There are people who don't understand English...

Hubby need to get a 2nd-hand handphone as his boss gave him a new number. So, we decided to go to Pertama to buy the phone. After surveying all the handphone, he bought a Nokia handphone. The model, I'm not so sure. It cost just Rm100.Then, we went to Wangsa Maju to have our dinner at Pizza Hut. I think everybody has got their pay as the queue to get a seat was so long. So, we went to Melawati instead.The queue was ok but the place was full. The manager asked us to queue first and wait for any empty seats. Suddenly, came a family, and they just straight went before us and took the empty seats. I was so furious as they didn't queue. For people who always eat at Pizza Hut, you know you have to queue first. "Please wait to be seated". Its either these people didn't understand English or was so damn rude that they simply ignore that statement. Then, a 2nd family came and also tried to cut our queue. Hubby just told that man to stay in queue but the man looked quite blur as maybe he thought he can simply go upstairs to find a seat.When we managed to get our seats, that ignorant family was sitting beside us. Their attitude was simply pain in the a**. Even the waitresses got fed up on them. Because of that, we got to order first, got our drinks first and even got our pizza first. Although they got the seats faster, but we got the food first as some of the waitresses just ignore them. HAHAHA, served you right. more HP books..

Last Saturday, almost a week after I bought HP, I managed to finish reading Harry Potter 7.Simply said, J.K. Rowling writing was superb. I really didn't expect the ending that way but it was okay. I was sort of frustrated when the boy who lived, undesirable No. 1 didn't died. I really hoped that Sirius will appear or live again. I love that character the most.I brought the book everywhere I go since I bought it but still could not finish it earlier. At office, I was too busy with the lecture and all. At home, I need to be with Eya since I've been working the whole day. The only chance I get to read the book is when I'm in the car going or coming from the work. So, I get about 2 hours per day to finish reading the book, provided I don't fell asleep or Eya not going to nursery.I really love the part of the 19 years later. It sort of close the series by knowing what happen to all the members of Order of the Phoenix.And, while reading the book, a few times, I was at the verge of tears as some of the characters died. Although, it was just a fantasy, children kind of book, is still can make the readers feel sad. I was really sad when Fred died, and then Lupin and Tonks. They had married and have a baby boy which later, Harry become the godfather.I just really proud that I had read all the 7 books. But until now, I still searching for the time to go and watch the 5th movie of HP.

The final HP book

Yay, I finally got my hands on the last Harry Potter book. Before the release of it on 21st July 2007, I decided to wait and queue for it at 6 a.m. just for the book.I didn't pre-order the book as the price they set was quite high and the price is not being determined yet by that time. I thought that Malaysian are not that fanatic compared to other part of the world.As my plan to wake up at 6 a.m. failed, I went to Midveli to get the book and at the same time to do some shopping. I arrived there around 12.00 pm and straight went to MPH. I noticed that there was no new HP book on the promotion counter or at the shelves. I asked one of the MPH staffs and they said that for that day, the book was only being sold to pre-order customers. He said that try go to Carrefour if you want the book.Hearing that, I some sort of running to Carrefour downstairs and grabbed a copy of it. By that time, there was not that many people buying the book as a lot of them went to MPH. To my surprise the book price is RM69.90 which is much cheaper than MPH, at RM109.90. It was such a relief. If I pre-order, I need to buy it at a much higher price. The next day newspaper, said there was a price war between Hypermarket and the 3 big bookstore, MPH, Popular and Times Bookstore. Really, I don't care about the price war or about their decision to withdraw back the book. The most important thing is I managed to buy the book a cheaper price.

Kembara Malam

This was one of the module that I feared the most. Why?? Being the person afraid of darks and with wild imagination of unseen entity, I really scared of sitting in the forest alone. It was famously known as 'Malam Burung Hantu'.

During the briefing, someone asked whether it was that session and the fasci said it was walking in the forest in group. I was so relieved to hear that.

We (21 people) entered the forest with only 2 candles and some matches. Our belongings (torchlight, water) was taken away when we failed to answer 2 questions, which was set up so difficult (stupid) just to fail us.

We were told that from checkpoint 1 to cp2, it took about 40 minutes. When we reached the cp2, we need to give salam to Tok Moh, who will help us in finding the cp3.

We arrived at the last cp around 340 a.m. Then, we were instructed to sit in 1 straight line. They will called us one by one, and we had to walk back to our camp on our own. By this time, I was quite freaked out but knowing there was no way out, I had to do it.

The fasci said it was a 1 km walk and it was a straight line. They even gave some tips,

  • Just look ahead, don't look back
  • Don't look if you heard someone call your name
  • If sumthin want to cross, let them cross first
  • Follow the white track
By hearing this point, I was too scared but I just concentrate and start to move. It was so dark that I couldn't even saw the track and the track was winding, not straight. I was really afraid that I might be lost and walked into the woods, but I just keep walking.

After 10 mins, I see some buildings, and later knowing that building was my camp, I was so relieved. I didn't know how I able to make it to the camp. This was so much scarier than the solo camp during OBS.

I was so lucky that I didn't see or hear anything. A few said that they saw white things, heard recite of Yasin and azan. The most scariest was when one of my friends overtook a friend but when he arrived at the camp, the friend had already arrived. The question, who did he overtook?

Stay or leave...

I've been living with my mom for the last few months (almost a year I think). Sometimes, I think it was the best thing for me to do. I got to eat mom's cooking, if Eya was sick, mom can look after her, I have my family around me, etc..Sometimes, living with a lot of people can bring stress. Its not that living with my family is stressful but sometimes you got to live on your own. I admit that its been about 10 years that I live far away from my family. Its started with my college in Kuantan then move to Bangi for my uni years.I started to live back with my mom when I was about to give birth to Eya, around September last year. Its was great back then. My siblings were great, mom was attentive and not to forget hubby who is always beside me.I didn't know what has happened but when I think that the house is going to be filled with a lot of people, you have to deal with a lot of attitudes, bad or good, annoying or not.Living with a lot of people, especially with your own family is great. You got to have meal together, go for grocery shopping together, makan-makan session together, pendek kata suma nyer sama-sama.I hate it with people talk behind people back. 'Yelah, dia tu memang kedekut';'itu pun berkira' and a lot more. If its true, yes, I admit I was wrong but before you speak, look at yourself first. Are you better than moi? You suppose to have the courage to say it direct to the other people face. Its better. If what you're saying is good maybe that person can change or vice versa.Some of you really like to said I'm 'berkira'. If I'm really the berkira type, I won't lift my finger doing job around the house, I won't pay for any meals, in fact I won't pay for anything.And living expenses should be shared. So does the chores around the house. Thats why living with your own family is better. You know what you should do, your responsibilities. Now, I'm totally sad. I have tried being the good daughter and sister but sometimes people judge you differently. In front of certain people, they become different and when they with you, they are so nice to you. I tried and had done my shares around the house. I know what is my ability and I try to do it as good as possible but sometimes people just don't appreciate you. They take things for granted. I don't want to do things that I'm not good at and in the end, being criticized by the 'good' people.And sometimes, the works that we do, people don't appreciate it but the works that people did for us, we have to remember it everyday (even though the people annoyed us big time). Now the question, are they sincere enough doing it? Disclaimer: This entry is written to channel my frustration, sadness and a little bit of anger. No hard feelings, everyone....

Stupid hit my car

My car was involved in a 'burger' accident. I was in the middle. A Nissan Cefiro hit me and in turn, I hit a Honda in front of me. It happened when we was driving to work on Tuesday.The man that hit our car was so arrogant and rude. He didn't totally admit the fault was him and said that 'alah, rosak sikit je....bukan boleh claim pun' . Hello!! You hit someone else car and didn't have the courtesy to apologize or even offered to repair the damage that you had done. The scariest thing was if anything happened to my little baby. She was having a fever that day and we were planning to take her to Assunta after I punched in to work. I was sitting at the back with her. Just think, what could happened if we sit in front that day. Eya could have been dropped or 'tercampak'. The man didn't even take into consideration that he hit a car with a baby inside it.All that he can said is, 'Sorilah, aku ngantuk. Maaf jelah'. What if on that time, there was no traffic jam. It was a clear road. The impact could have been worse. I really hate that guy.The damage to my car was not that bad. The car was dented at the back, passenger side. The Honda was the worse, the back was totally dented. And for the Nissan, only a front lamp was damaged. The Honda claimed my insurance and for us, it was nothing as the damage was not that bad.Later, that evening, we went to report the accident at Jln Bandar. We were told by the police in Kepong that if an accident happened in any area in KL, you have to report it to traffic division in Jln Bandar. That area was so bad during office hour so we went there by 8 p.m.The Honda has reported earlier and the Nissan guy had called hubby and said that he sorry for what he had said earlier. He decided not to report and just wait for the police to issue him a summon. And, something funnier happened at the police station but I think, I shared it with hubby. Just that someone was going to spend the night in the lock-up because of some silly mistakes.

Adik and her need for fresh blood

Adik was supposed to register last Saturday but due to her illness, she was exempted from the registration process. Instead, I had to register on her behalf. Luckily, the registrar was kind enough to let us go through with the registration although the student was not present.I had to pay for her fees, accommodation, picked her orientation bag and shirt and viewed her hostel room. As for her, she was admitted to Assunta to receive fresh blood to replace the blood that was lost. She took almost 3 pint of blood as her blood count quickly recovered to 12g. Initially, she only had 4g. Almost every year, she will be admitted to hospital for the same reason. Why?? We all don't know. Maybe because of pressure, anxiety, her m*****al problem, who knows?I really hope that she will take good care of herself after this. Don't stay up too late, eat right, stay fit and most of all listen to what mom has too say. Although, she like to nag and nag, she take good care of you. Remember that. She did everything for you while you are sick. So, just don't forget that.And, Good Luck to You for you new phase of life as a university student........

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