Stupid hit my car

My car was involved in a 'burger' accident. I was in the middle. A Nissan Cefiro hit me and in turn, I hit a Honda in front of me. It happened when we was driving to work on Tuesday.The man that hit our car was so arrogant and rude. He didn't totally admit the fault was him and said that 'alah, rosak sikit je....bukan boleh claim pun' . Hello!! You hit someone else car and didn't have the courtesy to apologize or even offered to repair the damage that you had done. The scariest thing was if anything happened to my little baby. She was having a fever that day and we were planning to take her to Assunta after I punched in to work. I was sitting at the back with her. Just think, what could happened if we sit in front that day. Eya could have been dropped or 'tercampak'. The man didn't even take into consideration that he hit a car with a baby inside it.All that he can said is, 'Sorilah, aku ngantuk. Maaf jelah'. What if on that time, there was no traffic jam. It was a clear road. The impact could have been worse. I really hate that guy.The damage to my car was not that bad. The car was dented at the back, passenger side. The Honda was the worse, the back was totally dented. And for the Nissan, only a front lamp was damaged. The Honda claimed my insurance and for us, it was nothing as the damage was not that bad.Later, that evening, we went to report the accident at Jln Bandar. We were told by the police in Kepong that if an accident happened in any area in KL, you have to report it to traffic division in Jln Bandar. That area was so bad during office hour so we went there by 8 p.m.The Honda has reported earlier and the Nissan guy had called hubby and said that he sorry for what he had said earlier. He decided not to report and just wait for the police to issue him a summon. And, something funnier happened at the police station but I think, I shared it with hubby. Just that someone was going to spend the night in the lock-up because of some silly mistakes.


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