Lappie was sick, but now it 's back...

I was not being able to update my blog as usual before this due to my sick lappie.

It could not start properly and the screen was fuzzy, with a vertical black line in the middle. When I tried to google it, most of the surfers said it maybe due to faulty screen.

So, I asked Hamdi to repair it, and he sent it to his friend in lowyat. The friend tried to replace the screen with all screen that he got, which was almost 10 types of screen and none successful. He tested it for a few weeks.

That didn't work, so the last resort was to call Dell. I didn't call Dell initially as my lappie warranty had finished and I read on the net that their parts is very expensive.

So, hubby called Dell and explained the problem. Remember that before calling Dell, you need to be prepared with your Service Tag and Express Service Code, and also to try troubleshoot your lappie online.

Luckily, we called Dell as it turned out that lappie has a year extended warranty for its motherboard.

2 days after the call, Dell rep came to my office and changed the faulty motherboard. The guy told me that if the motherboard is damaged, its better to buy a new lappie. BTW, the guy is new to the job and took almost 2 hours to open lappie.

I was so relieved and happy that lappie is healthy again and hope that it can serve us for a couple more years.

Getaway for the 3 of us...

These last few weeks had been quite hectic for me. I decided to have a weekend getaway for us.

Me and hubby searched for the best place for a getaway. Among our ideas were:

  • Genting - cheap but can be quite boring if you don't want to play at theme park, plus we cannot take our car
  • Boulevard - which is our fave hotel but hubby said it was boring, as we don't want to do any shopping
  • Bukit Bintang - too hectic
  • somewhere near river - no river provide any proper accommodation
So, at the end, we decided to go to Port Dickson. I wanted a modern hotel but not that expensive. At first, I wanted to try Avillion or Legend Water Chalet but the attraction is just the chalet on water, nothing else plus it will be quite dangerous for Eya. So, after a few surfing session, I chose Avillion Admiral Cove.

My first impression was the hotel has good location. The hotel environment was nice and the room is great. We booked the deluxe room for it king-size bed, while the pangkin daybed is actually a single bed. So, the room can fit 3 person nicely.The only downside was the room was not carpeted and we have to walk quite a distance, took the stairs if we want to go to restaurant or the swimming pool.

Talking about the swimming pool, me and hubby discovered something new of Eya. A hotel patron lent Eya his baby's life jacket. We noticed that Eya was very confident in  the water using the jacket.

She could walk on her own in the pool, dive into the water and float on her own using the jacket. It was something that she could not do before.She showed hubby some beginner techniques in swimming. We were quite puzzled as she didn't start her swimming class yet due to her hospital episode this month.

We asked her if she did learn it from school and she said yes. So, we thought that maybe she followed her friends to the swimming class but just practiced it on land. We were happy and surprised that our baby now is confident in the water.

We could not wait for her to start her swimming lessons next week.

As for hubby, he tried the Segway, which is a cool ride. We got it free as it came with the hotel package. THe ride cost RM35 for 10 minutes. The Segway costs about RM32K, which was made available in Malaysia by some Datuk. It can only be found in Avillion and Langkawi.

 Both hubby and the trainer name are Rizal, and both from Taiping

As for the short vacation, overall everything was great. Looking forward for another one soon.

Attack of Rotavirus

During a few weekends ago, Eya was having diarrhea, together with vomiting and mild fever. We brought her to clinic to get some medicines. Having taken the meds and still not getting better, we were really worried. She could not eat at all as she would vomit right back. Although she was really hungry, she was scared to eat as she knew she will throw up anyway.

So, on Monday, we decided that hubby would take care of her while I went to my class that morning. I told hubby that if she was still not feeling well, we would take her to Assunta. The only thing we were afraid was she will be dehydrated and starving because she didn't eat at all.

So, we went to the Emergency ward and the doctor told us that she need to be admitted. Actually, we were hoping that she would be admitted as we thought she need to get drips.

We went to the Admission counter and waited for almost an hour to get the GL. The officer was new as she told me that I need to pay some deposit before Eya could be admitted. She didn't even know that UNITEN is under TNB, just because the PMCare logo did not have a TNB logo. What a crap!!

I told her that she had been admitted before and no deposit was needed. She still insist on the deposit, so to move faster, I decided just to pay.

I opted for a single bed but the children ward is quite limited and small, so the only thing available was 2-bedded. I got the same room that Eya was admitted 2 years ago.

Eya's nightmare began when the doctor wanted to put her on drip. She screamed like hell and kept pulling the drip tube. She told me that it hurts so much. Hubby told me that the doctor only managed to put the drip after the 3rd attempt. No wonder she cried so much. Later, I asked the nurse to checked on it and her hand was swollen.

The guy doctor was better on putting the drip as it took only 1 attempt. Not every doctor or nurse has the skill to give a proper injection. As for me, I prefer the veteran as they have more experience and it does not hurt that much.

The doctor needed a stool sample and it cannot be mixed with her urine. I failed to do this and asked hubby to do it for me. He managed to do it on the first attempt.

After they tested the stool, it was confirmed that Eya got Rotavirus. I didn't gave her the vaccinations when she was a baby. Luckily, we brought her early to hospital as the nurses said that some parents only brought their children when they are really weak, and it takes a long time to get well.

Dr Mary told us that Eya was quite a strong girl. She no longer vomit but she refused to drink. So, she had to be on drip for a long time.

Zidane was Eya roomate a day after Eya was admitted as the disease was contagious. So, by that time, Eya had Zidane and me had kaklong for a roomate.

The cause of Eya's rotavirus was unknown as it can easily spread, through contact, surface, anything at all.

So, Eya was in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights. The longest period of me staying in a hospital. I was getting crankier on the second day as Eya would not drink at all and need to stay for another day. I was mad at her for not drinking as her lips was so dried and bleeding. Due to this, Dr Mary needed her to stay for 1 more night.

Eya was advised not to go to public area for at least 10 days as the virus can spread easily to other kids. So, mom stay with Eya during the week to take care of her as we could not send her to nursery. Poor her as she also could not start her swimming class as she need to avoid going to public area.

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