What Shopping for Eya means??

Every time I got my salary, the only thing I can think about is to get Eya some new clothes. The first time I started shopping for baby's clothes, I was so shocked to find out that their clothes is more expensive than ours, the adults. Even a simple t-shirt can cost from RM15 and it can be until RM50. I wondered why is the price so damn expensive as the material is less than ours. Now, Eya is 4 months old at the weight of almost 7 kg. She now wears 2-3 years old cloth. Almost 3/4 of her baby clothes has already been stored in a box. Even, the 2-3 years old cloth is just nice with her in sense of how the cloth fits her body. Some of the clothes are quite long for her but it fit her nicely as she has the same big, round tummy as her ayah.Also, now I can take her shopping without any screaming . Last weekend, I took her to Sogo to buy some skirt/dress for her. The shopping only last for about an hour. I did my shopping quite fast nowadays as I don't want to risk her screaming at the middle of the mall. I managed to buy 3 skirts+shirts for her.

The Hunt of Nasi Kandar

I admit that I am a 'nasi kandar' addict. Even before I knew I was pregnant with Eya, the first thing that I really want at that time was 'nasi kandar'.I learned to eat the famous Penang dish through my hubby. He is a northern man and when we were a couple back then, he introduced me to 'nasi kandar'. I like to eat at mamak stall/restaurant but in the early days, I prefer 'maggi goreng', which until now is among my favourite dish.So, back to the hunt story. We decided to go to Penang to eat 'nasi kandar' at Line Clear, somewhere near Chowrasta. We went back to Taiping, hubby hometown for the Raya Haji and planned to go to Penang on Wednesday. I had waited for almost a year to eat it and really looking forward to it. It was also Eya's first trip to her Opah Tepen home. She was cranky and moody during her stay there. It must be due the new places. The plan was ruined as we could not leave her with my MIL.To make up for the ruined plan, my mom told me that there is a good restaurant selling nasi kandar at Jalan T.A.R. It is somewhere near the carpet shop. My first impression was the nasi kandar must be good since the restaurant looked kind of old skool. I ordered nasi kandar with chicken. When the dish came, I was so frustrated that it didn't look as what I had expected. The rice was not 'banjir' (flooded with curries), the chicken was not fried but it was 'ayam kicap' and it does not give any vege to go with the rice. Instead, they put slices of cucumber with sambal belacan and the rice was dry. However, the price was okay, not so expensive like Pelita or Kayu, who claimed they have the best nasi kandar.I don't know about you guys but for me 'nasi kandar' specialty lies in the way the mamak pour and mix all the curries on your rice. Posh restaurant allows you to pour the curries yourself, which is not the best method to eat 'nasi kandar'. For me, the ultimate best place for 'nasi kandar' will always be Line Clear.

Family Time Out..

Adik bought RISK board game as a present to her abang. They started to play it at 5.30 pm and ended the game right at 12 p.m. The game objective is to conquer the world using your armies.

There were 4 conquerors, Along, Abo, Adik and hubby. All four of them were great in their strategies and war techniques but Along and hubby were the top players. It was because they had good dices. Everytime they would get a 6. However, Adik was a really hard to defeat conqueror. Although, she only has 4 territories left with several armies, she still can played it to the end.

The results:

  • Along was the winner as we had to stop at 12 p.m. (everybody need to sleep as tomorrow is working day).
  • Abo conquered most of Europe
  • Hubby at first conquered whole Asia and Australasia continents but lost most of them to Along (he was tired and want to kill his army a.s.a.p)
  • Nini was left with 4 territories
p/s: Sorry! The pic was quite dark

Eya's New Habit

Eya turned 3 month last Sunday, 24th Dec. What I noticed from her was when she growing a month older, her attitude will change. For the 3rd month, she like to be fed using bottles. However, it is only when she is going to sleep. For other time, it will still be the natural method.She also start to throw tantrum. When she want something, she must get it by every way possible. If not, she will scream her heart out. I don't know what it will be if she starts talking. It is a possibility that I fight with her. It is so not like me when I was small. Mom thought she follow her grandad attitude ('perengus'). She also like to go for window shopping or just a stroll inside the car (BTW,This is my attitude when I was small). She will sit on my lap and behaving like an adult. Watching outside the window and talking to herself. She also quite a little talker. Like to talk a lot. Now, every member of the house need to spend some time in a day to talk to her. Couldn't wait for the day when she say the word 'mama'.

Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

Everything that Arale write in here is for her own eye's only and anybody who is interested. If you don't like what you see/watch/read here, please leave the blog as fast as you can.

Arale's Wishlist

  • Lancer Sportback or BMW 1 series
  • More vacation trips...
  • Reno works for GH
  • Trip to USS or Disneyland HK