Kembara Malam

This was one of the module that I feared the most. Why?? Being the person afraid of darks and with wild imagination of unseen entity, I really scared of sitting in the forest alone. It was famously known as 'Malam Burung Hantu'.

During the briefing, someone asked whether it was that session and the fasci said it was walking in the forest in group. I was so relieved to hear that.

We (21 people) entered the forest with only 2 candles and some matches. Our belongings (torchlight, water) was taken away when we failed to answer 2 questions, which was set up so difficult (stupid) just to fail us.

We were told that from checkpoint 1 to cp2, it took about 40 minutes. When we reached the cp2, we need to give salam to Tok Moh, who will help us in finding the cp3.

We arrived at the last cp around 340 a.m. Then, we were instructed to sit in 1 straight line. They will called us one by one, and we had to walk back to our camp on our own. By this time, I was quite freaked out but knowing there was no way out, I had to do it.

The fasci said it was a 1 km walk and it was a straight line. They even gave some tips,

  • Just look ahead, don't look back
  • Don't look if you heard someone call your name
  • If sumthin want to cross, let them cross first
  • Follow the white track
By hearing this point, I was too scared but I just concentrate and start to move. It was so dark that I couldn't even saw the track and the track was winding, not straight. I was really afraid that I might be lost and walked into the woods, but I just keep walking.

After 10 mins, I see some buildings, and later knowing that building was my camp, I was so relieved. I didn't know how I able to make it to the camp. This was so much scarier than the solo camp during OBS.

I was so lucky that I didn't see or hear anything. A few said that they saw white things, heard recite of Yasin and azan. The most scariest was when one of my friends overtook a friend but when he arrived at the camp, the friend had already arrived. The question, who did he overtook?


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