Bye Bye Friend

Handphone is a necessity for everyone. If you ask even a 6 years old kid, I bet they sure must own a handphone. My little sister, Nini had a phone but the condition was so bad that it did not have a cover. Luckily it was 3310, which is known for its durability.I don't know how she did it but she succesfully persuaded my mom to buy her a new phone. The trigger factor: we saw e-Buzz that afternoon and the host is promoting Sony Ericcson Z610i. We love the moving display of text on the cover.Unfortunately, when we checked Utopia mag, we found out that the price is RM1000++. I told my mom to buy a cheaper phone as the price is not suitable for a girl that age. Even me, cannot afford the phone and it looked not as nice in the tv.

We decided to buy the phone the next day at Sg Wang Plaza. The place was so not suitable for Eya due to the lack of bench/chair to relax or a baby room, and of course the crowd of people. I had to feed her throughout the journey there so that she will sleep all the time during the phone buying process. We also had to carry her as stroller was a definitely no-no at Sg Wang. She being a good girl stay asleep during the time we were there.

Although Nini was the one who gonna buy the phone, I was also interested in getting a new phone. At first, the ultimate choice is Motorola L7 but when the salesperson demo it, the interface was not that good. The only weakness of Motorola.

Then, suddenly I looked at a Sony Ericsson model and I think I fell in love with it. It look quite similar to hubby phone, K700i but it seem my phone is a newer model in the market. Although it may be new to me, it still could not beat the Sony Ericsson Walkman range phone.(My dream phone!!!)The price was a little bit lower than my sis, which at the end bought a Nokia phone for herself. The model? Don't ask, Nokia model is so confusing nowadays.

Another thing added to my list of debt.


Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

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Arale's Wishlist

  • Lancer Sportback or BMW 1 series
  • More vacation trips...
  • Reno works for GH
  • Trip to USS or Disneyland HK