to choose a good one??

I have to go to my panel doctor for any sickness. My company implement the system where an employee need to choose a medical doctor and a dentist. I chose both of my doctors at a clinic in Bangi.

They have been my doctor for almost 2++ years. The dentist is a great one which he knows how to treat and diagnose a patient properly. As for the other doctor, I noticed that he become lazier every time I come to see him.

Everytime I went to the doctor, he will take my BP and check my heartbeat. This is considered as a good practice but the problem is he never tell me the result. I want to know whether my heart and BP is okay or not. I go to see him for a diagnosis and of course a good treatment. ( I pay for your treatment ok). He will prescribe me some medicine but never told me what is the use of them. I need to ask him if I want to know about the medicine.

Its not that I go to see him to ask for a medical leave. I want my sickness/illness to get better, how can I prevent it and to hear advices/diagnoses from him. It seem he think all of his patient go to see him to ask for a medical leave.

Today, I go to the clinic because I had a diarrhoea since morning. I entered the consultation room and it was a new doctor. When I told him that I got stomachache, he asked me sarcastically, "Betul ke awak sakit perut" (Is it true that you got stomachache"). I was so annoyed with the doctor. He asked me to lie down and checked my stomach. After the checking, he went straight to his table and said nothing. Usually, after a doctor do a checking, he will tell you why you got the stomachache. I asked him something and exited the room.

From this visit, I can conclude that all clinic in Bangi under my company panel is terrible. I really need to change my panel clinic. Need to check back all the clinic in the list.


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