Eya pre-celebration

My initial plan was to have Eya birthday celebration on the 23rd September, a day before her real birthday. The idea was declined by my along and kaklong as they said it was bad luck to celebrate a birthday earlier than the actual birthday. I never heard it before but to be safe, I just followed it.Although the real celebration going to be the next weekend, her Ateh and Opah did buy something for her that day. Ateh bought her a very small cakes, something like cupcakes with a lot of icing and a slightly bigger one for the rest of us. Following our birthday tradition, the birthday girl is placed on the table with her cute birthday cake. She was so excited to hold the cakes and started to eat the cake. Oh my, she really loves the icing. When the icing part was finished and the cake was the only part left, she threw the cake. Her opah gave her a schoolbus with elmo, big bird and friends that teach A, B, C. Me and hubby gave her a walker, just to encourage her to walk.The real celebration will be this Sunday, not a big one, as it is in Ramadhan, just a small gathering with my nucleus family.

Revenge of the bazaar Ramadhan

Exactly a year ago, I was on confinement period. Yes, Aleya was borned on the 1st of Ramadhan and I could not fast for the whole month of Ramadhan last year. (Yes, I almost managed to replace all the fasting days)Every afternoon, about 5.30pm, I would do my normal routine of 'bertungku' for an hour. Hubby and my sister would go to pasar ramadhan and bought a lot of 'juadah berbuka'. I would watch in agony and jealousy as the only thing I could eat was plain white rice, black pepper and fried fish, with 'air akar kayu'. I also could have snack of 'biskut mayat' with 'kopi pekat' or milk. Thats all I could eat for the whole month. Even milo was definite no-no as my mom said that the drink was 'sejuk' (cold) for me.They would buy colorful drinks, nice looking kuihs, murtabaks or sometimes, 'lauk-pauk' yang nampak menarik. I promised to myself that for this Ramadhan, I want to go pasar ramadhan to buy all the food that I couldn't get last year.The nearest pasar ramadhan that I could go to is at Jalan Kuching or Taman Ehsan. The dishes that I like to buy is rendang limpa (JK) or kuih lapis. Thats the only dishes I like as the others was not that appealing. However, murtabak has to be bought everyday as both of my brothers love it. I noticed that most pasar Ramadhan sells lauk-pauk more than kuih-muih. There is a shortage of kuih-muih.I was so lucky this year as mom cook for us. Although it will be just two simple dishes, I really love what my mom cooks. I am so lucky compared to people who come back from work, exhausted and still have to cook or people who has to buy their food at the bazar ramadhan. Thanks, mom!!Pic Courtesy of: masak-masak

Eya is 1 Today..(if we leave in Saudi Arabia)

Exactly a year ago(according to Muslim calendar), at 4.36 p.m. , I gave birth to Eya. It was an easy delivery, which I was so thankful of. Eya was delivered on the 1st day of Ramadhan. If we leave in Saudi Arabia, she will be one year old yesterday. She is our bundle of joy. She now got 5 teeth, can speak and utter some words, like to bite (yes, I'm the only victim) and very stingy with her stuffs.I'm waiting for her actual birthday, which is due in 2 more weeks. As her birthday is during fasting month, it will be a small 'makan-makan' with my family. Don't know what to buy for her 1st birthday present but I'm thinking of something with a steering. Yes, she likes car and steering so much. Maybe, something like what Maggie Simpson have in the car.

Who is Arale?

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