I was so shocked when I heard the news of Yasmin Ahmad. And I was sad when I woke up Sunday morning and my mom told me she passed away on Saturday night. At that moment, I felt like something going to be missing from my life.

She was the reason why I watched Malay movies. Although she entered the industry quite late, she did make a big impact to the Malay movie industry.

She was the reason why I started spending my money to watch Malay movies in the cinemas. I watched almost all her movies at cinemas, except for Talentime. I had wrote an entry that I was so frustrated that I couldn't watch Talentime. I even asked my friend to find Muallaf cd in Singapore as Malaysia banned the movie. Until now, I'm still searching for Muallaf cd.

I felt like Malaysia is missing a valuable icon in the movie industry. It is sad to know that there will be no more good Petronas ads, no more good movies to be watched.

This is the first time I ever felt sad when someone in the movie industry passed away. Even when MJ died, I felt nothing. But just hearing the news that she passed away, I was really sad.

Maybe someone like the DT or RM will feel happy that she can no longer make movies but for me, sincerely, I will miss her movies so much.

Now, I can only look forward to Afdlin, Kabir or Mamat Khalid movies. The next one will be setem. Need to make booking a.s.a.p.

At last, we succeed....

We had been trying to potty-train Eya for some time. We knew that she could follow orders but the first time we tried, she was confused when its the small and big one.

When she told us she want to go, then, at that exact moment, she will just let go. I read from somewhere some children, they are confused when they want to let go. So, we did have a few accidents.Luckily, our home are not 100% carpet-covered.

So, I bought her a common, cheap potty. We told her everytime she want to go, just use the potty, instead of going to the toilet. The first few times, she did have accidents and didn't manage to use it on time.

Then, last week, suddenly she managed to use it and we were so happy that we gave her compliments. It turned out she did like compliments and we need to praise her after she do her small or big business. Now, she use the potty for both of her business.

It was a great achievement both for us and her. Now, she do not need to wear huggies in the house anymore. She still wear it when she goes to nursery or for outing as we do not know the nearest toilet.

Now, our next milestone is to transfer her from using the potty to real toilet, although she know how to use it.

A rockstar in the making...

Rockstar in the making...

Abo and adik just bought a PS3 complete with the Guitar Hero set. It includes a guitar, drum and microphone, complete to create a rock band. As for the games, Abo had bought about 15 games from Ebay UK.

Previously, when they played PS2, they also played guitar hero using 1 guitar. So, when they bought the set, the old guitar could not be used with PS3.

I respect that adik and just anyone who could play the guitar as it was really hard for the player to follow all the colours from the game. For those who are unclear of the game, the guitar and drum have 5 colour keys/buttons. They have to follow the color exactly when it is being displayed on the tv.

For me, I could only play the drum set with easy level. The guitar was out of my league, it was quite hard for me to play it.

As for hubby, he become the vocalist of the band. To sing it is quite easy, as you only need to know the rythm and lyrics of the song. You need to match the tempo and lyrics.

As it was hard to follow the key colours, some people who play the guitar, concentrate really hard and was very static when they play it. So, we love watching Eya playing the guitar. She was really cute and act just like a true rockstar. She can sway to the music and move the guitar to the beat. She can do that as she don't play the game. She just follow whatever her Acu did and I did teach her to follow the colour keys.

Now, it become our family pastime favourite to play Guitar Hero.

Eya and Dede

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