Its our fate...miscarriage...

After few months of trying,finally we got the extra pink line. It was not on the spot happiness as the line was kind of faint. Our doctor at Lppkn ruled out that I was not pregnant since the second upt test was negative. It was done after 3 times peeing,which explained why the result turned negative.

The days passed by, and I was really careful taking care of the pregnancy. No heavy works, and even
hubby continued to drive me to work. Suddenly, after adik's engagement, around 7 weeks, I had a slight bleeding. Luckily, I had my appointment with Dr Ghafar at Lppkn on Monday. He ruled out that I was not pregnant, and informed us that I just had a case of delayed menses. Told me just to wait for my period to come.
Hubby was not happy with the result,so I did a blood test. We went to a clinic near my office and had to wait for the next day for the result. Turned out my Hcg level was 108, so I am pregnant. Decided to see my Ob-gyn at Assunta.

I set an appointment with my doctor and showed him the blood test slip. He confirmed that I was pregnant, and also did an ultrasound. He calculated my edd, and told us that based on what he seen on the ultrasound, I was 4 weeks pregnant. We were both esctatic, and decided to only told my mom.

I had slight bleeding since that day, and it happened for 2 weeks. On the 1st week Friday, I decided to meet a nearby doctor and told him about my bleeding problem. Being just a GP, he suggested me to see my obgyn. So, I waited, hoping the bleeding will stop.

On Sunday, I had a bad cramp, and around 8 pm, I passed a blood clot. I assumed that I had a miscarriage. I took an MC on Monday because of that incident.

On Wednesday,18/7, I went to see my obgyn at Assunta using referral from my GP. I told him what happened on Sunday, and did an internal exam and scanned my uterus. He told me I did have a miscarriage, but had to do a D&C since there was some uterus lining still left. He scheduled me for the procedure the next day, 19/7.

The procedure went smoothly, and was given 1 week MC. I decided to do my confinement at my mom's home until something traumatic happened to me.


Who is Arale?

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