7th Anniversary

Yes, we have been married for 7 years. Time flies so fast.

So, this year, we decided to celebrate it at our favourite destination, Penang at Hard Rock Hotel, which is also our obsession. We booked the hotel quite early as the earlier you book, the cheaper you get. As our anniversary is almost end of year, most hotels will have peak rates. So, to cut cost, we decided to celebrate it a week earlier.

I booked the opening rate promotion, and it is still cheaper than the promotion rate. We also got a framed CD as complimentary gift, saying that we are the 3271 visitor to Hard Rock Hotel Penang. The frame was quite big, which why I love it so much. We're going to hang it beside our shot glass collection of HRC.

The hotel is located at the end of Batu Ferringhi, after Rasa Sayang. The moment we laid eyes on the hotel, we fell in love with it. It looks marvellous and amazing.

I never expect the hotel to be crammed up with people. The lobby is next to the swimming pool, so everybody hang out at the lobby. Once you checked in, you will be given 2 complimentary drinks, which I never experienced before.

I also notice that their staff wears shirt, bermuda or even crocs. I hate them for having such a cosy, relaxing working environment.

The hotel look brand new and you can feel the HRC aura anywhere in the hotel. We got a room facing the sea, which is a gift for us since we booked the one without the seaview. We were given a seaview deluxe, which was supposed to be more expensive. An unexoected gift for our anniversary, I presume.

The hotel furnishing is simple. I expected the bedspread to have the HRC logo but it was plain white. The room is equipped with iPod docking station, DVD player and a LCD tv. We even can enjoy the live band from Hard Rock Cafe directly from our room. Everything about the room was nice for me. I love the bathroom so much, which features an opened or closed bathroom wall.

The swimming pool is like a waterpark. You have slides, water gun, etc. Eya loves the swimming pool. She even can play with the sand beside the swimming pool.

As it was our annual trip to Penang, we didn't forget to have our usual dose of nasi kandar Line Clear. The moment we reached Penang, we went to have our nasi kandaq before we checked-in to our hotel.  Some people doesn't really knows how to enjoy  it. There were 2 couples beside us and it seem they were new to it. They ordered everything from ayam goreng, squid, prawn and the guys could not even finish his rice as he couldn't stand the spiciness of the curry. Hubby laughed at it since Eya can eat the curry chicken.

However, when we had dinner with hubby's friend, he told us that nasi kandaq beratoq was much better than line clear.We went to look for it and its fit its name, nasi kandaq beratoq. There was a loooong queue for it and it opened everyday at 10 p.m. Next time we going to Penang, this nasi kandaq will be our top priority and hubby has to be the one queuing up.

So, to hubby, I love you so much and thanks for sharing your life with me....

Eya has passed the night-train test....

Yayyyy....We can save a lot now. Thats not quite a true statement. It just cut some of our major expenses in a month. So, now, I can use the money to spend on something else. Hehehe...

As in previous entry, she is diaperless in the day and only wear it during her sleep. After a few days the entry being wrote, she is now TOTALLY DIAPERLESS. Hooraayy for the three of us.

The chronology on how we started night-training her.

1st Day:
We asked her to wee-wee before she went to sleep. Later, we woke her up at 6 a.m., after the Subuh prayer. So, day 1 went smoothly.

2nd Day:
It was an accident. Hubby forgot to put the huggies on. He realised that she was diaperless in the morning. Pure luck.

3rd Day:
Again, asked her to wee-wee before sleep and again success.

So, the 4th day and counting, we did the same steps and she managed to be dry until morning.

We are a very proud parents of her. She is fully-trained at 3 years and 2 months old. Way to go, Eya!!!

Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

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Arale's Wishlist

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