Who is this??

By now, Eya has know all of her family by names. She can recognise them if I point to anyone in a picture.

So, last weekend, I showed her my wedding pictures. She can identified her opah, dede, acu, abah, her ayah and mama. The weird thing was when I point to a MIA family member, she couldn't recognised that person. She went blank for a while and uttered the word 'nenek'.

This made me wonder whether kids have short term memory. That person has been missing from our life for a few months and Eya cannot remember her anymore.

Thats why every week when we chat with her dede, we would use webcam and always shows her the picture of her dede. Abo will not be here for 2 years and I don't want her to forget her dede.

This show that you need to be near kids always and don't leave them for a long time. You may risk the possibility of they not knowing you.

Something about the house is settled...

There are a lot of things need to be settled when you buy a house. As for me, I was not that lucky as I was not a government servant. They only have to pay 1K for the deposit, but for me, it was 5K. That thing has been settled much earlier.

I also didn't get 100% loan for the house. I need to pay 10% of the price, again something that I was not lucky. I do not have that much money, so I need to withdraw my EPF Acct II for that purpose.

Before I can apply for the EPF, I need to get a bank loan and also the SNP signed. Research was done on which bank offered the lowest interest rate, and the bank must be the developer panel banks. If not, the lawyer fees will be so expensive. I managed to get one in 2 weeks time.

Then, I have to wait for the SNP to be ready. It takes about 2 months for it to be ready. The lawyer expenses amounting to RM650 need to be paid. For the land title, I need to pay another RM4K.

After the loan and SNP was ready, we applied to withdraw our EPF Acct II. It was not that much, but it help to pay off the 10% deposit and the payment for the land title. The rest of the money is saved to pay for the kitchen cabinet.

We heard from others and read from Internet forum, that it takes up to a month before the application is approved. I read all the procedures, download all the necessary forms, make copies of all the documents before I applied. The officer told us that it takes 2 weeks for any application to be approved and it depends on the officer itself. After 3 weeks if no money is being deposited into our account, we need to check with the EPF office that we made our application.

So, we decided that only after 2 weeks we would check our bank account. Then, one day, which is exactly a week after we applied, I was so shocked to learn that the money had been deposited. It was very fast. Having everything in order, the forms, document everything maybe had helped to speed up the approval process. I was the first to get the money and when hubby checked his account, no money was in the account.

Again, I was worried. I afraid that hubby application was rejected. The next day, I sent an enquiry through the EPF website and it takes only a few hours for the EPF officer to reply my email. EPF has proved that they are a very good service provider. Hopefully, their service can remain this good forever.

Once hubby got the money, we made bank draft and paid the 10% deposit. We was so relieved that a part of the house has been settled. After this will be the phase where we need to pay the interest payment.

It will be another 2 years before the house is ready but we need to save money for the house. The grills, lighting, cabinet, new furnitures, etc.

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister...

***This entry is for my family reading only. If you are not interested, please do not read it. It is quite an emotional entry. You are warned!!!***

You must wonder why I suddenly want to highlight to the public that I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. Yes, I think all of my close friends or even strangers need to know that I am the second from 4 siblings. Some of you might be confused with these fact. You may refer to my lil sis blog entry of why I need to tell the world about this.

I was quite a patient person. From young, I was told to give in to that other person. Anything, you just named it. Clothing, mom had to buy us the same design, material as she will be jealous if she get something different from me. If I had a fight with her, I need to 'mengalah' as I'm the older sister. She was borned 1 year after me, which means I only had 1 year to get the full attention of mom and dad. But, being a sister, I do not mind as I know a sister should protect her younger sister.

When we grew older, I didn't see her that much as I went to different schools and later, went to a boarding school. So, we were not that close.

Then, when I was in uni, in a relationship with hubby, she also was in a relationship with her ex-bf. This was such a bad influence of her. I was by her side for a lot of things that our family did not know. At that time, I knew she really need my support and help. I did the best I could do to help her.

The most unforgiven thing that she did was during my wedding. I was so frustrated with her and some people at that time because of some horrid things that she did. I was so lucky to have mom's support and hubby's companionship to go through this problem. I never forget what she did to me. Because of that, I vowed to do something if she ever get married. But, don't worry, it will not be something as horrid as what she did to me.

Now, she did something bad again. We, the 4 of us, didn't really care if she doesn't acknowledge us as her siblings. In fact, we are happy she did that. Without her, we are really happy and all the moments we spend together is just pure heaven.

But, just like what my sis said, please think of what you are doing to mom. Although, she never express her concern about you missing in our life, deep in her heart, she misses you. I don't know why you are being so stupid by ignoring her. A short call, a simple sms will do. I don't think that is too hard for anyone to do. She sacrificed a lot of things for you.

You kept saying she is unfair to you. Before you throw that sentences, please take a look at yourself in the mirror.

Why we ignore you? You are the one who create stupid, untrue story. You always tried to create havoc in the family. But, me and the other 3 do not really care. Again, we are happy without you.

As for my daughter, as long as I live, I would not allow her to meet you. As long she is under my care, she will not meet you. Although mom had advised me that this is wrong, I simply don't care. Why should she be meeting someone that doesnt give a damn about her. I think by now you should have your own nephews and nieces, and maybe your own daughter or son. Maybe its original or someone else that you shared with your 'laki'. Please don't disturb my daughter or nephew for that matter.

If you ever come back home, I will not return to that house. I would not let my family to be under the same roof as you. I am not the one who made the mistake. It was you. You should ask for apologize from us, not the other way round.

Please do not create more stupid stories to strangers or anyone else to ask for more sympathy. Whatever that you do, we are happy especially without you. All of our trips together, vacations is much more happier and calmer without you.

I think even my daughter now forget that she ever have you as her makcik. For now and ever, she only have her acu and maklong.

Raya 2008

Hubby and Eya...

Us with the kids...

This Raya was kind of different to me. First of all, we do not follow our normal raya traditions. Instead of baking and cooking on the raya eve, this time we finished everything early. By noon of raya eve, everything was ready. All of us had some extra time to do last minute shopping at Jusco. This was the first time we ever have extra time on raya eve.

Adik and me were in charge of baking all the cakes and cookies. Adik was brave enough to bake cake sandwich this year, which was something that we must have during raya. We also modified our chocolate chip cookies, instead of the normal walnut, this time we used macadmia nut. It was expensive. For a small packet, it cost about RM8. However, the result was great. Our cookies taste almost similar to Famous Amos.

Mom and Abo cooked rendang and sambal goreng.My rendang limpa this year (cooked by mom) was so great. Its the best mom ever cooked. Rendang was cooked a day earlier.

Sambal goreng was also modified this year. We cut the ingredients bigger so all of us can easily choose what item we like to eat. Before this, everything was so small and it takes us the whole day just to cut all the items. As Abo said, this year sambal goreng was cooked with lots of LOVE, SINCERITY, HARMONY & everything NICE !. Although along said it taste not so good as before, the three of us agreed this was the best sambal goreng.

Abo also treated us to a nice buka puasa buffet before he left for his degree, on the weekends before raya. After that, the 4 of us together with our cousin, nabila went to buy jeans at Pertama Complex. It was such a great moment. Eya and Zidane was asleep after the dinner and we left them with their opah.

On the day of Raya, the guys went for sembahyang sunat while the girls prepare breakfast. Eya was an early riser that day as usual. I dressed her with the new baju kurungs we prepared for her. This year she got 2 baju kurungs. By the way, our color theme for this year was blue, along was green while cu's family was turqoise.

Adik was our photographer for the day. She snapped about 150 pics for the first raya. We did a lot of different pose for that day.

My Only Family....Loves all of you...

This year raya was a little different as we going to send abo to the airport later that day. He is going to UK for his degree in electronics. Everybody important to the family were there, including several of Abo's friends.He went in about 11 pm. Adik and along were the saddest. They hugged and cried. As for me, I was sad too but I really couldn't cry. My one and only little brother. Make us proud. Next year raya, it will be just adik and me again.

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