Where are you, precious time???

My office is somehow divided into a few classes/categories. For me, I can call it

  • The toppie (which can be divided into a few sub-class)
  • The Pahat
  • The MIA
  • The gen-y
The toppie: I really idolize several of them. They are the true leaders and there is also some people who are leaders but don't know how to lead

The Pahat: These category is the set of people who are too busy with themselves. Anything they do, is for themselves not anybody else

The MIA: A set of people who is working in my office but nowhere to be seen. Sometimes, I wonder do they really work here???

The gen-y: Young execs who is in every committee, every event, almost anything my office does. But this doesn't mean that they are hungry or power-obsessed. It just that they are the only one available, not selfish, sacrificing for the office, and for me, they are the best employee someone could hired. You guys rocks!!!

I wouldn't say in which category I belong but it is really tired and stressful to be in that category.

In the earlier days, I could come to work, prepare my work stuff and really concentrate on my work. Now, it seems that I have a few extra sets of hand.

Every morning, after I clock-in, I would have my breakfast, and after that, its all work. I'm not saying that I am really a good, dedicated, hardworking staff but really its all work. Now, I even need to bring my work home and its really not me. I'm the type of people that work only during office time and once I reach home, its all hubby and Eya for me. (especially after I got Eya)

And in Malaysia, the working culture is very stressful. Back in UK, the people there only work until 5. How do I know this? Because I once worked in a UK office and 5 sharp, everybody will leave the office. They said that they are only paid until 5. After 5 and weekends, everything is dedicated for family time. And still, they are doing well in their job.

Hubby who once worked for a private company, had to resign because of the stress. I was pregnant at that time, and we leave in M****n. Hubby had to clock-out sharp at 5.30 as he was travelling using monorel and STAR. You can imagine how crowded these transport at peak time. He would arrived here around 7 and arrived home around 8 p.m.

He said the other staffs would stay late up until 10 and he felt ashamed of leaving the office early. But in my opinion, if you are a great worker, you will knows how to divide your time and still do your work great, without having to sacrifice more time. And if you are exec, doing work with extra time, you would not get more pay, so better do your work during office hour.

Now, I don't even have time for my main work and its really affecting me. I'm used to finish all my main work in time and now, some of it are postponed because of other work.

Its not good for me to be too stressful as it gonna effect my health and its already showing. I think my period got haywired because of the stress and its so sad as I got Eya after a few month of non-stress. Lambatlah Eya nak dapat adik camni...

Luckily, all my team-mates, leaders, committee members are great. It really helps when you have good, motivating, can-rely-on, helpful team members. Really owe it to you guys...

Note: This is another note of a stressful-hard day. No offense to anybody, dead or alive.

Dinner at Santai

I don't know why but a lot of our favorites restaurant have been eliminated from our list. They used to be fast in service, nice food, good prices, etc but now everything are different.

Now, to eat, I had to go surfing to check for reviews on restaurant. Where would I check for review? It had to be masak-masak.blogspot.com. That was how I find Santai restaurant at TTDI. They are the parent company for D'Santai in Tesco, Mutiara Damansara.

The food here are nice, it looks exactly what you saw on food review website. The service was really quick and the price is quite ok. The portion of the dish was quite generous, not too much accessories like what we usually have in normal tomyam restaurant.

The first thing I would like to try was the Santai ABC. It was totally awesome. I can said that all the food and drinks was marvellous.

The total amount for 5 persons was about RM50++. It was quite cheap for me. So, I think we have a new restaurant to be added to my list.

p/s: The food pics was courtesy of my lil sis. She is a good photographer.

Love the parking...

When I was dating hubby, we used to go to Sunway Pyramid for movies or shopping. Now, as we got MV and OU, which is nearer, we don't go to Sunway anymore until last week.

The moment I entered Sunway parking, I was so impressed. I read somewhere in the paper that Sunway spent million to upgrade their parking lot. Although, parking like The Curve can display number of parking available, Sunway is better than them.

They can show which parking spot is available together with the number of parking spot left. At every parking spot, at the top of it, they have a lamp. If the lamp is green, that mean the spot is empty and if it is red, there is a car parked there.

Although the car park was full, based on the help by the lamp, we managed to find an empty spot within a few minutes. It was so easy using the system. Hope OU can buy the system a.s.a.p.

Simply loves the technology...

Our own weekend together...

This week nobody was at home except for the three of us. Mom and adik went to send Bibik home. Bibik was the 2nd maid cu had and she had spent the last 2 years taking care of cu's family. She was afraid to take the flight so she decided to take the ferry's home. Abo went to PD for his class reunion.

How we spent the weekend? As usual, we purchased our DVD stocks from our dealer in SS2. So, we had 6 dvds to be watched.

Friday night, hubby and me watched Cloverfield but me as usual, would fall asleep in the middle of the movie.

Saturday, we went to have a heavy breakfast. Hubby went to work and later, we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid to have our dinner. We really regretted going to Nando's as the meal was really pricey. I expected with a price of RM20++, the portion supposed to be big and had a lot of side-dishes. But, in reality, the food was dry, portion was too small and the presentation was so lame. So, that going to be our first and last trip to Nando's.

Later, we went to Yong's house to see her new bought house. It was beside her old-rented home. Then, back at house, we watched Rambo 4. That was my first time I watched a Sly's movie and it was really gruesome. The truth was I hate any Sly, Arnie, Van Damne or Seagal's movie. This time I had to watch because I didnt have anything to do and the movie seemed ok.

As for Sunday, we didn't do anything much. We went to brunch and later, watched tv.

That summed up all our activities for the weekends.

Shopping for kain raya

I was not a baju kurung lover. I went to a boarding school and they had prep class for us. I must wear baju kurung all the time, during school hours or during prep class. Because of this, I didnt like to wear baju kurung.

The only exception is during Hari Raya, weddings( but now sometimes I do wear long blouse with slacks as it quite hard to carry Eya wearing baju kurung) or any official events. Even at work, I try not to wear baju kurung except if I have classes or any formal events requiring me to wear it.

So, the point here is I only buy baju kurung material once a year. How many will I buy? Not many actually. My priority is for 1st Hari Raya. As usual, my family will set a theme color. Last year, it was purple and my family blamed me for it as last year a lot of family did chose purple as their color too. For this year, we decided to go with blue. BTW, we need to choose a color that hubby already have.

Yes, my dear hubby also does not like to wear baju melayu. See, a match made in heaven.He had made quite a lot of them during our wedding, about 4 colors and he only wear them during Hari raya. So, every time we decide on the colors, we have to choose a color from his baju melayu collection.

But, its okay since my family only likes a few colors. Among the colors we have chose before are

  • red
  • earth
  • blue
  • purple
  • black
We would never choose green, grey, orange, pink or brown.

As I have extra one-day holiday, I decided to buy the material. We went to Jln TAR and searched for our kain. Gulati's did not have new kain and most of what they was selling, we already had. We only bought Japanese cotton but it was pricey (but it was so pretty) and we really wanted to buy it.

We went to another store and we did all of our purchases there. I bought mom one set for her and another for me. The total of my purchase that day was so unbelievable but it was a once-a-year purchase so I think it was ok.

In total, I bought 3 sets for me, mom had 4 and adik got 3 kain. Not forgetting Eya, who also got 1 set for her. Now, I have to go and collect money to repay back the money I had used.

Eya @ Zoo Taiping

Hubby's hometown is famous for the Zoo Taiping, which offered the first Night Safari in Malaysia. We have been waiting to take Eya there as she really loves animals. We couldn't take her before as she was still young and it was not suitable for her.

We went there on Saturday but had to cancel the plan as it was really crowded. Even the parking was full. Instead, we took Eya for a stroll (in the car) around the lake. We planned to try the next day, as it was Sunday and a lot of people may have planned to go back to KL.

At first, we were afraid that Eya might spoil the plan as she is a late-riser. Luckily, that day she woke up quite early at 9 a.m. I quickly bathed her, give her breakfast and prepared her things.

The zoo was not that crowded and we decided to go in. I bought us the tickets, RM 5 each and for Eya it was free, as she is below 3 years old. It was quite hot that day and the best way to venture the zoo was by the mini-train.

We had to pay another RM3 for the train ride but it was quite okay as we did see all the animals. Eya was not that keen at first as she didn't really recognized the animals. She was quite excited when she saw small ponds and plants. Yes, my daughter is a flora lover.

Then, she saw animals that she knew and she became really excited. Some of the animals she noticed was birds, bears, tigers (they are fatter now!), lions and 'kucing batu'. She really loved seeing the bears and birds.

After the train stopped, we didnt stroll on our own as it was noon and it was really hot. But, we were glad that we brought her to see all the animals. She is truly an animal lover just like her ayah.

Where are we during CNY??

The last time we went back to Taiping was during Hari Raya. Hubby has been planning this trip since then. Every long holidays is reserved for balik kampung trips.

We had learned from our mistakes last year so this year, careful planning was done to avoid the same thing happened again. (We were on the road for 8 hours because of the terrible traffic jam on PLUS).

At first, we planned to go back 2 days before CNY but I had to attend my project presentation at the last minute. So, we brought forward the 2-day leave to next week. It was a long holiday, 6 days in total.

We drove back quite late in the afternoon as it was so damn hot that day. Hubby would surely fell asleep if he was to drive in a hot sunny day. Eya, as usual, would fall asleep everytime she entered the car. It was so easy bringing her here and there as she is so easy to deal with.

The journey was quite smooth, with only traffic jam between Behrang and Slim River. We arrived at Taiping around 9 p.m.

We didn't have anything planned for this 'balik kampung'. Our only target was to have a long-nice-stress free holiday, and we did achieve that.

All we did was watching tvs as it was CNY and they showed a lot of nice Chinese movies. We ate a lot, either having mak's cooking or went out.

Eya proved she was one of the clan by sleeping past noon. Just like what her cousins did, wake up nearly noon. Then, she have her brunch, played with bibik, watch tv, had her nap, eat again, sleep.

We went back to KL on Monday, as to avoid the bad traffic jam. After this, no more trips back to Taiping as Mak will come to KL for several months. We only have to go to my SIL's home to visit Mak.

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