Aleya's third admission...

Last month, Eya was admitted to hospital due to rotavirus. Just 2 weeks ago, she was admitted again due to high fever.

On that particular Thursday, she told me she had a fever. I thought she was lying and just making excuses not to go to school. So, I asked hubby to check her temp using the digital thermometer and it turned out that she was not lying. Her temperature was 39.5.

I asked hubby to take care of her while I went to work. Exactly at 5.15 p.m., I clocked out and rushed home. She was asleep at that time, so I packed all her belongings and mine.Hubby told me that her temperature was still high, although she ate the medicine form a clinic that morning. We were worried if Eya's fever reach 38 or more as it may cause fit or a very high fever. So,  thats why we resort in going to Assunta.

We rushed to Assunta, taking all the shortcuts. The doctor took nasal swab, to check for H1N1 and also a blood test.

As her temperature was very high, 40, I agreed when the doctor suggested she should be admitted. This time,  the admission process went smoothly.

So, after 2 blood test and 2 urine test, she was diagnosed of having UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). I wondered how a small kid could get UTI, so I googled it. I found out kids that like to hold their pee, is likely to get UTI.

She was released after 3 days in the hospital but for a few days, she was very restless. I left her with my mom but I didn't know why, she refused to stay with her opah. She refused to eat and only drank water and milk for the 2 days she was with my mom. Me and hubby decided to take her back and hubby need to leave her with mom for the 2 days while we are at work.

So, the followup after she was discharged was done yesterday. She need to take an ultrasound test to check her kidney and another urine test. As for the kidney, everything looks normal but her urine was still dirty.

 Eya waiting for the radiologist to start the ultrasound test.

Dr Mary decided to do a culture test for the urine to check for any growth. She supposed to call me today but until now, still no call. I assumed everything is fine then.

Research Assistant opportunity

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