My First Nephew...

-Zid, My First Nephew-

Kaklong safely delivered her first child this morning by caesarean at around 9.30 a.m in Assunta Hospital. Along didn't went in as Dr Menon was not comfortable having the husband during the operation. Dr Menon was also my gynae during my pregnancy, but Eya was delivered by Dr Liew as he was in Australia for a vacation. Zid also has the same paed as Eya, Dr Mary.

The baby was named Shafique Zidane. His name begin with 's' as Kaklong name also begin with 's' and along's name begin with 'z'. Zidane was given by adik.

His weight was 3.3 kg, a little bit smaller than Eya during birth but I bet he must be chubby as he grows. Just look at both side of the family.

Eya must have felt a little bit inferior as everyone gave zid their full attention. She is now called yong, following the Perak tradition, Yong for the first daughter in the family.

We still didnt decide on what to call him yet. Adik will decide on that. For now, he is called boog. Why? We just wacthed Open Season and the main character in it was so cute. Boog was his name.

Counting the hours...

My SIL was admitted to hospital last Sunday as her water broke. Not that kind of broke that its time to deliver but just an early warning.

She is expected to deliver tomorrow by caesarean, at almost 38 weeks of pregnancy. She will have to deliver by caesar as the baby is not coming down and the amniotic fluid is decreasing.

Today, she will start fasting for the operation tomorrow, at 8 a.m. I don't know how long a caesar ops take but I really hope it will finish quick. I couldn't wait to see my first nephew.

Why the anxiety? Its my first nephew unlike my other siblings who have Eya as their first niece. This will be their second. Its great that my along first child is a boy. By tomorrow, my mom will has a pair of grandchildren, a girl and a boy.

Maybe I have to take a day leave just to witness the birth of my first nephew. Couldn't wait...

BTW, we have already call him 'zid'. The full name will have to wait until tomorrow.

Help me...

I don't have the ability to reveal everything in this blog. Why the title? I'm so stressed out.

Its not because of my work, my 2 beloved but something else.

I have found the solution but I don't know whether is the correct decision.

I broke down in tears just thinking about it. I don't have enough patience to deal with it. It can cause me to hurt everything near me.

Abang, I hope we had made the correct decision.

I just want to apologize to anyone who think that I've hurt their feelings.

I'm really sorry...

Its All About Love

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I've learned about this music video from Vern's website.

I really fell in love with it when I watched the clip. It was started by Pete Teo, who later invited all his fellow artistes friends, who contributed their voices, skills and time to do this video.

I simply loves the fact that the contributors came from diverse background, which shows how united Malaysian is.

I love the video for having all my fav M'sia artiste.

Thanks you guys for creating the best video ever.

p/s: Support their effort by clicking the link above to download the video.

What can Eya do now??

My lil angel is growing and its hard to track her new development. Before she was born, I bought a baby diary to monitor her progress but I only used the book until she was a few months old. With the existence of blog, it is easier for me to write about her development in this blog of mine.

For now, she is almost 2 years old. She has a few months left before she reach her '2' digit.

She is very talkative. She can mimic what other people say. So, now we have to be very careful on what we are saying. She can say her own name, as well as a few other words that my family usually use.

She also call her acu by adek (my youngest sister). Her acu is trying so hard to get her to pronounce acu. Sometimes she call her de-de(ayah-de) with his name, abo. She tend to call them by their name as other family members call adek and abo (their names).

I tried to wean her off her 'mak' ( this is what she called her 'pacifier). By now, she is okay without her mak but when she wants to sleep, she need to have it. Still have to work on that one.

We called her 'Duracell Bunny' as she never stop playing. I don't know where she got the extra energy to play non-stop. (Mom, stop worrying as why she couldn't be more tembam)

She loves shopping more than I do. And worse, she know where the cashier is. When we go to a shop, she will pick her own item (she just know that its meant for children), and carry the item to the cashier. She will do this every time we go to departmental store.

She called her shoes 'ko-ko. Why ko-ko? It meant for her crocs. She doesnt know how to pronounce crocs, and ko-ko just come out of her mouth. Now, for every shoes she has, she call them ko-ko. For other people shoes, she call 'ke-ke'.

Everytime someone open their laptop, she will ask for 'pooh-pooh'. That means she want that person to open the official disney winnie the pooh website.

Loves book so much. Any kind of book. She can pretend to read it for a long time. And, she also loves to write. Now, I have to find the replacement for her washable magic pen.

And last, she loves advertisement with kids in it. She will stop doing whatever her doing, when she hear kids voices in the advertisement.

My 1st Tag...

I've never been tagged before and this is my first tag. I do it as the tag came from my sis, else, I would just ignore it. Its also a simple way for me to write as the blog was empty for quite a long time. So, this is it...


1) Love Winnie the Pooh so much (now Eya inherits it)
2) Quite an organized person
3) Love Arale Norimaki so much and also Dr Slump characters
4) Love reading chick-lits
5) Has to eat rice-based food at least once a day
6) Loves movie but has cut down due to Eya
7) Loves travelling, even going to somewhere near its okay for me...


1) Clown
2) Dark
3) Water (a big mass of water, e.g. ocean, river, etc.)
4) Losing my hubby and angel
5) Ghost or any supernatural thingie
6) Jobless a.k.a. no money to spend
7) Tight spaces (I'm a claustrophobic)


1) Ayu - Sampai bila
2) N Sync -Lions Sleep Tonight
3) Eagles - Hotel California
4) Il Divo - Unbreak My Heart
5) Matta Band - Ketahuan
6) The Rock - Munajat Cinta
Aizat - Hanya kau yang mampu


1) Thanks
2) Ye ke
3) Bye
4) Bu Bu (for Eya)
5) OK
6) jap ye
7) yek


1) my hubby
2) my angel
3) yours truly

4) my mom, siblings (family)
5) my bangle collection
6) my memories with abang for the whole 9 years and still counting
7) all of my items, including clothes, novel, etc.


1) leave in foreign country
2) resign from my 1st job
3) study for my master
4) being a wife to my beloved abang
5) being a mom
6) went to my dream destination
went back to M'sia on my own (transit somewhere)


I won't tag anyone, just feel free if you want to do it.

Happy Mother's Day, Mak....

For every mother's day, I will treat my mom for a lunch. I only buy her present for her birthday. That is my tradition since I started working.

This year as all my siblings are around, we decided to treat mom for lunch together, meaning everybody will share to pay for the lunch.

I suggested to have the lunch at Waroeng Penyet but the menu was mainly rice-based. Then, at the last minute, we decided to got to Naili's Uptown. I even browsed thru their menu at their website and had decided on what me and hubby going to eat the next day.

On that day, when we arrived at Naili's, it seemed it had been closed and being replaced by a new restaurant. I didn't know what happened to Nailis, maybe it had gone bankrupt or maybe they couldn't stand the competition in Uptown. So, adhoc decision was to go to Curve and simply chose any restaurant.

Once there, we chose to have our mother's day lunch at Vivo. The menu was so vast, and we had trouble choosing our food and drinks.

-My adik and mom...-

For mom, Happy Mother's Day. You are the best mom ever. Thanks for everything you have done for me. Everything that I do in my life is dedicated for you, mom....

Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

Everything that Arale write in here is for her own eye's only and anybody who is interested. If you don't like what you see/watch/read here, please leave the blog as fast as you can.

Arale's Wishlist

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