit.

Maybe its true that we are not supposed to be nice to them. If I going to have another maid, I will treat the maid like a semi-slave. No point in doing good to others especially to maid if they don't know how to appreciate it. 

LL Family Trip to Penang + Adib + Broc

Me and Kaklong had planned for this road trip a few months ago. The exact plan was to visit relative in Mata Ayer,Perlis. The plan was made as we did not attend a cousin's funeral last December. This cousin was one of our favorite cousin who had worked and lived in Langkawi. Every time one of us visit Langkawi, he will be our tour guide and treat  us to a lavish dinner at the hotel he worked. So, to make up for that, we decided to visit his parent.

 Our trip began on Wednesday night, and arrived in Mata Ayer around 6 a.m. After we had lunch at their house, we traveled down to Penang. We stopped at Pekan Rabu, Kedah as we never been there. we bought kerepek, asam jawa, all the normal stuff people buy there.

We managed to get to Penang around 6 p.m. and checked in into one of the apartment in Batu Ferringhi. As the Indians were celebrating Thaipusam, almost all hotel were fully-packed. After we freshen up, we went to our ultimate goal in this trip, to eat nasi kandar line clear.

It was 2nd time for my along + kaklong and first time for adib and broc. At first, adib told us that the nasi kandar was ordinary and nothing special but after a few hours, the taste kick in and he admitted that line clear was the best nasi kandar he ever had.

 So, in total we ate at line clear for 3 times before we went back to KL. We also tried nasi kandar beratur which was so famous for its long queue. The only difference with line clear is their rice is fluffy and delicious, but line clear still won my heart for its curry and fried chicken. So, nothing can beat my love for line clear.

And if for those who are new to nasi kandar line clear, make sure your rice is being served by an old guy wearing sarung as he is the best.

 As along is regular HRC visitor, he managed to get us in for free to see the live band. Only wearing slippers and did not have to pay cover charge, it was a great way to watch live band performs.

My family also went to try kuetieaw goreng doli in Taiping, hubby's hometown as we stopped by at MIL's house. The place was so packed that we have to wait a while before we got the table.

Overall, it was  a good trip but for me any trip with LL clan is the best for me.

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