Another New Year...

I never make any resolution for any new year. I afraid that if I make one, I will be devastated if I could not achieve it.

2008 had witnessed me doing something was quite a bit extraordinary for me.

I changed my job, quit from one of the big company and moved to a smaller one. Alhamdullilah, I had found my tune in this job. I love doing my job, so I hope it was a correct move.

I purchased my own house. It was an impulse purchase and a major price to pay. Thanks to the job I have now, I have a little extra money to pay for it. InsyaAllah...

I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Only a few years to go before we reach the 10 year marks. Hubby is my best friend, soulmate and husband. Love you so much...

Eya started walking in 2008, exactly when she was 18 months year old. One of the most awaited milestones..

I moved out from my mom's house and stay sumwhere near my office...just the three of us initially but now my little sis stay with me too...its been almost 6 months now..

My little brother flew to UK to further his study....need to browse e-bay more...

Got a nephew....Shafique you to bits....

A few things that happened that must be forgotten before I step into the new year...

One of my family member disappeared, vanished into thin air...(maybe this can be considered as sumthin good too...)

A few issues with my houses...was so angry with the bank...hope this issue will resolve soon...

Not many issues to be left behind but for 2009, I am so waiting and looking forward for our big family vacation....Bangkok to be exact...still have a few more issues to be dealt with...

Eya Unwanted Attitude...

Eya mood change like the amount she change her diapers everyday. Now, it is so hard for us to put her in the stroller. It seem like we are in a war everytime we try putting her in the stroller.

The trick is to let her walk with us for a while until she feel tired. Then, she will ask herself to be put in the stroller. This is during her good mood. Else, she will ask to be carried and always the person she prefer is me.

She started having this attitude sometimes ago when we shopping at Alamanda. I never know why she behave like this. The problem is she is not ashame of other people. She will keep crying and crying, ignoring all the people looking at us. Our face have grew so thick that we do not tolerate her behavior. She can keep crying all she wants but we would not entertain her request.

We sincerely hope this is just another phase of her. It takes so much patience from me to tolerate this new attitude.

6th Anniversary and counting...

Its our 6th year wedding anniversary. Usually, we celebrated it in KL but this year we wanted to go somewhere else.

The decision was to go to Penang. It was a little bit different this year as we brought along mom and adik with us. It will be a normal family vacation as we still havent fulfill the 2 times visit to Penang this year.

As usual, we will go to eat the famous 'Line Clear' nasi kandar at Jln Penang. It is custom for us everytime we in Penang to come here. We did nothing special. All we do is eat and eat. We sampled Sunshine Char Kuey Teow and the usual, nasi kandar.

We also went to Toy Museum in Batu Ferringhi. It was amazing to witness how a guy could buy all that toys. His collection was good but need better arrangement and a little bit of tidy up. I wish I can work part time for him and arrange all the toys neatly. It cost us 10 per pax to enter the museum but it was quite worth it.

Overall, it is nice to celebrate 6 years of marriage with someone you love dearly. Thanks, abang for the great, wonderful 6 years we spent together. Need to work out plan for next year anniversary.

This blog is created for...

"My Daughter"

I always knew that being online has it own risks and problems but I never know that I was going to be part of the statistics.

This blog was made for my daughter. Initially, I used Yahoo 360 to be Eya's diaries. Her development from the moment she was born until now. I did this so I can keep track of her milestones and for her to view it when she grows up.

Everything written inside this blog is about her and sometimes I also write something about special moment in my life. It was intended to be a personal blog of mine.

I never expect people to come to my blog and accept everyone who discover this blog as my friend. I also go to other peoples blog and usually I am a silent reader. I only post comments on blogs that I familiar with. Even if I post any comments, I ensure the comments is not rude and acceptable for the owner to read.

I hope everyone who wish to give me comments, please do so politely. I accept any comments but don't be too rude or harsh. This blog is never for entries on sensitive issues, politics, anybody else. It is purely for my family life journal. I never force anyone to read my blog. If you find any entry on this blog that might hurt your feelings, I apologize for it. It is never my intention. You also have the choice to leave the blog without reading it.

Again, I want to stress out that the blog is my personal entry, especially for my daughter. I hope everyone out there can consider that fact and be nice inside this blog.

Lastly, thank you for your consideration.

Eya and the neighbor....

Our neighbor is a single woman and lives alone. Sometimes, we say hi when we meet at the car park or when we are going to work.

So, yesterday, we arrived at the same time from work. We had to wait for hubby unloading something at the back, when Eya went to 'salam' the neighbor.

It was weird as Eya is afraid of strangers. If she takes the lift and sees someone else in the lift, she will hide her face against us. She even held the neighbor hand and walked together towards the lift. It was quite a long walk. Even, when she was walking down the stairs, she didn't want to let go the neighbor's hand.

She held her hand until we arrived at our house. Only after, we opened the door and asked her to come in, she let go the neighbor hand.

I think she knew the neighbor.

Mamma we goes again...

I bought the 'Mamma Mia' dvd after I saw the preview. The moment we watched it, we fell in love with it.

I love the movie since I knew some of the Abba songs and the author was such brilliant person who could combine all the songs to make it as a movie. (The movie was based on a musical book).

I never know that Eya would love the movie so much. The dvd is at mom's house so every weekend that we go back, once Eya wakes up, she will take the dvd from the rack and ask someone to play it for her. She know where the dvd is placed, how to open the dvd player and how to change the tv setting.

So, mamma mia will be played sometimes up to 3 times a day. Not only that, as I bought the cd, every time she's in the car, the radio can only play mamma mia songs. No normal radio for us anymore.

We were amazed that she can memorise some of the songs. The funny thing is her favourite song is 'Super Trouper'. If you watch the movie, its the song during the party when donna and her friends performing for her daughter. Like her dede said, 'Eya was such an old skool girl'. Not only she know the lyrics, she even can dance.

I wonder when her love for mamma mia will end. Until that time, its all mamma mia in the house and our car.

Updates on Eya's health

Eya was diagnosed with viral infection that infected her tummy. After I brought Eya to Az-Zahra, as I was not that satisfied, I brought her to Dr Mary at Assunta. She also gave similar diagnosis but a lengthy one, describing why it happens, sypmtoms to look out, how to nurse her, what kind of food to give.

Eya had the diarrhoea for about 2 weeks. I did some 'googling' and Eya's condition was something normal that happened to majority of young children. Luckily, she only vomited for the first 24 hours and continued with the diarrhoea. I found some information that saying it is okay if your children vomit for th first 48 hours, and continued having diarrhoea for maximum of 2 weeks. It is the symptoms of viral infection in the stomach or in medical term, it is called gastroentitis. Only if your child have both vomiting and diarrhoea, it is something that you should be really worried.

I called Dr Mary after a week Eya had the diarrhoea. She told me it was okay and if I'm too worried, I can consider to change her formula. She suggested Mamex or Similac, which are lactose-free or soya-based. Just like what I found out from the net, she said it is okay if Eya is only having diarrhoea. She also must drink a lot of water and she even suggested that I gave Eya 100 plus. I never know that kid can drink 100 plus but I know it is something that an adult drink if they are having a fever.

As Eya diarrhoea is not that frequent and she really is drinking lots of water, we decided to just gave her the usual formula. Yesterday, she stopped having the diarrhoea and her appetite is becoming back to normal.

Is there any good clinic around Bangi???

Eya was well last Wednesday. After she went to sleep, she suddenly woke up and start vomiting. It was a lot of vomit. At first, I thought it was just cough like always and paid no attention to it. We changed the bed cover and put her to sleep again. Then, 5 minutes later, she vomited again. At this time, we were thinking its normal and just washed her up and changed her pj's.

Then, she vomited again and again for a total of almost 8 times in an hour. We were so worried at this time. The only thing that puzzled us was she showed no symptoms at all. She vomited everything she consumed earlier and the last one was just water.

We brought her to Pusat Rawatan Az-Zahra, which was the only clinic open for 24 hours. If given other choice, we will surely took her somewhere else. Before we went in to register her, she vomitted again at the entrance. I told the nurse that it was an emergency and really hoping the doctor could see her first.

She just nodded, took Eya's card and gave us the queue no. There was a lot of patients and all of them were adults with fever or cough. I still hoping that Eya would see the doctor first. We waited to be called and realised that here, all cases will be treated the same. Eya had vomitted again for a couple of times for the 1 hour we waited. Eventhough she vomitted in front of the nurse, she still acted like it was a normal thing. If you are an adult, maybe its okay but she is just a baby. She need the doctor more than the rest.

After an hour, she was called and luckily the doctor was good. If he was the typical Az-Zahra doctor, I will simply burst. She checked Eya thoroughly and concluded that it may be just a case of viral infection in the stomach. It was the first time I heard of such diagnosis. Usually, the viral infection caused fever. So, Eya had fever, diarrhoea and vomitting. He gave colic medicine and salt to be drank with water.

Eya still vomitted in the next morning and we decided to bring her to Assunta. Dr Mary said it maybe caused by food poisoning and prescribed Eya with some medicine. She was quite better in the afternoon but still was not her usual self. Until now, she still have the diarrhoea. Maybe I need to revisit Dr Mary.

Who is this??

By now, Eya has know all of her family by names. She can recognise them if I point to anyone in a picture.

So, last weekend, I showed her my wedding pictures. She can identified her opah, dede, acu, abah, her ayah and mama. The weird thing was when I point to a MIA family member, she couldn't recognised that person. She went blank for a while and uttered the word 'nenek'.

This made me wonder whether kids have short term memory. That person has been missing from our life for a few months and Eya cannot remember her anymore.

Thats why every week when we chat with her dede, we would use webcam and always shows her the picture of her dede. Abo will not be here for 2 years and I don't want her to forget her dede.

This show that you need to be near kids always and don't leave them for a long time. You may risk the possibility of they not knowing you.

Something about the house is settled...

There are a lot of things need to be settled when you buy a house. As for me, I was not that lucky as I was not a government servant. They only have to pay 1K for the deposit, but for me, it was 5K. That thing has been settled much earlier.

I also didn't get 100% loan for the house. I need to pay 10% of the price, again something that I was not lucky. I do not have that much money, so I need to withdraw my EPF Acct II for that purpose.

Before I can apply for the EPF, I need to get a bank loan and also the SNP signed. Research was done on which bank offered the lowest interest rate, and the bank must be the developer panel banks. If not, the lawyer fees will be so expensive. I managed to get one in 2 weeks time.

Then, I have to wait for the SNP to be ready. It takes about 2 months for it to be ready. The lawyer expenses amounting to RM650 need to be paid. For the land title, I need to pay another RM4K.

After the loan and SNP was ready, we applied to withdraw our EPF Acct II. It was not that much, but it help to pay off the 10% deposit and the payment for the land title. The rest of the money is saved to pay for the kitchen cabinet.

We heard from others and read from Internet forum, that it takes up to a month before the application is approved. I read all the procedures, download all the necessary forms, make copies of all the documents before I applied. The officer told us that it takes 2 weeks for any application to be approved and it depends on the officer itself. After 3 weeks if no money is being deposited into our account, we need to check with the EPF office that we made our application.

So, we decided that only after 2 weeks we would check our bank account. Then, one day, which is exactly a week after we applied, I was so shocked to learn that the money had been deposited. It was very fast. Having everything in order, the forms, document everything maybe had helped to speed up the approval process. I was the first to get the money and when hubby checked his account, no money was in the account.

Again, I was worried. I afraid that hubby application was rejected. The next day, I sent an enquiry through the EPF website and it takes only a few hours for the EPF officer to reply my email. EPF has proved that they are a very good service provider. Hopefully, their service can remain this good forever.

Once hubby got the money, we made bank draft and paid the 10% deposit. We was so relieved that a part of the house has been settled. After this will be the phase where we need to pay the interest payment.

It will be another 2 years before the house is ready but we need to save money for the house. The grills, lighting, cabinet, new furnitures, etc.

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister...

***This entry is for my family reading only. If you are not interested, please do not read it. It is quite an emotional entry. You are warned!!!***

You must wonder why I suddenly want to highlight to the public that I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. Yes, I think all of my close friends or even strangers need to know that I am the second from 4 siblings. Some of you might be confused with these fact. You may refer to my lil sis blog entry of why I need to tell the world about this.

I was quite a patient person. From young, I was told to give in to that other person. Anything, you just named it. Clothing, mom had to buy us the same design, material as she will be jealous if she get something different from me. If I had a fight with her, I need to 'mengalah' as I'm the older sister. She was borned 1 year after me, which means I only had 1 year to get the full attention of mom and dad. But, being a sister, I do not mind as I know a sister should protect her younger sister.

When we grew older, I didn't see her that much as I went to different schools and later, went to a boarding school. So, we were not that close.

Then, when I was in uni, in a relationship with hubby, she also was in a relationship with her ex-bf. This was such a bad influence of her. I was by her side for a lot of things that our family did not know. At that time, I knew she really need my support and help. I did the best I could do to help her.

The most unforgiven thing that she did was during my wedding. I was so frustrated with her and some people at that time because of some horrid things that she did. I was so lucky to have mom's support and hubby's companionship to go through this problem. I never forget what she did to me. Because of that, I vowed to do something if she ever get married. But, don't worry, it will not be something as horrid as what she did to me.

Now, she did something bad again. We, the 4 of us, didn't really care if she doesn't acknowledge us as her siblings. In fact, we are happy she did that. Without her, we are really happy and all the moments we spend together is just pure heaven.

But, just like what my sis said, please think of what you are doing to mom. Although, she never express her concern about you missing in our life, deep in her heart, she misses you. I don't know why you are being so stupid by ignoring her. A short call, a simple sms will do. I don't think that is too hard for anyone to do. She sacrificed a lot of things for you.

You kept saying she is unfair to you. Before you throw that sentences, please take a look at yourself in the mirror.

Why we ignore you? You are the one who create stupid, untrue story. You always tried to create havoc in the family. But, me and the other 3 do not really care. Again, we are happy without you.

As for my daughter, as long as I live, I would not allow her to meet you. As long she is under my care, she will not meet you. Although mom had advised me that this is wrong, I simply don't care. Why should she be meeting someone that doesnt give a damn about her. I think by now you should have your own nephews and nieces, and maybe your own daughter or son. Maybe its original or someone else that you shared with your 'laki'. Please don't disturb my daughter or nephew for that matter.

If you ever come back home, I will not return to that house. I would not let my family to be under the same roof as you. I am not the one who made the mistake. It was you. You should ask for apologize from us, not the other way round.

Please do not create more stupid stories to strangers or anyone else to ask for more sympathy. Whatever that you do, we are happy especially without you. All of our trips together, vacations is much more happier and calmer without you.

I think even my daughter now forget that she ever have you as her makcik. For now and ever, she only have her acu and maklong.

Raya 2008

Hubby and Eya...

Us with the kids...

This Raya was kind of different to me. First of all, we do not follow our normal raya traditions. Instead of baking and cooking on the raya eve, this time we finished everything early. By noon of raya eve, everything was ready. All of us had some extra time to do last minute shopping at Jusco. This was the first time we ever have extra time on raya eve.

Adik and me were in charge of baking all the cakes and cookies. Adik was brave enough to bake cake sandwich this year, which was something that we must have during raya. We also modified our chocolate chip cookies, instead of the normal walnut, this time we used macadmia nut. It was expensive. For a small packet, it cost about RM8. However, the result was great. Our cookies taste almost similar to Famous Amos.

Mom and Abo cooked rendang and sambal goreng.My rendang limpa this year (cooked by mom) was so great. Its the best mom ever cooked. Rendang was cooked a day earlier.

Sambal goreng was also modified this year. We cut the ingredients bigger so all of us can easily choose what item we like to eat. Before this, everything was so small and it takes us the whole day just to cut all the items. As Abo said, this year sambal goreng was cooked with lots of LOVE, SINCERITY, HARMONY & everything NICE !. Although along said it taste not so good as before, the three of us agreed this was the best sambal goreng.

Abo also treated us to a nice buka puasa buffet before he left for his degree, on the weekends before raya. After that, the 4 of us together with our cousin, nabila went to buy jeans at Pertama Complex. It was such a great moment. Eya and Zidane was asleep after the dinner and we left them with their opah.

On the day of Raya, the guys went for sembahyang sunat while the girls prepare breakfast. Eya was an early riser that day as usual. I dressed her with the new baju kurungs we prepared for her. This year she got 2 baju kurungs. By the way, our color theme for this year was blue, along was green while cu's family was turqoise.

Adik was our photographer for the day. She snapped about 150 pics for the first raya. We did a lot of different pose for that day.

My Only Family....Loves all of you...

This year raya was a little different as we going to send abo to the airport later that day. He is going to UK for his degree in electronics. Everybody important to the family were there, including several of Abo's friends.He went in about 11 pm. Adik and along were the saddest. They hugged and cried. As for me, I was sad too but I really couldn't cry. My one and only little brother. Make us proud. Next year raya, it will be just adik and me again.

Salam Aidilfitri

I've stopped giving out traditional kad raya years ago. Its maybe after I started working. Giving raya card is something that I look forward when I was studying. Now, as e-card is easily available and with the help of blogs, its become easier for me to wish everyone 'Selamat Hari Raya'.

Note: E-card was courtesy of

First Part:

I would like to generally wish all my best friends Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir dan batin.

For my special friends:

To Masyu, Selamat Hari Raya. I hope you could forgive me for any kutukan, sindiran, sesi umpatan bersama, email2 panas (if any) and anything that I might do that may hurt your feelings. I hope you will enjoy your raya with your family in Teluk Intan and do enjoy eating all the food especially lemang and rendang. Jangan risau sangat, tak lari ke mana TLS tu.

To Nurul and Ira, Selamat Hari Raya. Eventhough we may not be that close now, I still considered you as my best friends. I do apologize if I did something wrong to you, e.g. not contacting you as much as I can, didn't come to any events that you hosted. Irr, still terkilan pasal takleh gi potluck hari tu. Lain kali, aku try sedaya upaya untuk pergi. Enjoy your raya with family. If any of you is in Perak for this raya, do come to hubby's house.

To Oya, maybe you don't know about this blog but I still want to wish you something. I really hope you will be here to celebrate the raya. I just hope this year you have a nice celebration with Kairil.

Second Part:

To all my Sussex friends, especially Amy, Bett, Evi, An, lil Ardini, Indah, Rozi, Nor, Mas, Seha, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin from me and hubby. Really miss the old time.

To all my blogger friends, especially to all the links in here, although we never met, I really loves our cyber friendship. Selamat Hari Raya and selamat bergembira di kampung halaman. Don't forget to keep blogging...

Last but the most important part:

I really don't know how to do all the raya forgiveness drama, so I try to put here what I really want to say during that moment.

To abang, I really want to apologize for all my wrongdoings to you. Only you know what. Thank you for really understanding me.

To Eya, my baby, lil angel, this is your second raya. Its the first raya when you can walk and speak. Its going to be havoc. Mama loves you soooooooooooo(infinity) much.

To along and kaklong, this will be your first raya with Zidane. Enjoy it. Its awesome. Sorry for any mistakes that I might have done. Selamat Hari Raya. To Zidane, Selamat menyambut your first Aidilfitri! Makyang loves you so very much!

To abo, I don't know whether I can send you or not, but forgive me for any mistakes that I might have done to you. Have a nice raya celebration there. Remember me when you eat the choc. chip cookies. Really going to miss you. Next year, make sure you send the Salam Perantauan to us.

To adik, you are the best sister anyone could ever have. Thanks for everything you have done/bought for me. Although I'm the big sister, I want to apologize for any inappropriate actions that I have done. Enjoy your raya even if you're alone.

To mom, I will apologize to you personally. But, in here, I just want to say, forgive me for anything that I do to you that may hurt your feelings. Forgive me for my mistakes. Forgive me for everything.

I hope everyone will have a great Raya this year. I couldn't wait for malam raya when I will sit in front of TV to watch all the sampaikan. Need to finish baking a few more cookies and cakes. Only once a year.

Happy 2nd Birthday, my baby...

Eya turned '2' on 24/9. Again, her birthday fell during Ramadhan, just like last year. I wanted her birthday this year to be something special for her to remember. Just a small party with my family.

No special, advanced preparation was needed. A week before, I booked Opera cake from Coffee Bean near my house. I didn't want to buy something cheesy as Eya don't like it. Her presents had already been bought a few days before her birthday.

Mom cooked her famous mihun goreng which became our main meal for berbuka puasa. I also ordered pizza as additional food. One great thing about pizza hut now is now as I can order online and pay using Maybank2u. I simply loves everything that has Maybank2u method of payment.

I dressed Eya in a lovely tier, pink dress I bought some time ago. I really couldn't believe that my daughter has grown so much. How time flies? I really want her to stay as a toddler as long as possible but that would not happen.

We put her in the highchair and started singing her birthday song. Everybody sang and suddenly, she started crying. Its so funny. This behavior she got it from my family side. All of us hate it when people sing to us birthday song. I don't know why but all of us really cannot stand it.
We just continue to finish the song and I guided her to cut the cake.

Later that night, Eya had a present opening ceremony. Thanks to Abah+Maklong and Acu for the lovely gifts. I'm so happy that she loves the present that I got her. The scribble pad however had some problem. The stylus/pen was missing and we need to go back to Toys'r'us to replace or to get a refund.

Overall, she had a good birthday celebration that night.

Happy 2nd birthday, Eya...

From mama and ayah....

Counting the days to 24/9...

Its 2 more days until Eya's birthday. We finally managed to get her something for her birthday. We went to The Curve last Sunday to have a look at ELC toys, especially the drawing easel and the kitchen. I did some info-searching from the UK ELC website and fell in love with the 2 items.

I was shocked to know the Malaysian prices. It was so expensive and I don't think I should buy it for her yet. So, we decided to go to Toys'r'Us to buy her presents. During our window shopping, we bumped into Dato' Rafidah Aziz with her family. She was so damn rich that she could buy the large house, complete with all the furnitures for every room for her grand-daughter. I bet it cost her thousands.

As the present shopping was not successful, we did few shoppings for Eya and Zidane. As for mom, I bought her 'kasut raya' and all of us shared to buy her a 'beg raya'.

And yesterday, me and hubby went to MidValley to get her present. We really hope we could find suitable present for her. The Toys'r'us shop in MV was not that big but we managed to find the best present for her.

We bought her a scribble pad with colors, which was portable so she can draw anywhere she likes. And we bought her a set of MegaBlok, just for her to increase her imagination and creative skills. So, everything has been wrapped up and just waiting for Wednesday. It will not be a big party, just a cake and mom's cooking for the day.

Eya birthday is coming soon...

Last year, for Eya 1st birthday, we got her a 2-in-1 walker that can be converted into a small car. It was a worth-the-money purchase as she learned to walk using that item.

For this year, we were quite lost on what to get her. We thinking on something that related to drawing, something like drawing easel, set of color pencil, etc. It was the first thing that came to our mind as she really loves drawing. If she goes to any store, the first thing she will grab will be book and color pencils. However, buying those things will be like common things we always bought her.

We also thinking of getting her a kitchen as she loves playing masak-masak. She has her set of kitchen utensil so getting her a kitchen maybe good.

Bears is too common and she has a few already. Dolls, strictly a no.

What else, seriously, I'm running out of idea????

Eya a singer, huh!!!

Eya, being a toddler likes to mimic what other people are doing. She is a fast learner.

In the car, she loves to sing along to the songs she hear on the radio. For the last few months until now, her favourite song will be Aizat's song, Hanya Kamu. She can sing the chorus on her own, especially the best part, "aku cinta, wooo, wooo".

So, last weekend, when we went back to Taiping, as we had nothing else to do, we asked her to sing in front of her opah tepen. She showed her skill from the first day we arrived. She went to her opah's bedroom and took her opah's tongkat. She used the tongkat as her microphone. We didn't showed her to use the tongkat as a mic. She also know how to improvise.

She sang the Aizat's song, burung kakaktua and lompat si katak lompat. The last 2 songs, I thought she learnt it from her nursery. I managed to capture her in action but going to upload it later.

She really sing like a pro. Everytime, she with her Opah, I will play the video again and again. How time flies? My baby girl has grow so much. Next week will be her birthday and we are thinking on what to get for her.

My Birthday Pressies...

It was a day after Merdeka Day. In the old days, my mom told me that Merdeka Day was celebrated on the night of 31 August, not on the eve like what we currently are doing.

My mom wanted to celebrate the night and went to Dataran Merdeka. After the celebration, suddenly she feeling not that well and she knew she was going to deliver me. I was borned around 5 a.m. on 1st of September. I really like the 1st as all my other siblings were born on 11. Yes, 2 of them was born on the 11th. Only Along was born on the 18th but being the first child, he must be somewhat be different from all of us.

This year the celebration was not that great as it fell on the 1st day of Ramadhan. Nonetheless, hubby promised to take me for a buffet Ramadhan as my birthday treat. The last time we went for buffet Ramadhan was years ago as the price of a buffet nowadays is so ridiculous. Every year, hubby will treat me to somewhere special to have our dinner. This year he chose the place.

As for present, I received something great from my lil sis. Our birthday are quite near, as hers was in August. So, we decided to do some barter trade. I told her what I want and she told me her chosen present.

This year, I wanted to have a CD. She bought me Faizal Tahir, Aku.Muzik.Kamu cd. I really love it. Its either Faizal or Sheila on 7 cd, but I knew that Faizal have great songs. To adik, thanks so much. Now, think of what you want me to get for you.

Raya Shopping

I was trained or taught by my family to do raya shopping months before raya. People will said, ' Puasa pun belum dah nak raya' but I felt its a waste of time to do shopping raya when places are so crowded. If you saw last week newspaper, you can see KL was packed to the brim with people. Claustrophobic is also the reason why I did my shopping early.

I bought my baju kurung material months ago, together with my mom and sis. That time, shops were empty and we are the only customers. I don't wait for sales that much as based on my experience as expert shoppers (konon!!); product during sales are product from last season or something they try to finish off. Sometimes, the price after reduction is the actual price. So, being a window shopper does bring benefits. Our baju kurung was also sent to tailor, Kak Hasnah months ago. Now, I think it is ready to be picked up.

Now, I don't really care much about baju raya. But as I need to go back 'beraya' at MIL's house, I need to have some new baju kurungs. I only make baju kurung once a year. Thats why I usually make 4-6 pieces every year. As for this year, I only made 4 baju kurungs.

My only focus is on Eya's raya preparation. I checked her wardrobe and found out she still has unworned clothes from my Bandung's trip. Quite a lot. She has grow up so much that she could fit almost in all the clothes. So, clothes was done. The only thing I need to get for her is shoes.

Her feet design is similar to her ayah, which is chubbier on top. Due to this, she can only wear certain kind of shoes. The only shoes she comfortable to wear until now is Crocs. So, we really have to find proper shoes to fit her cute feet.

Its been a long time since I bought her any shoes. So, as Raya for my reason to splurge on her, we decided to went to Sunway Pyramid to shop for her shoes. I only had one thing in mind, to buy her a Converse. It will look really cute on her. Luckily, Converse don't cost as much as other shoe brand. So, now, everything has been prepared to her. Couldn't wait to see her wearing her new shoes. I only need to pick her baju raya from the tailor, together with mine.

BTW, she also got a another new shoes from someone....

Eya's Converse...cute...

31st August 2008...

Mom has planned to do kenduri doa selamat before the fasting month started. It was such a simple planning (according to my mom's standard). We decided to try a new caterer, which actually one of mom old, best friend. We suggested the menu and she said it was okay.

The only thing we need to do before the day was just to move the big sofas to outside. That's all. I really love kenduri at my mom's house as all the family members and close friends of Abo will be there. Cu's family came at 3 a.m. and we kind of expected it. Cu was known for his 'janji melayu'.

The day started around 9 and mom's marhaban clique started to arrive. Yes, mom decided to have a marhaban. Out of the blue, they suggested to have 'cukur jambul' for Zidane as well. Mom were quite stunned as we never do things without proper planning. We searched the house for nice bowl to place the cut hair and the 'bedak sejuk', nice tray cover to place all the bowls, the scissor and the leaf that was going to be used to wet the boy's hair.

Zidane was quite pleased with all the marhaban, and he even sang together. It was cute. We could hear him singing from the kitchen. Then, kaklong carried him while I carried the tray. Yes, I was trying to get some 'berkat' (blessing) from holding the tray. Who knows, after this I may have my own Zidane.

Later, in the noon, surau's men came to read some tahlil for my late dad. So, basically we have two sets of kenduri. One by the marhaban group for Zidane and the second was the tahlil for my dad.

After, everything was finished, we sat down, lepaking with all the family members and chatting. The boys together with mom's anak angkat/abo's friends ( a bunch of them) played cards. It was some kind of poker but instead of cash, they have to drink the syrup balance from the kenduri. One of them was so bloated at the end of the game.

The rest of us had a nice chit-chat. The main topic was about ghost or supernatural. Now, we know why Cu is such a scaredy cat. The chit chat last for few hours and then, we decided to watch 4Bia. It would be a really good complement. Chat about ghost and continue with ghost story. Really a good Thai horror movie. I really recommend watching it. While watching it, Kaklong and Aka cooked us Maggi Asam Laksa.

Eya with her acu....

Eya Here and There...

Its almost 2 months since we moved to our rented house. We love it here. Every weekends, we will still 'balik kampung' to mom's house.

Every alternate week also, we will send Eya for her cuti sekolah (stay with opah for a week, away from nursery). We want Eya to have good sleep until noon, pampered by her opah and dede and free from my 'leteran'.

However, I noticed that every time we pick her up from her cuti-cuti at Opah', her attitude will change a little bit. This week, after we picked her up, it seems she a little bit garang.

Now, one of us have to sit with her every time she play in the living room. If not, she will scream and instruct us to 'duduk-duduk' (sit down), complete with angry expression and looking angry. But, she was really cute. Like what my mom said, 'macam guru besar sekolah'.

She also want to sleep in front of the tv every night. Only when she asleep, we would carry her to the bed. I assumed this she got by staying with her opah. My mom usually will fall asleep in front of the telly and later, abo will wake her up to go into the bedroom. So, I think this was where she learn to sleep in front of the telly. I am so annoyed with this attitude but knowing my mom, she will let her cucu does whatever she wants.

Eya also sometimes utter the word 'cebok' (sibuk/busybody) whenever someone scold her. She does this to everyone except me because she know that she couldn't mess with her mama.

And the cutest thing is she say the word 'no-no-no' complete with the hand gesture, escpecially when her acu disturb her or her ayah scold her. Yes, she was like a little makcik.

And up until now, she can count up to five, both in BM and English. Some words I taught her in English and some in BM, as when she with my mom, the medium will be totally in BM. At least, she knew both.

I also try to prevent her from watching 'tom-tom-bak'. For me, the programme is not useful. It teaches kids to be rude, and with all the talent show, some parents teach their kids some stupid things. How can a 5-year old dance provocatively with songs from PCD or even songs like 'makhluk tuhan paling seksi'? Don't teach your children that. Better teach them traditional dance like a school in Johor or if you have money, send your kids to ballet, or music lessons. Others programme in Astro Ceria is ok, I only have problem with tom-tom-bak and I hate the boy host in it.

She also loves cartoon. When she stays with my mom, all-day long, her dede will play movies like Finding Nemo, Happy Feet, Lion King, etc. She knows where to find the DVD and once she find it, she will ask her dede to play it for her. Nobody can stop her and for a week, her opah, acu and dede cannot watch other programs except for cartoons and Ceria. Pity them...

Tag it goes...

My little sis tagged me, so to honour her request, I just play along...

1. the rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. at the end of the game the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and ask them to play and read your blog.

starting time : 0922

name : arale
sisters : niez
brothers : along & abo
shoe size : depends on brand...the largest will be 8..
height : 5'5
where do you live : kepong n bangi.
favourite drinks : fresh orange, hot chocolate
favourite breakfast : nasi goreng with sambal tumis...
have you ever been on a plane : been on it a few times
swam in the ocean : don't know how to swim...
fallen asleep in school : I'm known for this...pernah kena balik kapur ngan cikgu wan masa add math..
broken someone's heart : pernah sekali...balas dendam kat org tu...
fell off your chair : waktu sekolah rendah...
sat by the phone and waited for someone to call : yup...waktu kwn ngan somebody...

what is your room like : simple...ada bed je...ikut fengshui...takleh byk2 benda...
what's right beside you : assignment bebudak....
what is the last thing you ate : nasi goreng for bf...

ever had...
chicken pox : ada masa darjah 6...jangkit ngan abo...masa baby pun ada gak..
sore throat : kdg2...
stitches : ada kot tp dah hilang...
broken nose : never...

do you...
believe in love at first sight : nope...tipu je benda2 ni..
like picnics : maybe if with my family...
who was, were the last person you danced with : kaki bangku...
last made you smile : my lil' angel
you last yelled at : takde kot...

today did you..
talk to someone you like : my hubby...
kissed anyone : my hubby...
get sick : tak..
talk to an ex : gila apa...
miss someone : baby...ada kat kampung...
eat : just ate my bf...
best feeling in the world : no...hv a lot to do....
do you sleep with stuffed animals : no need...i hv bigger version of stuff animal...

what's under your bed : tak tgk...habuk baru sapu weekends lps...
who do you really hate : really hate tak hatelah jugak...
what time is it now : 0930

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1. 1st yr at uniten...
2. just got to know hubby...
3. jalan jauh gi kelas...
4. get to spend my time with Notorious X.I.S.
5. stay at ILSAS hostel...selalu takde air...

5 things on my to-do list today
1. finish marking assignment
2. finish marking quizzes
3. finishing up my paper
4. surfing
5. maybe games later....

5 snacks i enjoy
1. cakes from secret recipe/coffee bean
2. kuih lapis...mkn selapis-selapis
3. ice-cream
4. goreng pisang
5. keropok lekor

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire
1. buy better home..
2. settle my debt
3. travel around the world with my whole family
4. buy better car...BMW M5...
5. gi haji with my family...settle benda penting dulu....

5 of my bad habits
1. over-thinking...tu yg selalu kena migrain...
2. sometimes perfectionist
3. stress easily
4. garang...
5. once i hate somebody, it will be forever..( tp susah nk benci org)

5 places i have lived in
1. tmn bukit maluri
2. kuantan, pahang
3. uniten, bangi
4. nilai
5. mantin

5 people i'm tagging
-sorry, hv to broke this one rule...

Food makes me different from you...

I'm quite choosy and picky when it comes to food. My friends always said that I'm weird. For me, I do admit that I'm quite different to other people when it involves food.

I don't like fillings, any kind of fillings especially in local kuih, especially karipap or even tarts or pastries. I will only eat the pastries.

As for ABC, I only have mine served of ice, syrup and milk. I always asked for extra milk as I don't want the extra things. Cendol, it is served only with ice, coconut milk and syrup. No green stuff for me.

I only eat plain cakes. I love butter cakes and plain cheese cakes. I don't eat cakes with creams, nuts or any extra ingredient. I loves only Indulgence from Secret Recipe and Opera from Coffee Bean. Other than that, I don't eat it.

I never eat durian. However, the weird thing is I love tempoyak and can eat bubur durian, but only the kuah not the durian. Maybe because my mom is a perakian and my abah was from KL, so I got a mixed genes.

I only eat certain types of fish. I don't eat fish that is handsome (e.g. keli and haruan). Luckily, I gave birth using normal method, so I don't have to eat haruan. Because I hate the fish, I vow to deliver my future babies normally. I only eat fish from the sea, which are kembung, bawal and tenggiri. These are my favorites. As for non-sea fish, I only can eat talapia merah. Others than that is a serious no-no.

I also eat certain fruits only. I love apple, oranges and rambutan. As for rambutan, my mom and MIL will peel the fruits and keep the peeled ones in fridge for me. At home, hubby will do it for me.

I don't like western food. If I go to Chillis or TGI, I order burger or sandwich. I cannot eat large portion of beef or chicken.

I love rice. Any kind of rice, especially the fried one. Thats why I cannot diet like other people. Rice is something that I need everyday, at least once a day.

I only loves squid. I don't like other kind of seafood. Only squid and some type of fish. If people serve me prawn, I will only eat if hubby around. Because, he will peel the skin off for me. If not, no prawn for me. I also don't like crab as it is a waste. Expensive but little meat.

I loves mamak food. Maybe because abah introduced it to me since I was small. Especially nasi kandar line clear. Really heart for it...

Internet vs. LCD Tv

Yesterday, hubby asked me: "Which item do you like me to buy for the house?? Internet or LCD tv??

If for me, I would take the latter one, as I use Internet from 8 till 6 in the afternoon. Once I get back home, its all tv and family for me.

The cost for a month is similar. Internet you get almost anywhere, as for the TV, it a purchase that you will be really satisfied. You get to watch movies in larger screen and better viewing.

So, I hope you will make the right decision...

My BIGGEST purchase...

I've been thinking of buying a landed-property as the current one that we have is a pigeon-hole. Somewhere not on the ground, and up in the sky. At first, I think we could live in it until we grow older, until the time when Eya has married, that kind of storyline. But, seriously, I really need a proper home where all my children can play in their own yard.

Seriously, I don't think I could afford it. Our current financial standing is just nice, plus having a liability of need to pay for an apartment that we don't live in. Don't get me wrong. I love the apartment. Its hubby first purchase and we have been living in it for a few years. I do love it...

I just could not go to any show house because I feel sad that I could not buy my own house. Almost all the new house cost more than a quarter of a million.

Hubby kept asking me if we need to buy a new house. I said just go for it if you can find me a nice modern house, that has an installment less than 1.5k. Hubby knowing that I had give the green light, start looking for every house that he could searched for.

Then, he told me that there was a new house launching at Bangi. He said the design was something that he knew I would love. So, last weekend we went to see the show house and guess what, it was love at first sight.

The house has a modern design, not the normal square house you always see. It really something that I would fall for. We had a few chit chats with the agents, asking about the procedures everything, and thought we really have to buy the house.

I asked for mom's opinion a.k.a approval and she was okay with it. The booking cost was a lot as I'm not a government staff but I was determined to buy it. So, I put my thinking hat on and thought how to get the booking deposit. Luckily, I did managed to accumulate the sum needed.

As some of my friends said to me (even hubby), this was my first quick decision in making a mega purchase. They were really shocked. They told me that it was like buying a cookie.

So, the house has been booked and now, its time to find the bank loan. With hubby effort, we managed to get a best deal from a bank and now, I'm gathering all the documents needed.

BTW, the house will only be ready by mid-2010. I really need to be extra careful with my spending after this. But again, its something for my family. I really envy people with wealthy parents who can buy them everything, even a house. For me, I need to do it with my own hard-earned greens.

The 'kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang' phase had begin. Brace yourself....

A week in the new house...

Its been exactly a week after we moved. Everything has been settled including the drilling, nailing, hanging of pictures, etc.

Even Astro has been installed. The most important item in our household. The one that we couldn't live without. I even called Astro for several times as the smart card didn't arrived after 3-5 working days. We were so desperate to get Astro. On Tuesday, we called mom and luckily the card did arrive. Fuuuhh....what a relief....

As for cooking, I only managed to cook on the 4th day, as something was wrong with the gas cylinder. At first hubby thought it was the head of the gas but after we bought a new one, it was still leaking. So, the next step was to buy a new cylinder. Luckily, it was okay.

Previously, hubby did all the cookings but as he was tired driving around, I think this time its better for me to cook. Unless, I want him to cook something special for me. Yes, he is a better cook than me. I knew all the theory and can cook all the main dish but I hate cooking. Hubby loves cooking, so as a win-win situation, I prepare everything and he will do the cooking. See, how our partnership work out great.

Eya on the other hand, sleep with us. Sometimes, we put her to sleep on her mattress beside the bed but as we have a huge bed, the size was enough for the three of us. We want her to sleep on her own bed in her own room but we still do not have the courage to let her sleep on her own.

And as agreed with mom earlier, we will come home every weekend to accompany her. Along also is moving out. Kaklong had found someone to take care of Zidane.

Shopping at IKEA...

I had spent quite a lot of money for the moving process. It were for the deposit, lorry, and buying new items for the house.

As adik going to spend her Monday night at my home, we need to buy her a decent mattress. I got the bedframe for quite some time but until today, no mattress. So, it was among the important things to buy in our shopping list.

I also had to buy a new, small dining table as our previous one was quite large. We left it at our home and bought a new one from IKEA.

One could not go to IKEA and didn't buy all the small, cheap stuff. Every room, I bought a few stuffs and at the end, resulted in a lot of stuffs to be bought.

From my planned shopping list drafted earlier, the amount sky-rocketed to almost double the price. Luckily, I have some backup money to use. No more major shopping after this.

New Place to Call Home...

After the disclosure of our decision to mom, we had started the moving process. I took a leave just to pack all my stuff. Although, I had lived in the house for a few good years, our stuff was not that many. Me and hubby like minimalist design. It took us half a day to do all the packing up.

Last Saturday, we met the house owner together with the agent. They seemed like very nice people. The husband was around hubby's age and surprise, the wife is a TNB-ICT staff and she knew all my friends. Currently, she is on study-leave, doing her master at UPM.

The next day, hubby went to our home to move the packed stuff into our new rented house. We still use the same lorry, the one we used to move to our home few years back. Their service was quick and more importantly, cheap.

Next week, I'm going to take another leave as to tidy up the house and unpacking all my stuff.

COIT Family Day '08

It was hard for us to organize our own Family Day. The same issues arised and just to prove that we can have great time without them, we still proceed with the plan.

The COIT Family Day was organized at Desa Waterpark. Hubby didn't join us as he works on Saturday, so it were only me and Eya. Some of my colleagues brought their children and Eya had fun playing with them.

I went there with Masyu and arrived there around 9 a.m. Kak Hani and family was the first family to arrive. With our committee effort, we managed to buy great presents, fab door gift from Masyu and the committee and nice bf and lunch provided by the park.

As Eya went in, she saw the water and straight wanted to have a dip in it. She really loves water. Some thing that she did not inherit from me and hubby.

The others went to play the telematch games, while me, Eya, Kak Sherry and her baby stayed to play and at the same time, to guard the others stuffs. Eya played around 2 hours, till 11 a.m. and I thought she was exhausted. I was wrong. After she got her drinks, she still wanted to go in the water. I had to stop her as I afraid that she might get a fever as the sun was really hot.

I changed her and fed her lunch. The others got their present and the event was finished after that. We went back to Masyu's house, got changed and later hubby picked us up.

I think we need to bring her to Desa Waterpark again.

We're going to move...

Me and hubby think that this is the best decision. We need to move to somewhere nearer to our workplace. Thanks to Pak Lah and his people, which was among the reasons why I need to move.

The first thing that we have to be concern was mom's feelings. I could still remember the day when me and hubby wanted to move out to our own house. It was 6 years back, a few months after we'd married. She was so sad, devastated that she wouldn't talk to us for a few days, and that was when it just me and hubby. Now, with Eya, I really scared that she will be sad even more.

It took some courage for hubby to spill it out to her. Hubby told her our plan during our tea time at Coffee Bean last Sunday. Interestingly, she took the news calmly, but who knows, maybe inside her, Katrina typhoon was just starting. The words came out of her mouth was, 'Suka hati koranglah, dah besar, ada keluarga. Mak takleh nak halang'.

I told her not to worry as we will come home every week as Eya too will feel the lost. She has been surrounded by her aunts and uncles, opahs since her birth. Now, she will be living with her mama and ayah only. That will be a new environment for her.

Back to why I need to move. First, as everybody else, it was the hike in fuel prices. Every month, I spend at least RM400 on fuel alone. I travel to and fro every day about 100km. Now, with fuel being at RM2.70 per litre, I will spend more than that. I really couldn't afford that.

Next reason. Hubby always go for outstation at least once in every 2 weeks. I need to arrange my transport with abo every time. I'm lucky if abo can drive me back from home, else, I need to drive alone in the heavy traffic jam from Bangi to Kepong. So, being nearer to office, I can drive on my own or if hubby drives the car, I can go to work with my friends.

I also need to raise my daughter on my own, without intervention from others. She is growing and she really need to know her limits. Its not that living with your family, you could not raise your daughter properly. Its just being the first grandaughter, niece in the family, she tend to be spoiled by everybody.

I also need to have some privacy with hubby, which sometimes hard to find if you live with all of your siblings. Hubby also need to take charge sometimes.

Being a very calculative person, I think I can save some money by living nearer to my office. No more tolls, less fuel consumption and more family time for the three of us.

To my family, I love all of you and don't think that I'm moving out just because I don't like your company. To mom, don't worry. I'll be back every week so Eya can hang out with her opah.

My First Nephew...

-Zid, My First Nephew-

Kaklong safely delivered her first child this morning by caesarean at around 9.30 a.m in Assunta Hospital. Along didn't went in as Dr Menon was not comfortable having the husband during the operation. Dr Menon was also my gynae during my pregnancy, but Eya was delivered by Dr Liew as he was in Australia for a vacation. Zid also has the same paed as Eya, Dr Mary.

The baby was named Shafique Zidane. His name begin with 's' as Kaklong name also begin with 's' and along's name begin with 'z'. Zidane was given by adik.

His weight was 3.3 kg, a little bit smaller than Eya during birth but I bet he must be chubby as he grows. Just look at both side of the family.

Eya must have felt a little bit inferior as everyone gave zid their full attention. She is now called yong, following the Perak tradition, Yong for the first daughter in the family.

We still didnt decide on what to call him yet. Adik will decide on that. For now, he is called boog. Why? We just wacthed Open Season and the main character in it was so cute. Boog was his name.

Counting the hours...

My SIL was admitted to hospital last Sunday as her water broke. Not that kind of broke that its time to deliver but just an early warning.

She is expected to deliver tomorrow by caesarean, at almost 38 weeks of pregnancy. She will have to deliver by caesar as the baby is not coming down and the amniotic fluid is decreasing.

Today, she will start fasting for the operation tomorrow, at 8 a.m. I don't know how long a caesar ops take but I really hope it will finish quick. I couldn't wait to see my first nephew.

Why the anxiety? Its my first nephew unlike my other siblings who have Eya as their first niece. This will be their second. Its great that my along first child is a boy. By tomorrow, my mom will has a pair of grandchildren, a girl and a boy.

Maybe I have to take a day leave just to witness the birth of my first nephew. Couldn't wait...

BTW, we have already call him 'zid'. The full name will have to wait until tomorrow.

Help me...

I don't have the ability to reveal everything in this blog. Why the title? I'm so stressed out.

Its not because of my work, my 2 beloved but something else.

I have found the solution but I don't know whether is the correct decision.

I broke down in tears just thinking about it. I don't have enough patience to deal with it. It can cause me to hurt everything near me.

Abang, I hope we had made the correct decision.

I just want to apologize to anyone who think that I've hurt their feelings.

I'm really sorry...

Its All About Love

free download

I've learned about this music video from Vern's website.

I really fell in love with it when I watched the clip. It was started by Pete Teo, who later invited all his fellow artistes friends, who contributed their voices, skills and time to do this video.

I simply loves the fact that the contributors came from diverse background, which shows how united Malaysian is.

I love the video for having all my fav M'sia artiste.

Thanks you guys for creating the best video ever.

p/s: Support their effort by clicking the link above to download the video.

What can Eya do now??

My lil angel is growing and its hard to track her new development. Before she was born, I bought a baby diary to monitor her progress but I only used the book until she was a few months old. With the existence of blog, it is easier for me to write about her development in this blog of mine.

For now, she is almost 2 years old. She has a few months left before she reach her '2' digit.

She is very talkative. She can mimic what other people say. So, now we have to be very careful on what we are saying. She can say her own name, as well as a few other words that my family usually use.

She also call her acu by adek (my youngest sister). Her acu is trying so hard to get her to pronounce acu. Sometimes she call her de-de(ayah-de) with his name, abo. She tend to call them by their name as other family members call adek and abo (their names).

I tried to wean her off her 'mak' ( this is what she called her 'pacifier). By now, she is okay without her mak but when she wants to sleep, she need to have it. Still have to work on that one.

We called her 'Duracell Bunny' as she never stop playing. I don't know where she got the extra energy to play non-stop. (Mom, stop worrying as why she couldn't be more tembam)

She loves shopping more than I do. And worse, she know where the cashier is. When we go to a shop, she will pick her own item (she just know that its meant for children), and carry the item to the cashier. She will do this every time we go to departmental store.

She called her shoes 'ko-ko. Why ko-ko? It meant for her crocs. She doesnt know how to pronounce crocs, and ko-ko just come out of her mouth. Now, for every shoes she has, she call them ko-ko. For other people shoes, she call 'ke-ke'.

Everytime someone open their laptop, she will ask for 'pooh-pooh'. That means she want that person to open the official disney winnie the pooh website.

Loves book so much. Any kind of book. She can pretend to read it for a long time. And, she also loves to write. Now, I have to find the replacement for her washable magic pen.

And last, she loves advertisement with kids in it. She will stop doing whatever her doing, when she hear kids voices in the advertisement.

My 1st Tag...

I've never been tagged before and this is my first tag. I do it as the tag came from my sis, else, I would just ignore it. Its also a simple way for me to write as the blog was empty for quite a long time. So, this is it...


1) Love Winnie the Pooh so much (now Eya inherits it)
2) Quite an organized person
3) Love Arale Norimaki so much and also Dr Slump characters
4) Love reading chick-lits
5) Has to eat rice-based food at least once a day
6) Loves movie but has cut down due to Eya
7) Loves travelling, even going to somewhere near its okay for me...


1) Clown
2) Dark
3) Water (a big mass of water, e.g. ocean, river, etc.)
4) Losing my hubby and angel
5) Ghost or any supernatural thingie
6) Jobless a.k.a. no money to spend
7) Tight spaces (I'm a claustrophobic)


1) Ayu - Sampai bila
2) N Sync -Lions Sleep Tonight
3) Eagles - Hotel California
4) Il Divo - Unbreak My Heart
5) Matta Band - Ketahuan
6) The Rock - Munajat Cinta
Aizat - Hanya kau yang mampu


1) Thanks
2) Ye ke
3) Bye
4) Bu Bu (for Eya)
5) OK
6) jap ye
7) yek


1) my hubby
2) my angel
3) yours truly

4) my mom, siblings (family)
5) my bangle collection
6) my memories with abang for the whole 9 years and still counting
7) all of my items, including clothes, novel, etc.


1) leave in foreign country
2) resign from my 1st job
3) study for my master
4) being a wife to my beloved abang
5) being a mom
6) went to my dream destination
went back to M'sia on my own (transit somewhere)


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Happy Mother's Day, Mak....

For every mother's day, I will treat my mom for a lunch. I only buy her present for her birthday. That is my tradition since I started working.

This year as all my siblings are around, we decided to treat mom for lunch together, meaning everybody will share to pay for the lunch.

I suggested to have the lunch at Waroeng Penyet but the menu was mainly rice-based. Then, at the last minute, we decided to got to Naili's Uptown. I even browsed thru their menu at their website and had decided on what me and hubby going to eat the next day.

On that day, when we arrived at Naili's, it seemed it had been closed and being replaced by a new restaurant. I didn't know what happened to Nailis, maybe it had gone bankrupt or maybe they couldn't stand the competition in Uptown. So, adhoc decision was to go to Curve and simply chose any restaurant.

Once there, we chose to have our mother's day lunch at Vivo. The menu was so vast, and we had trouble choosing our food and drinks.

-My adik and mom...-

For mom, Happy Mother's Day. You are the best mom ever. Thanks for everything you have done for me. Everything that I do in my life is dedicated for you, mom....

Makan Besar @ Klang

My lil sis just got a scholarship for her degree studies and decided to treat the family for a makan besar. As our nucleus family is quite big, the most economical treat will be seafood.

I helped her to find the place and after a few searches on the Internet and suggestion from hubby, we decided to go to Muara Ikan bakar at Klang. As the place was known for its crowd, and we supposed to go a day before the labour day, I asked hubby to book a place.

I went there with Cu and his family, as it took ages if I had to go back home first. The journey to Klang was a terrible one, as the traffic jam started from Federal Highway. We managed to arrive there on time (afraid our booked place would be given to another person).

I ordered all the main item as adik was not that familiar with ordering food. (As usual, the elder sis had to do everything). I ordered 3 portions, as we occupied 3 tables. The usual item for seafood restaurants was ordered. It includes fish (siakap and kerapu), prawns, squid (my fav), tomyam for my maksu and all the side dishes.

The service was quick, as it was a working day and it was not that crowded. We had the longest table that night. A family came in later and asked about their reserved table. They kept staring at our table and making (angry) stupid faces, as if we had took their table.

When I arrived and asked about our reservation, the waitress simply said,"Its Mr Rizal's, right?". Yes, hubby was the only person reserved for that night and that family can simply thought that we stole their table. And another family, came to our table and waited for us to leave the table as we got the longest and comfortable table.

The most surprising thing that night was all of my siblings including my 2 cousins were wearing black t-shirt. It was noticed by my mom. And, we never agree on wearing the same color.

To adik, thanks for the treat. Couldn't wait for the time when you get your first paycheck.....

All of us are SICK...

I was the first one to get the fever. It was for 2 days. Then, hubby and mom were the next one to get it. The fever was a kind of fever that was on-off for a few days. Mom and hubby got better only after a week. And Eya was the last one to get it. And until today, she is not totally well. Luckily, she didn't got her bronchitis this time or else she will vomit several times a day.

It was viral fever that all of us got. At first, we all feared that hubby and mom got dengue fever but after blood test was done, they were cleared. Hubby was supposed to be admitted to hospital but as I couldn't manage with Eya being sick alone at home, mom who was also sick, hubby asked the doctor to stay at home. The doctor advised him to get another blood test just to rule out that he was totally clear from the dengue fever.

As I was the first one to get better, I had to sacrificed a few days of my annual leave for emergency leave. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I still have a few days left for hari raya leave.

A harness for her...

I once said to myself, if I have a baby, I would wear her with a harness everytime we go out. Before this, I never see any baby strap with a harness but now, I think it is normal to see baby in them.

Once Eya has mastered the art of walking, it is time to buy her a harness. I saw one in Mothercare and it cost RM49. As I like to have a few choices, I went to a few local baby stores and they didn't sell it. Maybe there are no demands for this kind of stuff.

Then, I ask hubby to bring me to Desapark City to find for a harness. Luckily the Chubby Chubby store stock a few harness. The Chicco was a bit short and kind of dragging the baby when she walk. The Gold Bug harness is the one with a animal bagpack but as Eya doesn't like anything on her back, I couldn't buy her that one. Lastly, the one that we chose are a brand from Taiwan, Farlin, which is quite ok for us. The wrist strap for the holder is quite long, so the baby can walk a little far without being dragged by the holder.

I know some parent hate to see baby in harness but looking at our condition today, its better safe than sorry. Even my MIL reminded us to get a harness for Eya once she can walk. Some said its look like you dragging your baby like dog but that not the case. Just imagine if your child is lost in a mall or stranger take your child, if she is strap, she will surely be with you.

I tested the strap on her last night and she felt okay with it.

I also fell in love with the new Croc sandal in the store but as Eya already got 1 Croc, I think the 2nd pair will be bought when she need a bigger size.

My New Addiction

Eya's has changed her diaper brand quite a few times. During my pregnancy, I bought a few brand just to try them out. Some of the brands that I bought and my reviews of them are:

  • Mamy Poko: too costly
  • Pampers: clump easily
  • Drypers: leaking
  • Huggies Dry Comfort: clump
  • Pureen: Best used for the 1st 6 months
  • Huggies: Brand that I used until now
As I surf the net everyday, I always searching for baby's product when one day, I found out about a website that sell cloth diaper.

What is cloth diaper?

It work just like disposable diaper but you don't dispose it. Instead, you wash it and use it again. The downside of using CD is the first investment is quite high. Average price for a CD is around RM60. Just imagine if you have to buy 3 or even 5 of it. The cost may seem quite high compared to buying disposable. But in the long run, it is cheaper and more economical to use CD. It is cheaper if you use it quite early compared to me who discovered it after Eya is almost 2 years old.

Unlike disposable, you have to wash it, which may seem a lot of work to some mommies. Using dispo, you only throw it.

I have quite a stash now. I got 11 CD, with various brands and inserts to go with the CD. I have one size diaper, L-sized for my pocket diaper, All-in-One or fitted diapers. Currently, I have Drybees, Wahmies, Kissaluv , Happy Heiny's and Bumwear. Mom prefer to use the pocket diaper on Eya compared to fitted diaper. Which one I like the most? It have to be the Drybees as it got various color and patterns to choose from.

As Eya is almost 2 yrs old, I may stop buying it as Eya going to be potty-trained soon. Unlike mommies who have babies, then, you may need to buy more than me. Actually, I do want to buy more but mom prevent me from buying it. She said the stash that I got now is more than enough.

For nursery, I still supply them with Huggies Dry as it will be a lot of work for them. My last purchase of Huggies is 3 months ago. Now, I've no longer have to wait for Huggies pomotion.

Eya @ 18 months

I didn't post any recent updates of Eya's development. So, here is a list of things what my lil' angel can do now.

  • Walked full-time now, she even forget how to 'ngesot'
  • Still have 11 teeth, no new teeth appear yet
  • So 'manja' with her ayah. Everytime she cries, she call for her ayah
  • Her ayah need to scratch her back everytime she wants to sleep. (Padan muka, tulah ajar princess awak tu lagi)
  • Can call 'de-de' (ayah-de) and be-be for her ateh
  • Really loves shopping (know how to choose her own stuff)
  • We notice that she is a bit 'penakut'. Have to sleep with lights on; if go back to Taiping, she has to sleep between me and hubby; afraid of big doll (Mr Sly) and even little Slimer
  • Very stubborn.
  • Finish taking all the immunisation dose. The next one will be during her Standard 6.
  • Loves eating 'telur dadar'
  • A little allergic to chicken

My car is sick...

After the accident, which caused dent to my bumper, my car can only takes max of 4 people. If more, the car body will produce a sound like it was 'tersagat'.

At first, I thought it was the absorber, so hubby said we will go and replace it with new ones, if it really serious. I've asked the price of an absorber, and for my car, it cost RM175 each.

Need to collect money for a pair then.

Need to find a workshop to have a look at the problem.

Stupid man who hit my car.

Attack of the AL's clan...

I've learned to eat sandwich during my study. Why? Because I couldn't find any nasi campur gerai or nasi bungkus at that area.

So, once here, I continue my love for sandwich. Not the regular 2 slice of bread, egg or jam but real sandwich with beef, chicken or turkey. But for me, I only could eat beef filling.

Which sandwich I like? I love sandwich from Subway, Tony Roma or O'Brien. They have nice sandwiches.

One Friday afternoon, I simply asked my family if they wanted to try eating sandwiches for dinner. As my family is food lovers, they agreed.

So, all of us went to Subway @ KJ and had sandwich for our dinner. The guys ordered 1-foot long but for the girls, we only ate the 6'.

Adib and Yop also followed us and that were their first time eating at Subway.

After the dinner, my baby who like to make new friends, who had just learn to walk, went to a table of a family with 3 boys. All of us were shocked to see Eya was so brave and went straight to the table. Even the boy's mom were laughing and shocked to see Eya coming to their table.

I really have to keep a close eye on her as she is walking full-time now.

Girl's Day Out...

All the guys in the house, hubby, along and abo accompanied Cu to Selama to help my 3rd cousin (I think so) for his campaign.

So, only the girls was at home. After mom and I cast our votes in the morning, I decided to go to One Utama.

Once there, we had our breakfast at Sri Melaka as mom wanted to eat rice for brunch. All of us ordered 'nasi goreng'. After the brunch, we went for window shopping. What else can girls do??

It seemed that there were a few sales going on. I decided not to buy anything for Eya as I had bought her pants and shirt the day before. Nini and mom were the ones who bought the most item that day.

As for Eya, she got a pair of pink Crocs from her ateh. She was quite a good shopper. She sat on the bench, and the amoi handed her a few crocs with different colors. She would tried a pair and then open it, and tried another pair. At the end, she ended up with two colors, pink and light green. She made her choice and chose the pink one.

As we went quite early, Eya got the chance to try her new walking skills, assisted by her Ateh. She seemed so cute wearing her new pants and walked around OU.

We spent 5 hours in OU that day. Just window shopping and lepaking.

The funniest thing that happened that day was:

The three of us, bought the Big Apple Donuts. After we paid for the donuts, we went to the bench where mom and Eya sat. Eya pulled my hands and dragged me to the Big Apple shop. Once there, she pointed to the donuts display, acting like she wanted to choose her own donuts. After that, she dragged me to the donut display. Then, I knew that she copied what my mom did. Choosing her own donuts, then paid for the donuts. All of us had a big laugh.

Eya also missed her ayah so much during the weekend. Every time, our phone rings, she would asked if the person was her ayah. And, when she got to talk to her ayah, she sounded so sad. I never know that she could miss her ayah so bad.

My First Vote...

This was the first time I helped to select my government. I registered as a voter a few months back but never expect the election day going to be held so fast.

I was registered as a voter in the Parlimentary seat of Segambut, witnessing 2 parties, BN and DAP fight for the parliament seat. Last term, the seat was held by the BN party but this year the result was a little bit different.

As I live in a Chinese majority area, most of the voter that I saw that morning was 95% Chinese. I don't know where are other Malay people. Maybe they were still asleep.

My mom cast her votes at Saluran 1, the ground floor while I at Saluran 9, the 3rd floor. My saluran was crowded and the queue was long. I had to wait for at least half an hour before I could cast my votes. I really wanted to take some pics but as they were a few police at the voting room, I wouldn't take any chances to be scolded by the police. I didn't know whether we could take pictures or not.

I went in, gave my I.C., and then got the orange paper and straight put a cross in it. I had made up my mind long before the election.

I waited for the result for the PRU12, and the result was very good. It seems I had used my votes well.

All 3 of us (mom went to Pulau Tioman that night), watched the PRU12 result on the tv but all the result were from Sabah, Sarawak and Melaka.

Nana who had a usb-modem, went to a website, we may called it M website. On the site, it display all the latest result for the hot seats. We were shocked to learn that Nurul Izzah had won the Lembah Pantai seat. Seriously, we couldn't see that coming. Shahrizat is a good politician to me and I never doubt that she would win the seat. For other seats, I prayed that all the candidates lose and it came true. And there were also some who played dirty tricks and used all the 'undi pos' to win their seats. 'Takkanlah mula2 beza 100, tiba2 kira 2-3 kali, boleh beza ribu-riban. Nampak sangat menipunya. Takkanlah orang SPR tak reti kira.'

The people has spoken. I laughed at all the gimmicks they tried to show in tv or paper. Pleaselah, suma orang bukan bodoh lagi. People are cleverer now, they don't simply take in all they hear or see from the media controlled by the government.

Good luck for the 5 new states, do your best so you can still win in the next 5 years.

To the almost 2/3 rd majority winner, learn from this election result and please hear what the people want from you.

Alin + Rithuan Wedding

Alin is a member of the Tupai's group while I was in another group. She was supposed to get married on 8th of March but had to postpone due to the 12th Election.

Her wedding was in Bangi, and I went there with Nurul. I went alone as hubby was not feeling that well that day.

As her parents worked with RTM, the deejay for the day was a little bit different. They even have lucky draw kind of quiz, where if you brought an orange, you got a hamper. You even can dedicate songs and they djs went around to interview the guests. It was a bit entertaining.

To Alin n Rithuan, 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' from me, hubby and Eya.

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