Balik Kampung...

Going back to Taiping tomorrow morning with hubby and Eya...couldn't wait...miss kuetiau doli and cendol ansari....Taiping, wait for me....will update later with story of balik kampung..thinking of bringing eya to Zoo Taiping....

Eya's first ride

Eya loves to sit at the driver's seat. She knows how to handle the steering and and even can use the horn. Whenever her ayah goes out to withdraw money, buy something, I would put her at the seat.So, when we went to A&W PJ last week, I noticed the ride for kiddies. Luckily, hubby had 50 cents. We put her onto the ride and she loved it so much. She even knew how to turn the steering and she even find the horn, just like what she did in her ayah's car.I think I need to collect 50 cents coin after this so she can have more rides.

Love this song...

I think everybody know what is 'The Simpsons'. I started to watch it when I was in UK. The reason was there was not so many good programme to watch on the box. During that time, I would watch Friends, Everybody loves Raymond, Will and Grace in the early morning; The O.C and Point Pleasant in the noon and The Simpson in the evening. Thats all the US programme I could watch in a day.

Thats why I can remember all the Simpson series even though I only watch it for a year. I had watch the series every day when I was there.

So, when the movie came out, I really need to go and watch it. The movie was hilarious but as what Homer said in the movie, 'you are dumb to pay 10 bucks to watch cartoon in a movie'. (Terkena suma orang dlm panggung tu).

The best part of the movie that Abo and I like was the spider pig song.

He is a SPIDER PIG!!



Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does

Can he swing

From a web

No he cant

He's a pig


He is a SPIDER PIG!!

No more cereal, mama...

Eya likes cereal very much since we started feeding her solid food. She was not that keen on rice porridge. Then, 2 weeks ago she started not to eat very much. Eya was not a fussy eater and likes to eat. When, she suddenly didn't want to eat, we became worried. She was not sick or anything but just didn't want to eat.However, we did noticed that she still eats the rice that mom gave her. She sit together with us during meal time and mom would give her a little bit of rice so she would not disturb us.Then, I tried feeding her rice mixed together with the 'kuah sayur'. It was normal rice not porridge as she didn't like it. It turned out that she really likes to eat rice. Yup, she just like me. Now, we have stop giving her cereal and start feeding her with rice. Yesterday, she even have 2 servings of the rice.Its good as long she eat healthily. She also cannot see other people eat and would ask for some. If she didn't get it, she would scream her heart out. Again, she eat anything as long its not durian. Yay, she is like me, hate durians. (Haha, kesian abang, anak abang ikut cara ayang makan!!!)

Eya's recurring fever

Eya was always having fever a few months back. As a first-time parent, we were really concerned about her health as its not good for a baby to always get a fever.The paed said that maybe she had urine infection or even dengue fever but she didn't have any of the symptoms associated with those sickness. We are really worried as she tend to get her 'semput' every time she had a fever.When we went to Bandung for our shopping trip, mom has managed to crack the problem of why Eya kept getting fever. It seemed that she cannot be separated with me. I did noticed that when I was on outstation, camp or went anywhere without her, she will get the fever. But, seriously, I never think that she will easily get a fever because of missing me.During our shopping trip to Bandung, we left Eya with my mom as we didn't want to risk her to the fever again. Just like what happened during our trip to Langkawi. Alhamdulillah, we didn't bring her as we saw a lot of babies got fever during or after the trip to Bandung. The first night that we wasn't around, Eya kept having nightmare and always saying 'mama' in her sleep. She got a fever later that morning and was okay during the day. When it was almost night time, she became restless and kept calling for me. She even looked at my bedroom door and called for me, hoping that I would come out from the room. I think this was because she knew that I always come back from work when its almost night time and she had waited for me.I always left my used shirt for Eya whenever I was not around. She was always holding my shirt especially during her sleep time and she slept together with my 'bantal busuk'. She was not in the mood for all the time that I wasn't home. When I heard these from my mom, I was so sad and at the same time happy that she do remembers me all the time.When I arrived home, she was so happy that she kept smiling all the time and became so clingy to me. She even didn't want to have afternoon nap for 2 days, in order to make sure we wouldn't leave her.Mom said she noticed that Eya would got a fever every time I was away from her. Its not because of infection or any kind of sickness. It just that she misses me. So, after this, whenever I go, I have to bring her along.

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