Sport Days @ Ana Montesorri

The sport's day was organized on 31st October, which was a few weeks ago. We were quite excited as it was Eya's first sport's day.

The event started around 8.30 a.m. at the Sports Complex in Section 15. We registered her and got 2 goodies bag, containing sandwich and several snacks. Me and hubby also signed our name for the tarik tali event.

The 3 and 4 years old were combined into 1 group. She was in the same group as her best friend, Aqilah so she was quite comfortable being in the group. The games she joined that day were:

Eya waiting for the event to start

The children queuing up...

Eya with her group

Eya running during the bean basket

Aqilah, Eya and Aril...

Me and Eya before the passing baton event
She participated in 4 events, and almost all the games involve running. She being the biggest in her group, looked so cute when ran. She was lucky to have Aril in the group as he was quite an athlete. She lost in the tug-a-war event as the other group parents' helped their kids. It seemed unfair as the games was meant for the kids but for us, we were happy Eya enjoyed all the games.

The event finished around noon and all the kids got several present.

The moment will arrive...

After waiting for 2 years, micasa is almost ready to be lived in, not without any issues.

We have to pay the late payment charges before collecting the keys. After a few push from  the residents, the developer, Esatek Sdn Bhd willing to give 2 waiver, which resulted in us only  paying RM300. Plus with the water and electricity deposit, we ended up paying almost RM1400. Luckily, that amount was deducted from the late delivery charges. So, one problem solved as we no need to fork out any money when collecting the keys.

That was not happening to some of the other buyers. Some of them have to pay up till RM10K before collecting the keys. Most of these cases were buyers who took government loan. They are still fighting the cases.

For us, we decided just to pay the extra RM300. The hassle of going to developer, PKNS and lawyers are not worth it. And the best thing was all of our lawyers, just disappeared mysteriously. Our lawyer moved to Shah Alam from Wisma Central without informing us. Maybe just to escape the buyers' wrath.

There are a lot of cost in moving to new home. They includes:

  • grilles
  • kitchen cabinet
  • curtains for the whole house
  • furniture 
  • fans, lamps, etc. plus installation charges 
Luckily, I'm a simple person. So, everything is simple for me, no expensive item or any lavish spending. As long, I have the basic items needed for a house, it is enough for me.

So, our planning is to move in somewhere during the hari raya haji holiday. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly for us.

Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

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Arale's Wishlist

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