COIT Family Day '08

It was hard for us to organize our own Family Day. The same issues arised and just to prove that we can have great time without them, we still proceed with the plan.

The COIT Family Day was organized at Desa Waterpark. Hubby didn't join us as he works on Saturday, so it were only me and Eya. Some of my colleagues brought their children and Eya had fun playing with them.

I went there with Masyu and arrived there around 9 a.m. Kak Hani and family was the first family to arrive. With our committee effort, we managed to buy great presents, fab door gift from Masyu and the committee and nice bf and lunch provided by the park.

As Eya went in, she saw the water and straight wanted to have a dip in it. She really loves water. Some thing that she did not inherit from me and hubby.

The others went to play the telematch games, while me, Eya, Kak Sherry and her baby stayed to play and at the same time, to guard the others stuffs. Eya played around 2 hours, till 11 a.m. and I thought she was exhausted. I was wrong. After she got her drinks, she still wanted to go in the water. I had to stop her as I afraid that she might get a fever as the sun was really hot.

I changed her and fed her lunch. The others got their present and the event was finished after that. We went back to Masyu's house, got changed and later hubby picked us up.

I think we need to bring her to Desa Waterpark again.

We're going to move...

Me and hubby think that this is the best decision. We need to move to somewhere nearer to our workplace. Thanks to Pak Lah and his people, which was among the reasons why I need to move.

The first thing that we have to be concern was mom's feelings. I could still remember the day when me and hubby wanted to move out to our own house. It was 6 years back, a few months after we'd married. She was so sad, devastated that she wouldn't talk to us for a few days, and that was when it just me and hubby. Now, with Eya, I really scared that she will be sad even more.

It took some courage for hubby to spill it out to her. Hubby told her our plan during our tea time at Coffee Bean last Sunday. Interestingly, she took the news calmly, but who knows, maybe inside her, Katrina typhoon was just starting. The words came out of her mouth was, 'Suka hati koranglah, dah besar, ada keluarga. Mak takleh nak halang'.

I told her not to worry as we will come home every week as Eya too will feel the lost. She has been surrounded by her aunts and uncles, opahs since her birth. Now, she will be living with her mama and ayah only. That will be a new environment for her.

Back to why I need to move. First, as everybody else, it was the hike in fuel prices. Every month, I spend at least RM400 on fuel alone. I travel to and fro every day about 100km. Now, with fuel being at RM2.70 per litre, I will spend more than that. I really couldn't afford that.

Next reason. Hubby always go for outstation at least once in every 2 weeks. I need to arrange my transport with abo every time. I'm lucky if abo can drive me back from home, else, I need to drive alone in the heavy traffic jam from Bangi to Kepong. So, being nearer to office, I can drive on my own or if hubby drives the car, I can go to work with my friends.

I also need to raise my daughter on my own, without intervention from others. She is growing and she really need to know her limits. Its not that living with your family, you could not raise your daughter properly. Its just being the first grandaughter, niece in the family, she tend to be spoiled by everybody.

I also need to have some privacy with hubby, which sometimes hard to find if you live with all of your siblings. Hubby also need to take charge sometimes.

Being a very calculative person, I think I can save some money by living nearer to my office. No more tolls, less fuel consumption and more family time for the three of us.

To my family, I love all of you and don't think that I'm moving out just because I don't like your company. To mom, don't worry. I'll be back every week so Eya can hang out with her opah.

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