Our Own Micasa....

I collected the keys to my new house on 10th November 2010. I was the second buyer to collect the keys as I didn't have major issues of the charges, compared to other buyers.

Our initial plan was to move in after 2 weeks, as we would like to move in in December.We thought it will be hard for us if not to move as we have to pay the installment and the rent for our rented home in Sepakat Indah. Yes, the first installment will be starting in December.

We went straight to the house after we got the keys. Just to check for visual defects and have a brief walk-through of the house. We did have some defects, which has been written onto the list of defect documents. Some of it were:

  • Rusty doorknobs
  • Windows that cannot be closed
  • No water supply
It just weird of not having the CF for new properties. We found out that after 2007, the developer use CCC in delivering the vacant possession. It do have its own pro and cons.

The cons in our case was not having the water supply. This however do not deter us from moving into the new home, a week before December. We had Hafiz doing the kitchen cabinet, Abo and Shamsir for the lighting, wiring, curtain railing, etc and the rest was just the two of us, me and hubby.

Hafiz managed to finished the kitchen cabinet in just within 2 weeks. We chose red for our KC, which a lot of the neighbors are also using. (Hafiz used our house for his show room). Abo and Shamsir installed all the lightings, wiring, railing and also did the painting. Nothing fancy about the color. It is blue for my room, pink for Eya and purple for the living room.

A lot of money was spent for the move in. The grille, we managed to find a cheaper prices. We found it by accident, on our trip to Jusco Cheras Selatan. It was RM 1K less than the first quotation. Then, we went to Kamdar KL for the curtains, for the whole house.

All in all, we had spent almost RM 20K in moving to the new houses, and there was no renovation works involved. Our main objective was just to move in and have all the basic necessities. All renovation can be done in the future, as long we have the budgets.

And, to think that only the three of us will live there, the existing layout is big enough for us.Our future plan is just to install wood flooring and to have electronic gate.

As for the water supply, until now, we still don't get our own meter. Luckily, the developer provides us with free water. However, I'm still not happy until I get my own water meter from Syabas.

See...Eya was so happy to get her own water meter...
 Updates on 20/1/11: The meter has been installed. We waited for almost 2 1/2 months for it. I'm so thrilled to have it. Yeay....
The awaited water meter....

I've cleared it....

Last weekend, I received a registered letter. At first, I thought it was documents from my house lawyer or banks as I've been receiving a lot of registered letter from them.

I was shocked when I opened it and discovered that I got a summon. I've been driving for 12 years, and this is my first ever summon. I read the details of it and found out that I got it when speeding through Penchala Link. I just find out that the speed after the tunnel was only 80 km/j, and frankly I didn't realize it, although I've been using it quite regularly. I was speeding 93 km/j and it was not much compared to the allowed limit but nevertheless, I still had exceeded the allowed limit.

I was quite sleepless the day I got the summon but hubby told me to relax, and I can pay when the police give discounts. I've been gathering ideas on how not to pay the RM300 as stated in the letter.

Hubby told me that I could write an appeal letter and enclosed a money-order of lesser amount. If the police accept it, its good but if they want me to pay more, they would reply the letter and return the money order. So, I'm thinking of doing that later today when suddenly I had the urge to explore MyEG to check for my summon.

So, I registered at MyEG.com and check for my summon. It was listed but there was a column saying 'Incentive Amount'. It seemed that violation, if to be paid within certain period, will be given a 50% discount. So, I proceed to payment page and paid for the summon for RM 150.00 plus RM 2.00 for the service charge.

After I finished with the payment, I checked again and my summon was clear. I even printed the receipt as I afraid that Malaysian system is not that reliable. So, if the police ask for any payment evidence, I had the receipt.

So, now, I'm free from any summon. I will definitely be more careful when I use the Penchala Link next time.

p/s: I also checked my Kejara Point, and I am free from any offences. Yeay!!!

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