Retreat at Country Heights Resort

Me and family went to have a retreat at Country Heights Resort in Kajang. My cu has this special privilege card that gives him the some free stays at some places, which includes this resort.

For us, its feel the same like home. Nothing special as it was too close to our office and the area is so familiar to us. For cu, it gives him the chance to relax from his business and of course, the chance to indulge in his hobby, fishing.

To go to the resort, we had to go through some houses. As it was at the country heights, the houses was so majestic, huge and mansion-like. I wondered who are these people. How come they become so rich?

We spent the day watching tv, eating satay from Kajang and chatting with each others.

As for Eya, she really proves she a good girl. Even though, we didn't bring her buaian, she can still sleep. And this has been going on for some days. I just put her on her bed, sang her some lullabies, pat her and walla, she sleep. Good for her, as its easier to bring her to any where now.

p/s: Cu just bought a house in Bandar Sg Long. Its really a nice home to live in. It going to be ready by Feb 08.

Eya is not well again

Its been almost a week since Eya recovered from her fever. Suddenly, on Monday night she had a fever again. It was not that hot compared to her earlier fever. It seemed that the fever started from her head as her hand and feet was cold. We gave her the medicine and in not more than 10 minutes, the fever subsided.

I left for work on Tuesday thinking that she was okay, as I had some awareness course to attend. By the time I got home from work, mom said the fever was high again and she kept crying the whole day.

I couldn't take her to the paed since it was almost 8 p.m. Then, I realised that there was this one paed clinic at Taman Tun. I really hope that the clinic is open.

We brought Eya there and the doc did a very thorough checkup. He said Eya was okay and asked us to take Eya's urine sample, in case Eya is not okay by tomorrow. This was hard! How was I suppose to take the sample. I couldn't ask Eya to pee in some container, I'm sure there must be some other way. The doc gave us the thing. We was to place the thing down and when Eya pee, it will flow into the plastic. Again, this is hard.

Then, we decided that if Eya had a fever again today, we gonna bring her to Assunta to see her paed. It will be much easier. We went to the TTDI doc as we don't have any other choice and just to have a second opinion. And the price for the TTDI doc was much much expensive than Assunta. RM65 just for a fever and phlegm medicine.


Just want to say a lot of thanks to Nini, my lil sis who has helped me to calculate the marks for my paper. We stayed up until 1 a.m. last night. Thanks to her I managed to finish all the marking and entered the grades by 10.30 a.m. today.

Really appreciate it sis.

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I just read my sis's blog and it had triggered me to write what she had wrote earlier...

My family is quite small, it consist of mom, siblings and me and cu's family. all together is about 13 people. yes, just 13 people in my big family. since we were young, we always traveled together and I still remember the camping trip in PD. Really miss that moments.

Recently, he had become a successful businesspeople and really don't have any more time for family get-together. As said by my sis, no sleptover, going for vacation together or just eating together at a mamak's stall. I feel happy and proud that he had succeed in his business and I never thought that someone could change that much. I really want my 'old' cu, who is always there for the family.

He is the one that persuaded me to book a bungalow at Langkawi as we don't have any family vacation for the past few years. I booked it and managed to secure a booking next month. I was so happy when I knew that I get the booking and announced it to everyone.

Suddenly, my mom said that cu cannot go as maksu don't have any leave. I was devastated when I knew this and mom asked me to call cu himself. Cu said maksu will try to change her leave and hopefully they can go. By this time, I had a bad feeling that they just don't want to go.

Then, my mom called my other uncle and he said that he wouldn't go as cu didn't go. This is another issue that I had with cu. This other uncle depends a lot on cu. Even, his monthly grocery will be paid by cu but he is just the step-brother and he is 33 years old with a son. And, every little things in his house was bought by cu. Someone might said ok, what...that is his brother. Yes, but when mom and cu were small, atuk was a little biased and never bought anything for them. As for this other uncle, atuk bought him a car, a motorcycle and everything a person could need at that time.

Mom was very suspicious at this time coz cu told her they are still waiting to know whether maksu got the leave or not. Now, cu told this uncle that he cannot go. And after that, he called to inform us that he had to go to Bandung for some works. See, its too fishy for me....

And to make matters worse, he is going to Kijal for a retreat with his employees and mom and sis. He never offer us to go there with him. Its not that I really want to go but the gesture of inviting us will be nice.

Abg Aan, his employee is supposed to drive them there but at the last minute, he couldn't go. Then, he asked Abo to be the replacement driver but Abo got a test and also couldn't go. Last night, he asked hubby and me to go. Please lah, you think we are so desperate to go there. We don't like being the last resort. If only he offered us before, we will surely drive his employees there.

And for the Langkawi vacation, mom told him that I was a little bit offended and guess what he said. Takpelah, nanti *** bagi duit kat Jaja pasal takleh gi. (Nevermind, I'll offer Jaja some money for not being able to go there) Eventhough, I'm the 'mata duitan' person, I still prefer my family over some money. I was DAMN OFFENDED by his statement.

And as Nana is working with him now, Nana also cannot go with us. He knew this plan had been planned since last year and for Nana, she has been waiting to go and work with him since I don't know when. When we had a nice plan, he came and ruined it for us. Its okay that he don't want to go but please don't take Nana from this vacation.

I really miss my dear old cu. Never thought that wealth can change a person like this. In drama yes, but I never know that it can happen to my own dear family.

Going to miss you there.....

18/04-Happy 3* Birthday, Abang...

Just want to wish my abang, HAPPY 3* Birthday...

Me and Eya really, really loves you,its been almost 8 years that I've celebrated your birthday....

Wonder what I should get you this year...

A few thoughts...

  • Wallet ( your buddies presented you one as a farewell gift) - X
  • PSP Games ( I really want to get you this)
  • Perfume ( still a lot) - ?
  • Shoes (just bought one recently)
Please give me a hint....

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STRESS!! Need to finish marking all 116 papers by Friday. I was so unfortunate that my paper was the last paper. HATE IT!! HELP ME.....


I felt so grateful that Eya is well now. This is the chronology of Eya being sick for the 1st time:
  • 4/04: Eya had a mild fever. Her temperature was moderate high. I took a 1/2 day leave to bring her home
  • 5/04: The fever was high. Went to nearby clinic to get her medicine. I also had a fever.
  • 6/04: The fever was not that high. By this time, she is quite playful. I m.c. for the 2nd day, mild fever as well.
  • 7/04: She was fine the whole day. Went to OU to buy her toy.
  • 8/04: She was ok in the day. By 11 p.m., her temperature rose and she started vomiting. Didn't sleep that much and very cranky.
  • 9/04: Brought her to Assunta. Paed said she had a 'viral fever'. Told me to keep a watch on her and if the fever not subsided in 2 days, she need to take a blood test.
  • 10/04: The fever was moderate. She was cranky the whole day.
  • 11-12/04: Fever came on and off.
  • 13/04: Took her to Assunta again. Paed said that she has a light measles and because the rashes had came out, she will be better in a few days.
Eya has become very clingy and is so attached to me. She can only be hold by me or sometimes my mom. She changed quite a lot after the fever. She is afraid of people and I really don't like it.

New addition to the family

Just want to announce that I gonna get a niece in another 7 months. Kaklong is now 3 months pregnant...I am so excited to have my first niece and of course Eya is going to get a sister (hopefully) or a brother...As for Along, he really wants a son....No wonder Eya likes to suck her toes, its not me who going to have another one but my brother....CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!

Eya is not well

On Wednesday last week, Eya was sent only for 1/2 day to nursery as she was not feeling well. When I dropped her at the nursery, she seemed tired and her body was hot. After I finished invigilating, I called the nursery and they said her body was quite hot.Masyu drove me to the nursery and I picked her up. I called hubby and asked him to come and pick us up.The fever subsided after I gave her some medicine. Then, tomorrow, the fever came again and was okay after I gave her the medicine. She was fine for two days and suddenly on Sunday night, the fever came again and this time it was bad.She kept vomiting and could not sleep. However, I thought its better for her to vomit as all the phlegm can be out of her system. Then, I decided to bring her to the paed as the medicine wouldn't work on her.By the weekend, everybody in the house had fever except for mom. I was on m.c. for 2 days and until now, is still coughing badly. At the paed, she said she had a moderate fever of 38.1 and it was a normal fever. In case, after two days, she still has the fever, she has to get a blood test.Eya now is thinner and looked tired. She don't want to eat much and she drink less milk. I really couldn't stand to see her like that. ( I really prayed that her sickness will be transferred to me)Yesterday, she had the fever again and after mom gave her the medicine, she was okay. If tonight, she still has the fever, tomorrow I will bring her for the blood test.p/s: The pic was before Eya was sick...

Eya's 2nd haircut

Eya's hair was quite long and it made her feel uneasy as rashes begin to appear. Luckily, Abo was home and he was good in cutting hair.I had to hold Eya as her Ayah-de cut her hair. She being really calm throughout the whole process. Actually, I would like to see Eya with long hair but until now, her hair is not that much. Mom kept insisting me to buy hair clip for her but it would look funny if Eya wearing it.And as Ayah-de was around, all of us also cut our hair.

Eya's New Buddy

I bought Eya's a new toy at Toys 'r' us who is now having a 20% sale. I received the e-newsletter on Friday and looking at the sale, I decided to buy the elephant, which Eya has set her eyes on. During one of our grocery shopping at Carrefour, Eya had suddenly grabbed the elephant and she seemed to like it a lot. The price was a lil bit pricey and thinking that Eya has Dino, maybe the elephant was an unnecessary purchase.Because of the sale, me and hubby decided to go to OU to look for the elephant. Mom, Nana and Nini went to watch 'Jangan Pandang Belakang' while the rest of us went to Toys 'r' us. Unfortunately, the 20% discount was only given to the 2nd item. I was quite frustrated and went to look for other toys. I chose 'My First Book' and the elephant and tried to compare, which one would be the best for Eya. Then, I realized that Eya is the one who going to play with it, so I asked Eya to make her choice. She picked the elephant instead of the book.And at the payment counter, I was surprised to know that the elephant is discounted for 20%. Eya still prefer Dino but she now can play with Ele as well. BTW, I chose to name the elephant Ele.

Eya's 1st Day at uni...

The day when I sent Eya to the nursery. I woke up really early and prepared her milk and put her things, which were prepared earlier in the car. Deep inside me, I felt like crying but I knew this was the best for her and me.Eya who always wakes up at this time for her milk, woke up and smiled to me. It seemed she knows that she going to the nursery. I picked her up and went into the car.Throughout the journey to Bangi, she slept all the way and I kept looking at her. I really hoped that she can adjust herself to the new surroundings. I gave her to one of the caretakers and went back to my office.Just before noon, my mom called and asked me to check on her. I refused as this may jeopardize her adjustment to the nursery. I kept staring at my watch and hopes that times will fly quickly.At 5.25 pm, I went down and saw hubby and Eya is waiting for me. I didn't know why but I felt like I missed her a lot and quickly went to the car and took her. In the car, she seemed so happy and kept babbling and babbling. Maybe she wanted to tell me how her life went that day. The caretakers left me a note saying," Pn, baby Aleeya hari ni tiada masalah. Esok, bawa plastik bag untuk baju kotor dia.""Eya, you are such a good girl"

Armi's Wedding...Congrats to you!!!

My family and I went to Alie's brother wedding last Sunday, which was so near to my home. How do I know Armi?? My BFF (in SMP) ex-bf was Armi's best friend so I did know who Armi is. Later, he became A***** (my friend) boyfriend for a year I think. They met during tuition in form 3. Armi dumped her without any reason (from what she told me) when he entered MCKK BUT in a good way I supposed. (BTW, Armi is a nice guy, I think I know the reason why he dumped her)Only later did I know that his brother is one of Abo's gang. My family was the only family in TBM that was invited to the wedding. The reason was my mom knew his mom, Abo is his brother's best friend and Alie crashed at my place during his visit to UK.A and her mom was so frustrated and devastated when they found out that even I got an invitation to Armi's wedding. The most stupid dialogue that I heard from both of them during the weekend was:

A: Pelamin Anganku Musnah. Dulu kitorang ada rancang nak buat pelamin warna krim masa nak kawin

A's Mom: Agaknya dia jemput Kak I**** pasal sama-sama balu kot... (what the heck!!)

Such a low mentality. For me, any relationship (if it was real) in highschool is 'CINTA MONYET' or some can be considered 'CINTA UNGKA'. The funny thing was A is now engaged to somebody (her choice) and going to be married this August. For godsake, please, why you must remember your ex if you was dumped without a reason, AND, you are engaged now. From her statements, it just showed that she had no love for her fiance.Logically thinking, if you are really truly, madly, deeply in love with your soon-to-be hubby, why u need to uttered such stupid statements. You just ignore the wedding and forget about it.I really am happy for Armi to find such a lovely and nice wife. You had made the right choice, man...


Cu asked me to be his panel of interviewer AGAIN last Saturday. out there might asked....interview sapa terer...I was supposed to interview a bunch of students from Trans***, who just finished their ticketing and basic course in sumthin...cannot uncle business is somewhat dealing with the airlines industry...There were 4 of us, me, hubby, Azhar and Badrul. I decided to sit with hubby as I want hubby to know how the interviews are done. This is my second, btw. All the applicants looked so glam, wearing kebaya, suit, just like people coming to an ANTM audition...The funniest thing was (jahatnya aku ni), the way the wrote their resume. It just looked funny and weird to me. The normal resume would have a pasport photo at the front page and a some personal details. For them, their resume have a large 4R photo with them posing and a complete, full details of their profile. These includes nicknames, no. of siblings, sometimes a short essay, printed on colourful pages and some using size 18 font. I didn't blame them but their lecturer should give a briefing or teach them on how to write a correct and useful resume.The job that my uncle was offering required them to be able to converse in basic English, which only 20% of them pass this stage. Even, a fresh grad from some of the IPTAs could not speak basic English. This just prove to look or get a job, you really need to be able to speak English.We started the interview at 2 p.m. and finished it by 5 p.m. Eya also followed us to the interview together with mom, abo and nini. Nana, who is now working for cu, helped us throughout the interview.

Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

Everything that Arale write in here is for her own eye's only and anybody who is interested. If you don't like what you see/watch/read here, please leave the blog as fast as you can.

Arale's Wishlist

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  • More vacation trips...
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