Supper at Little White Cafe...

Sometimes, after dinner, I had the urge to eat something sweet. The easiest dessert will be a short trip to McD drive-through or according to Eya, the 'tingkap'. For the past few weeks, we will have that short trip almost to 2-3 times a week. Nothing fancy, just a sundae cone ice cream for the 3 of us.

Eya was given the green light a few weeks ago to eat ice-cream since my mom said the creamy kind of ice cream is ok. According to our own paed, if a child has a fever, give them ice cream. Not the iced one but the creamy kind.

So feeling a little bored with the same ice cream, we chose to recce Little White Cafe, just opened beside Amani Hotel. What attract us to the shop was its lovely decor.

We looked at the food they displayed outside, and at first glance, the price was quite expensive. So, we thought maybe the rest of the menu are ok, so we decided to give it a try.

When we browsed through the menu, everything were expensive. The menu was quite simple but the beverage choices was limited. All three of us except Eya ordered a slice of cake. I ordered the Red Velvet cake, which was priced at RM 13.90. I assumed the cake will be super marvelous due to its price but I was so wrong. The cake was just ok, not that fluffy or moist. A little hard, I might say.

The Red Velvet
The Choc Fudge...

Taste Rest has better version, according to hubby...
Abang ordered carrot cake, but he said the one at Taste Restaurant tasted better. Eya had cupcake which was quite hard, and priced at RM 4.80. Only abang ordered drinks, which supposed to be freshly squeezed orange juice, but when it was delivered to our table, the drinks came in shotglass size. Guess how much was it? The price is RM 5.00.

The so-expensive drink...
 The owner came to our table to ask why we didn't ordered more drinks, but thinking of ordering any more will cause more holes in our wallet, we decided not too. Me and adik stopped at 7-E at Shell just to buy our drinks.

Overall, I would say that the place is nice and suitable if you are on a date. If you have a family, I think it would be better if we dine somewhere else. The menu is great if you can offer it in lower price.

For me, I wouldn't dare to go there again as the price is too much for me. I'm willing to buy Secret Recipe as I can buy 2 slices with the price of their cake.

p/s: This is my opinion and if anyone feel offended or do not agree with it, I'm sorry.

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