What hubby get for his mid-life crisis???

Actually, hubby does not turn forty yet. He has a few more years before he reach that age.

What he did recently was something that I equate to a mid-life crisis, which people says will happen when some guy turns 40.

He kept telling me that he would like to have a bigger bike for his ride to work. All this while he been using a 16 years old kapcai to go to work, which I bought for him when he was in his workshop business. However, when he was working with his previous employer, he need to go outstation quite regularly. He cannot use the car since I need it for my ride to office, so he suggested to buy a bigger bike.

It was something that I didn't agreed in the first place since owning a bike is much more expensive than a car. I keep thinking and reluctantly agreed as I think he really need that bike.

He started searching for 2nd hand bike in Mudah.my and our weekend will be spent going to Kapar and Meru to look for bikes. After a few weeks, he managed to find it at USJ but when we went there, the bike was already sold. Someone beat us to it. Then, we went to look at Nilai but it was too pricey.

After thinking hard, I thought of going to Lunas, Kedah to look at a bike advertised in Mudah. So, we decided it will be a short, long distance trip to Penang just to view a bike. It turned out the bike was still good and well maintained. So, I agreed for hubby to buy it. The main reason why I agreed was the bike came together with side boxes that cost RM 5000 and it was red.

So, after 2 weeks, we went to Penang again to take the bike and settled the payment with the owner. It was shocking to see how a guy bond so much with a bike. The owner took photos of hubby and the bike. It showed how much he loved that bike.

We sent the bike to KL using KTM as I didn't think hubby can ride it all the way to KL.

As for the accessories, including jacket, helmet and gloves was already bought by hubby and I tell you they are damn expensive. Hubby even bought a helmet as a present for me.

So, this is the present for hubby this year for his birthday. He didn't want anything from me as for him, letting him to buy a bike is more than enough for him.

Hubby's new love...

Happy Birthday, Abang...

My birthday boy....
 I didn't know why this year I wanted to plan something different for hubby's birthday. Not that special, just to have something different. I wanted to plan a weekend getaway for us but since hubby just started working, he could not have a day off. Now, he even work on Saturday, which makes it harder to plan anything.

My plan was to go to somewhere with his new bike, but doing that means Eya will be left behind. So, need to think of something that can include the three of us. The only plan I got was to have a high-tea, dinner or lunch somewhere special.

After doing some googling, I found out that Ritz-Carlton have a nice, lavish afternoon tea but I don't think he will loves it. They also have Sunday Roast Lunch but I afraid that the choice is limited, so to save time, we went to somewhere nearer.

We decided to have a buffet lunch at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside. The spread was not that many but I thought it was ok, considering the price. We tried all the food since it were not that many. They have Malay dishes with white rice, Mexican cuisine, thin-crust pizza, all kind of appetizers and also desserts.

Eya loved it since she got to eat all the cakes, pudding and ice-cream. She even tried cotton candy but refused to eat it since it was quite weird for her.

Eya so happy after eating a lot of cakes...

Hubby being adventurous that day tried eating fresh oysters but I kept reminding him of Mr Bean, who ate the spoiled oyster. The oysters were very tasty, according to him.

We spent a few hours, eating and talking, just spending quality time together.

The loves of my life...

We did this on a day before hubby's birthday. Exactly at 12 a.m., I sang Happy Birthday to him and handed him the card. Eya sang right after me.

To hubby, Happy Birthday.....Eya and me loves you very much....

Am I doing the right thing??

Being an academician was something that I chose because of my love to hubby and now for Eya. The first few years was a total blur to me as I still didn't get the hang of it or what to do. Back then, I didn't even know how to write a paper. Now, at least I have improved but still it was just an average quality of paper.

Being a academician means you have to keep improving yourself in terms of paper qualification. When I decided to do my Master back in 2004, my main objective was just to go to UK, and it didn't worked well for me. Although, I managed to get my Master and got a conversion from MARA.

A few years have passed, and most of my colleagues had went to get their PhD, locally or internationally. I was among the few who are so reluctant to continue my study along with 2 of my close friends. Last year, suddenly 1 of them decided to do her PhD locally and that left only the 2 of us.

I don't feel really the urgency in doing it as I really want to have the passion and be prepared for it. Many people said  doing a PhD is like another journey of your life. It can be smooth sailing for someone or maybe a journey someone wish that he/she would never take in the first place.

I got my calling from one of my ex-student who was going to further her studies. She kept persuading me to continue my studies just like her. I didn't think anything of it until one day, I googled for oversea scholarship.I did this for almost 2 weeks when suddenly I saw an ad in Berita Harian.

The next day at work, I went to the website and registered for it. Then, the journey of finding a university began. Looking for a university was easy, the hard part was looking for a supervisor who want to supervise you. I had made 3 applications and hopefully 1 of it will go through.

Even making a research proposal was tough. I had to discuss with my boss about this and luckily she gave me 2 topics feasible for PhD. I chose the one which had a clear outcome, although the area was not my cup of tea.

I don't put my hopes up, but if I get it, it will be my motivation in getting my PhD. If not, maybe its not my time yet. So, whatever the result is, it will be a sign for me.

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