The final HP book

Yay, I finally got my hands on the last Harry Potter book. Before the release of it on 21st July 2007, I decided to wait and queue for it at 6 a.m. just for the book.I didn't pre-order the book as the price they set was quite high and the price is not being determined yet by that time. I thought that Malaysian are not that fanatic compared to other part of the world.As my plan to wake up at 6 a.m. failed, I went to Midveli to get the book and at the same time to do some shopping. I arrived there around 12.00 pm and straight went to MPH. I noticed that there was no new HP book on the promotion counter or at the shelves. I asked one of the MPH staffs and they said that for that day, the book was only being sold to pre-order customers. He said that try go to Carrefour if you want the book.Hearing that, I some sort of running to Carrefour downstairs and grabbed a copy of it. By that time, there was not that many people buying the book as a lot of them went to MPH. To my surprise the book price is RM69.90 which is much cheaper than MPH, at RM109.90. It was such a relief. If I pre-order, I need to buy it at a much higher price. The next day newspaper, said there was a price war between Hypermarket and the 3 big bookstore, MPH, Popular and Times Bookstore. Really, I don't care about the price war or about their decision to withdraw back the book. The most important thing is I managed to buy the book a cheaper price.


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