What do I expect in 2010?

Its the 4th day of 2010. I think everybody has posted their resolutions or announce it to the world about theirs. As for me, I try not to make any not-achievable new year resolution as I know that I will be frustrated if I cannot accomplish it. This will be just my checklist to be done for the whole year of 2010.

So, what I expect to do or have for this year will be something common.

  • My home will be ready by May. So eager to get the key. Now, need to save more money to pay for the grille, cabinet, lighting, new furniture, etc.
  • A brother/sister for Eya. Really hoping this will come true.
  • To settle all my credit card debts. Will cut one of the card by next month. Try to use cash as much as possible. (Yeah, right! I still like to pay for petrol using CC)
  • Hubby business booming and more prosperous, which result in more shopping for me.
  • Looking forward for all of our birthdays and anniversaries.
This year we may have less vacation as we will start paying for the house. So, all vacation for this year will only happen in Bangi.

Puzzle n more of it....

Our neighbor gave Eya a small puzzle, a 9-pieces for her to play with. It turned out that she really loves doing it.

She is very good with it. It only takes her a few hours to learn the puzzle and later she will know how to place all the pieces at the right place. Maybe she memorize the piece placement or she remember the whole puzzle. It still puzzled us on how quick she learn to do a new puzzle.

Everytime she finishes doing one and bored with it, we need to buy her a new one. We only buy her the cheap one, which is around RM 4-7. She only plays puzzle with the cardboard at the back of it.

Her strategy is she will turn the puzzle down. Then, she will put the puzzle piece one by one. With this way, she can remember the placement. Once the puzzle is finish, she will try it the second time by doing the side pieces first. Thats why she need the cardboard puzzle as it has the side to guide her. The third time, she already know all the pieces by heart.

Sometimes when we stuck doing her puzzle, she will say, "Mama, that puzzle is here". She know the exact placement.

So, up until today she has about 7 puzzles. Oops, no! We just buy her a new one at IOI Mall today, so the official count will be 9 puzzles.

Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

Everything that Arale write in here is for her own eye's only and anybody who is interested. If you don't like what you see/watch/read here, please leave the blog as fast as you can.

Arale's Wishlist

  • Lancer Sportback or BMW 1 series
  • More vacation trips...
  • Reno works for GH
  • Trip to USS or Disneyland HK