Mamma we goes again...

I bought the 'Mamma Mia' dvd after I saw the preview. The moment we watched it, we fell in love with it.

I love the movie since I knew some of the Abba songs and the author was such brilliant person who could combine all the songs to make it as a movie. (The movie was based on a musical book).

I never know that Eya would love the movie so much. The dvd is at mom's house so every weekend that we go back, once Eya wakes up, she will take the dvd from the rack and ask someone to play it for her. She know where the dvd is placed, how to open the dvd player and how to change the tv setting.

So, mamma mia will be played sometimes up to 3 times a day. Not only that, as I bought the cd, every time she's in the car, the radio can only play mamma mia songs. No normal radio for us anymore.

We were amazed that she can memorise some of the songs. The funny thing is her favourite song is 'Super Trouper'. If you watch the movie, its the song during the party when donna and her friends performing for her daughter. Like her dede said, 'Eya was such an old skool girl'. Not only she know the lyrics, she even can dance.

I wonder when her love for mamma mia will end. Until that time, its all mamma mia in the house and our car.

Updates on Eya's health

Eya was diagnosed with viral infection that infected her tummy. After I brought Eya to Az-Zahra, as I was not that satisfied, I brought her to Dr Mary at Assunta. She also gave similar diagnosis but a lengthy one, describing why it happens, sypmtoms to look out, how to nurse her, what kind of food to give.

Eya had the diarrhoea for about 2 weeks. I did some 'googling' and Eya's condition was something normal that happened to majority of young children. Luckily, she only vomited for the first 24 hours and continued with the diarrhoea. I found some information that saying it is okay if your children vomit for th first 48 hours, and continued having diarrhoea for maximum of 2 weeks. It is the symptoms of viral infection in the stomach or in medical term, it is called gastroentitis. Only if your child have both vomiting and diarrhoea, it is something that you should be really worried.

I called Dr Mary after a week Eya had the diarrhoea. She told me it was okay and if I'm too worried, I can consider to change her formula. She suggested Mamex or Similac, which are lactose-free or soya-based. Just like what I found out from the net, she said it is okay if Eya is only having diarrhoea. She also must drink a lot of water and she even suggested that I gave Eya 100 plus. I never know that kid can drink 100 plus but I know it is something that an adult drink if they are having a fever.

As Eya diarrhoea is not that frequent and she really is drinking lots of water, we decided to just gave her the usual formula. Yesterday, she stopped having the diarrhoea and her appetite is becoming back to normal.

Is there any good clinic around Bangi???

Eya was well last Wednesday. After she went to sleep, she suddenly woke up and start vomiting. It was a lot of vomit. At first, I thought it was just cough like always and paid no attention to it. We changed the bed cover and put her to sleep again. Then, 5 minutes later, she vomited again. At this time, we were thinking its normal and just washed her up and changed her pj's.

Then, she vomited again and again for a total of almost 8 times in an hour. We were so worried at this time. The only thing that puzzled us was she showed no symptoms at all. She vomited everything she consumed earlier and the last one was just water.

We brought her to Pusat Rawatan Az-Zahra, which was the only clinic open for 24 hours. If given other choice, we will surely took her somewhere else. Before we went in to register her, she vomitted again at the entrance. I told the nurse that it was an emergency and really hoping the doctor could see her first.

She just nodded, took Eya's card and gave us the queue no. There was a lot of patients and all of them were adults with fever or cough. I still hoping that Eya would see the doctor first. We waited to be called and realised that here, all cases will be treated the same. Eya had vomitted again for a couple of times for the 1 hour we waited. Eventhough she vomitted in front of the nurse, she still acted like it was a normal thing. If you are an adult, maybe its okay but she is just a baby. She need the doctor more than the rest.

After an hour, she was called and luckily the doctor was good. If he was the typical Az-Zahra doctor, I will simply burst. She checked Eya thoroughly and concluded that it may be just a case of viral infection in the stomach. It was the first time I heard of such diagnosis. Usually, the viral infection caused fever. So, Eya had fever, diarrhoea and vomitting. He gave colic medicine and salt to be drank with water.

Eya still vomitted in the next morning and we decided to bring her to Assunta. Dr Mary said it maybe caused by food poisoning and prescribed Eya with some medicine. She was quite better in the afternoon but still was not her usual self. Until now, she still have the diarrhoea. Maybe I need to revisit Dr Mary.

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