Eya @ 6 month

  • Eya can turn herself quickly but still don't know how to turn herself to lying position
  • Eya has started eating solid food (FR + Nestle Rice Cereal)
  • Eya loves to eat mashed potato (a lot) + milo (only a few spoonful)
  • She can baby talk (fav words - te-te)
  • Mom claimed she can said 'pah'
  • At 5 1/2 month is 8.3 kg
  • Ateh said she cried if I left for work
  • Likes to 'ngorat' her ayah
  • Don't like to share her toys (people cannot touch her toys esp. Dino except for me, mom, ateh, acu and hubby)
  • Only will drink her milk from Dr Brown bottle. She cries if we give her other bottles.
  • Likes TV3 ads so much. The ones before every program start or before Buletin Utama.
  • Likes Digi ads, the one with the ducks.
  • Likes Jom Heboh-Heboh song.


Eya has started eating solid food at 5 1/2 month. Although, her paed advised us to wait until she is exactly 6 mth, from the articles I read, when your baby react when she sees other people eating, then you can start giving her first food. Eya could not watch other people eating, she will start drooling and banging the table (like asking for food).The first food I gave her was Farley Rusk. She really loves FR. I only give her one FR back then, but now she need to have 2. My mom said the FR in my baby days was a lot bigger than today FR.Then, I bought Heinz Rice Cereal as my friend gave her daughter this cereal. Eya didn't like it at all and can only eat a few spoonfuls of it (the rest are stored in the kitchen cabinet). I bought Nestle Rice cereal with milk, and tried it and Eya loves it but I need to add a few scoop of her formula milk. I think she really follow my trait, can only eat food which is sweet or tasteful.Now, she eats twice a day, noon and night. For noon, my mom gives her a bowl of Nestle Rice cereal and for night, 2 pieces of FR. Maybe some people think that I overfeed her, but she really needs that extra piece as she would not be full. According to her growth chart, she is not obese but above average, which is normal according to her paed. ( Eya keep waking up at 4 a.m. when she was given only one or no night meal. Then, we started giving her 2 and she sleep soundly until morning)As for the milk, she drink it quite a number of times per day. Now, at 6 month, she drinks 7 oz per bottle. I think:

  • 1 for morning

  • 1 for noon

  • 1 for afternoon nap

  • 1 after dinner

  • 1 for sleeping time

Eya is going to uni...

The moment for Eya to go to the nursery is getting near every single day. I don't know whether I am prepared for this milestones. Eya is well-cared by my mom, her Ateh and Acu, which for me is the best care she can get. Its not that I don't believe the caretakers but knowing Eya, she likes attention and has quite an attitude for a baby her age. Although, I had expressed my concern regarding this matter in my previous blog, I still feel the fear and concern of her going to nursery. I knew this is foolish as a lot of parents send their children to nurseries. And for me, I know the nursery its the best she can get.BTW,I had bought all the things listed in the list given by the nursery s/visor. These includes the toiletries, clothing, pillow and cereal+milk. The one thing I fear the most is she could not sleep there as she sleep in 'buaian' for this past few months, and being lullabied by her opah. I really hope that her caretaker know the way to make her sleep on the mattress.Deep in my heart, I really hope she can adjust herself in the nursery. And knowing that I'm near to her, I'm so grateful to be working here.p/s: The title Eya is going to Uni is coined by my mom as eya's nursery is in one of the local university...

My First Cheesecake...

Its not my cheesecake actually but I helped my sis-in-law in making it. We tried the most basic cheesecake.

SIL bought all the ingredients, which were:

  • cream cheese (Philadelphia, RM7+)
  • plain yoghurt/sour cream
  • castor sugar
  • a little bit of lemon juice
  • 3 eggs
  • biscuit
  • melted butter
We tried a recipe given by SIL's friend. First, she mixed the cream cheese, yoghurt, sugar and eggs. Beat it until smooth. Add the lemon juice.

For the cake base, I melted the butter and crushed the biscuit. Used the butter to make the biscuit as the base.

Poured the mixture on top of the biscuit. Baked it at 170 C for around 40 minutes.

The cake turned out great. Some of us ate the cake with the blueberry sauce, which can be bought at any supermarket.

p/s: the last piece...luckily, I managed to snap the pic before it being consumed by Acu...

The New Snapper

Me, Nini and Abo decided to replace the old camera which was broken due to some people fault. I sent it for repair at Canon HQ and the techie told me it going to cost me around RM800. He told me it was better to get a new camera than to repair the old one. The old camera (Bye Bye Camera blog) was a Powershot A520. For the new one, we decided to buy Powershot again, A550 as the price was a little bit cheaper than A540, as I did my comparison in the Canon website. Olympus was kind of nice also but it use the xD memory card, which according to hubby, it is kind of pricey.We went to buy the camera at Sg Wang and there was no stock. We surveyed around and found this one camera shop which sells the camera at RM595. I looked around and saw that A540 was cheaper than A550. I compared both the camera and Abo decided to buy the A540. It was cheaper than the price shown at the website. The three of us + mom shared to buy it. The camera will be kept in a secret place so only the three of us know the place.For the old camera, it will be kept nicely as it was something bought using mom retirement gratuity. Really felt sorry for mom as she loved the camera so much.

300...its the best movie eva'

Hubby and me has planned to watch movie for some times. The last movie I watched was so long ago that I couldn't remember anymore and it was when I was 2 months pregnant with Eya. During my pregnancy, I was sleepy all the time, tired and went to bed at 10 every night. The thought of sitting for 2 hours straight was something I tried to escape.There was no exciting movie for us to go and watch until hubby recommended '300'. He saw the trailer on a notebook at SenQ, Plaza Damas when we accompanied mom buying her new oven. Then, he watched t.m.o and he said he was so impressed with the movie. They acted almost everything on green screen.We went to watch the midnight show at GSC OU. I also had the chance to see Sarimah from a close distance. If I had the nerve, I would hug her but I'm not that brave.The 300 movie was awesome. The picture was something like Sin City movie, yes, I agree with that. However, the movie was nothing near to Sin City. It was marvelous, great, the best movie ever, and the list go on and on....The movie was a full action-packed movie, not Die Hard or Rambo style. It told the story of how Spartan, led by King Leonidas defeated the Xerxes, the Persian King-God with only 300 armies. Only the selected armies that during childhood succesfully survive the Agoge test. I just couldn't imagine how 300 armies can defeat a nation with millions or even billions of army. The strategies that they used was so unthinkable and they could have won if only the ugly-stupid-never see woman-greedy Ephialtes never betray them. The movie also contain some element from LOTR, such as the rhino-beast, the elephants and the Immortals face.I don't know how to explain it into words but for me, it was a great movie. Although it was based on a comic (someone told me), it doesn't look or feel anything like comic. GO AND WATCH IT....Like Nini (it was the 300 Spartan actually..) said, A-U! A-U! A-U!

Quinny oh Quinny...

Hubby really loves the Quinny stroller although many knows about the posh price...it cost around RM1k, which for me is quite expensive. If we know that we going to have Eya by the time we return from UK, we will definitely bought a quinny in UK.....we can get it around GBP50 (if lucky) in UK, which here is about RM300-400....We only bought Eya a Combi stroller as it is light and easy to carry. It was also quite pricey but not that much compared to Quinny. Hubby keep insisting me to buy a Quinny but for me, I still prefer to anything much more cheaper as I don't want to waste my money just for the sake of looking stylish. BUT, we may buy the Quinny if we have the extra cash. Really, really need to be more careful with money as a lot is needed for her well-being.


I watched Mukhsin and I thought I love Sepet and Gubra more. Its not that Mukhsin was not that good. I assured you it was really nice, compared to some other Malay movies. BTW, I've never spent my money on simply any Malay movies. I really loves Mak Yam (Adibah Noor) and the little girl who like to tease Orked in the bus stop ad. She acted so well that sometimes I think she was better than Aryana. Orked and Mukhsin acting was great too but for me, I really loves that girl acting.The story was just like a reflection of a normal Malay childhood, especially the ones who lives in 'kampung'. I don't think urban kids did any of the things Orked and Mukhsin do likes climbing up tree, riding bicycle around the kampung and playing galah panjang. Yaa, some of us did do it but not all.I really loves the part when Mukhsin cried as he was leaving the kampung. It so heart-wrenching that I could feel like I'm crying inside. The boy, Syafie did a superb acting as it really touched the hearts of people watching that scene.I knew that a lot of people claiming they are the pure Malay who going to say this movie is crap. No couples (husband and wife only!) show affection in public. I don't think hugging your spouse or show how much you love him is wrong. What's wrong with you guys?? This 'people' claimed they know everything about Malay society. Hello, what is Malay?? Do you know?? For me, this 'people' know nothing. I really loves the way Yasmin potrayed the married couple, Mak Inom and Pak Atan in this movie. They are so great. I simply love their relationship.For me, Mukhsin is a great movie. It shows the reality of a boy and a girl childhood. Not some movies that feel like Bollywood movies.

Nasi Beriani @ Syed, KJ

I am in the process of replacing all the fasting days (30 days) before the next ramadhan comes. Thanks to my little angel as she chose to see the world exactly on the 1st day of Ramadhan.For this week fast, I decided to have nasi beriani as my main dish for breaking the fast. I suddenly really, really want to eat it as the last time I ate it was during my confinement period (only the rice and chicken). I told hubby and we decided to have it at Rest. Syed, Kelana Jaya. Mom and hubby ate Nasi Beriani Bukhara and I, nasi beriani ayam. At first, the waiter got the order wrong. Luckily, I corrected it before he prepared the nasi beriani. Why I don't want to eat nasi beriani bukhara?? I don't know the answer to it as I am really picky and choosy when it comes to food. Just ask hubby, mom, friends or family about this weird habit of mine.And when we wanted to pay, I noticed that the waiter has calculated the amount wrongly. He wrote '2 nasi beriani ayam'. Hubby went to the cashier and asked why the extra order. The cashier, an indon woman knew nothing and asked the waiter. He came and said to us in his tamil+malay that we ordered 2. Hubby was so furious and said that we only ordered and ate 1.At the end, we paid for the correct amount.BTW, today I suddenly became curious. Why the sudden urge to eat nasi beriani?

Earthquake at Padang, Indonesia

Yesterday as I was moderating my exam paper, I felt like I was swaying. At first, I thought I was dizzy or sumthin when I heard the announcement requesting all the staffs to evacuate the building.When I reached downstairs, I realised the building was swaying because of the earthquake in Indonesia. We knew this by the news article printed by En. Rahim. The earthquake was at 6.3 richter scale. We have to wait at the lobby (stayed there for the aircond) until about 1.30 pm. Some of the staffs who bored of waiting went to have lunch or went to another building. I who was fasting have to wait as I didn't know no where to go. No mood for window shopping. After the technician has checked for any cracks and found none, we were released to go back to our rooms.Then, at 1.50 a.m., the building swayed again. We have to go downstairs again and only allowed back to our rooms by 2.30 pm.Some of the staffs said that the previous earthquake in Indonesia (last year I think) was worse than this one. They have to fully evacuate the building and have to gather at the parking lot.Then, we got this email from Alan regarding this incident at TNB HQ, which also felt the earthquake. The funny thing (for me) was the Meteorology Department advised that until something fell to the floor, then only you may leave your room. I thought by that time, we no longer have time to evacuate the building. Maybe, we''ll be in the debris of the fallen building by then.Lastly, I extend my condolences to all the families and friends who was killed in the earthquake.p/s: Pic courtesy: http://www.utusan.com.my

Eya @ 5 month

  • Eya can now do a full turn but cannot turn herself back to lying position. She still has to be pushed to the lying position.
  • She likes to scream ( a lot!!). She just got this new sound so she is quite pleased with the sound she made.
  • Older sound made is 'semput' sound. (Sound produced by asthmatic people when they out of breath)
  • Hate wearing cloth; likes to be naked (apalah anak dara mama nie....)
  • Likes to go 'jalan-jalan' in car (loves watching lights @ night)
  • Has been fed Farley Rusk occasionally (only half as we don't want to disturb her growth and Dr Mary will be furious if she knows this)
  • Wearing 2-3 years old cloth (its long but it fit her body just nice)
  • At 4 1/2 month is 7.4 kg
  • Likes to stare at herself in the mirror
  • Can say simple syllabus like ma-ma, ta-ta, ca-ca
  • loves to fight with her Acu
  • likes to bite person who carrying her

Anything that I missed, you can remind me to add it.....

p/s: The pic is Eya @ 4 1/2 month

Guess....what hubby up to???

Hubby has some evil plan on his mind.....what is the plan??...I'm not going to jinx it by telling you guys....wait until it really happens...I wish you the best of luck dear.....BTW, thanks to 'abg halim' for all your advices and help....we really appreciate it...

Kek Masam Manis

This is hubby most favourite cake. This among the simplest cake someone can made as it don't require any flour. Instead of using the flour like any other cake, you use biscuit flour, meaning you blend the biscuits to flour. The kind of biscuits I recommend is 'biskut marie' as it taste sweeter and quite nice compared to other biscuits.

Although it is simple, you are warned that the process of making this cake is quite long. In my case, I started making it at 9 a.m. and its ready by 2 p.m. You have to steam it layer by layer depending on what baking pan you are using. Then, for every layer, you have to top it by the 'asam manis' or Haw Flakes.You can find it at any Chinese grocery shop. After all layer has been steamed and layered, then only you bake it in the oven. (There a lot of method of making this cake. I'm using a recipe from my mom's friend)


1 1/2 butter

7 eggs

2 glass of castor sugar

1/4 glass of sweetened cream

2 1/2 glass of biscuit flour (blend the biscuits)

1 spoon of baking powder

1 spoon of vanilla essence

colouring ( I always use green)

Haw flakes

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1. Beat butter and sugar together until smooth.

2. Add eggs one at a time and continue beating it.

3. Add the sifted flour (sift with baking powder) slowly.

4. Add the sweetened cream into the mixture.

5. Add in the vanilla.

6. Divide into 2 portion. Mix one portion with green colouring.

7. Steam layer by layer, top up by the Haw flakes.

8. Bake the cake in a pre-heated oven of 180 for 30 minutes.

p/s: Thats not my actual cake pic. I'll posted it later.

Breakfast with the Stars....konon...poyolah korang....

I return from work on Monday and found my sis was watching rerun of 'Breakfast with the Stars', organized by Star World and Astro at JW Marriot.The program was suppose to display all the M'sian celebrity with the hollywood style attires, especially for the 79th Academy Award. All the celebrities were suppose to walk down the red carpet and the end will be interviewed by three host, Nana Era, Joey G from Channel[V] and Zainal Alam Kadir from Astro.In terms of the attires, yes, they were great and maybe were a little over the board as they are not the ones going to the Oscar. For me, the event was so stupid, you gathered all the celebrities to have breakfast and watch the Oscar from the big screen tv. It will be okay if the celebrities know the actor/actresses who going to compete for the award and what movies will compete for the Best Movie award.They went to the event just for the sake of having their pictures taken and displayed on the newspapers and some local magazine.The sad thing was almost all the Malaysian celebrities could not speak proper English, some could not even understand it and some tried but embarassed themselves. Hellooooooooo!! Its English not Ugandan or Sanskrit.Even the hosts couldn't speak good English. As for Joey G, I pitied him as all the interviews were monopolied by Alam. (Great for him as almost everyone couldn't speak to him -kes tak fahamlah nie...). As a host, you suppose to interview the person next to you, not both of them. Give Joey a chance to do the interview as well. Because of what Alam did, Joey was left standing alone-nobody-to-speak-to,throughout the interview.I gave thumbs up to Fauziah Latif who speaks English very well, my sis, Sarimah(really loves her, she is the one wearing the black dress) who dressed well and can make jokes about the queen and dame Judi Dench and Camelia, who won the best-dressed celebrities.To Mawi, please do your homework before going to major event. (Taulah suka Salma Hayek, takkan setiap tahun dia dpt nomination kot, buat malu jer..) I think Joey G must have control himself or else he was going to burst with laughter.And to other celebrities, please acknowledge Joey G as though you are understanding whatever he said. Don't be a rude celebritiy. And to Alam, please take a course in interviewing people. You are not the only host there, give chance to your partner. (Macamlah bagus sangat pun)And lastly, Alam. please ask questions related to Oscar, not what the celebrities are doing.BTW, I was devastated that Will Smith didn't win. He really did well in 'The Pursuit of Happyness'. Go and watch it if you got a chance. Forest Whitaker was okay but I think his role was not that heavy compared to Will Dearie. (maybe I'm a bit bias as I love Will Smith, move aside, Jada). Pic Courtesy: http://orkidlah8.fotopages.com

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