Makan Besar @ Klang

My lil sis just got a scholarship for her degree studies and decided to treat the family for a makan besar. As our nucleus family is quite big, the most economical treat will be seafood.

I helped her to find the place and after a few searches on the Internet and suggestion from hubby, we decided to go to Muara Ikan bakar at Klang. As the place was known for its crowd, and we supposed to go a day before the labour day, I asked hubby to book a place.

I went there with Cu and his family, as it took ages if I had to go back home first. The journey to Klang was a terrible one, as the traffic jam started from Federal Highway. We managed to arrive there on time (afraid our booked place would be given to another person).

I ordered all the main item as adik was not that familiar with ordering food. (As usual, the elder sis had to do everything). I ordered 3 portions, as we occupied 3 tables. The usual item for seafood restaurants was ordered. It includes fish (siakap and kerapu), prawns, squid (my fav), tomyam for my maksu and all the side dishes.

The service was quick, as it was a working day and it was not that crowded. We had the longest table that night. A family came in later and asked about their reserved table. They kept staring at our table and making (angry) stupid faces, as if we had took their table.

When I arrived and asked about our reservation, the waitress simply said,"Its Mr Rizal's, right?". Yes, hubby was the only person reserved for that night and that family can simply thought that we stole their table. And another family, came to our table and waited for us to leave the table as we got the longest and comfortable table.

The most surprising thing that night was all of my siblings including my 2 cousins were wearing black t-shirt. It was noticed by my mom. And, we never agree on wearing the same color.

To adik, thanks for the treat. Couldn't wait for the time when you get your first paycheck.....

All of us are SICK...

I was the first one to get the fever. It was for 2 days. Then, hubby and mom were the next one to get it. The fever was a kind of fever that was on-off for a few days. Mom and hubby got better only after a week. And Eya was the last one to get it. And until today, she is not totally well. Luckily, she didn't got her bronchitis this time or else she will vomit several times a day.

It was viral fever that all of us got. At first, we all feared that hubby and mom got dengue fever but after blood test was done, they were cleared. Hubby was supposed to be admitted to hospital but as I couldn't manage with Eya being sick alone at home, mom who was also sick, hubby asked the doctor to stay at home. The doctor advised him to get another blood test just to rule out that he was totally clear from the dengue fever.

As I was the first one to get better, I had to sacrificed a few days of my annual leave for emergency leave. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I still have a few days left for hari raya leave.

A harness for her...

I once said to myself, if I have a baby, I would wear her with a harness everytime we go out. Before this, I never see any baby strap with a harness but now, I think it is normal to see baby in them.

Once Eya has mastered the art of walking, it is time to buy her a harness. I saw one in Mothercare and it cost RM49. As I like to have a few choices, I went to a few local baby stores and they didn't sell it. Maybe there are no demands for this kind of stuff.

Then, I ask hubby to bring me to Desapark City to find for a harness. Luckily the Chubby Chubby store stock a few harness. The Chicco was a bit short and kind of dragging the baby when she walk. The Gold Bug harness is the one with a animal bagpack but as Eya doesn't like anything on her back, I couldn't buy her that one. Lastly, the one that we chose are a brand from Taiwan, Farlin, which is quite ok for us. The wrist strap for the holder is quite long, so the baby can walk a little far without being dragged by the holder.

I know some parent hate to see baby in harness but looking at our condition today, its better safe than sorry. Even my MIL reminded us to get a harness for Eya once she can walk. Some said its look like you dragging your baby like dog but that not the case. Just imagine if your child is lost in a mall or stranger take your child, if she is strap, she will surely be with you.

I tested the strap on her last night and she felt okay with it.

I also fell in love with the new Croc sandal in the store but as Eya already got 1 Croc, I think the 2nd pair will be bought when she need a bigger size.

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