Belanja makan...

Recently, adik managed to get back her money from her uni. So, she decided to treat us for a family dinner. Usually, we would go for western food especially Chilli's but some of us are bored eating the same dishes.

This time, to be more value for money, I suggested to have it at a Muslim Chinese restaurant somewhere near our house. We ordered quite a number of dishes but it was nice and cheap. The total was below what adik had budgeted.

As for today, mom treated us for nasi padang at KJ. The food was great for us minang people but it was quite costly, compared with what we had the last night.

Tomorrow, mom will cook us nasi lemak for lunch. Yeah!!!!

Betul, betul, betul...

I don't know where Eya knew about Upin n Ipin. I thought she might learned about it from her nursery. As she knew about them, we decided to bring her to watch the movie.

We promised her that she going to watch it someday, but after 2 weeks, we kind of ignored the promise. So, one day, she suddenly asked us when to watch Upin n Ipin. As it was kind of late, we told her we will bring her the next morning. She started screaming and crying to watch it.

As we knew it was our fault as we did promised it to her, we drove into The Mines around 10 p.m. We thought we could watch the 9.50 pm show. As I rushed in to buy the ticket, I saw from the counter that the 9.50 pm show was full. The next show will be at 11.55 pm. Eya would be sound asleep by then. We were quite worried as she couldn't watch the movie but it turns out, she was so happy to see the big Geng poster+banner. We were quite relieved as she didn't know what is a movie. She never been to a cinema before.

However, we still brought her to watch it in TGV the next day. Eventhough it was a early bird show, it was still full house. She was really good in the cinema. She was quiet and followed the story from start till it ended. She didn't make any noise, not cranky and was really happy watching the movie.

I think I want to watch Ice Age 3 with her after this.

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