Lil Update: Puasa, Raya, GH, etc..

Its been almost 2 3 months I wrote to this blog. The main reason is I am so busy. Not that I'm complaining, just that I don't have any spare time to write.

Nothing much has happened in this past few months.

The major one will be Syawal just ended. As for this year Ramadan, we didn't go for any Buka Puasa buffet and we only been to Param for a few times only. Reason for not going to param was all of the params in Bangi are boring. Too many lauk and a few kuihs. Our favourite stall will be the one in front of our housing area. We will get our daily dose of karipap from the kakak.

As for Raya, as usual, we will celebrate it at Kepong and Taiping. Few days before Raya were spent in my mom's house. The normal raya dishes will be rendang ayam, daging+limpa+paru and of course sambal goreng for my siblings. My favourite dish of all time will be rendang limpa. Not many person can eat limpa but this is totally my favourite.

Me and sis baked a few raya cookies and our chocolate chip is a must. I baked sandwich cake and kek masam manis, and this year everything were perfect. Really love the Kenwood mixer.

No special things happened during Raya. Hubby's sibling were all at Taiping except for Abang Duan and Kak Jah. And, as usual, we will travel back to Tanjung Tualang to visit tok chik, and the new LL clan tradition is going to Penang to have our dose of nasi kandar line clear. I didn't spent the night with my family but headed back to Taiping.

As for our GH, we have more neighbors now. Left and right are occupied by female students from MFI, and none of them are friendly. We also managed to attend a few open houses organized by our neighbors.


Who is Arale?

Arale wish to live in Kampung Penguin with all her friends, but now she lives with her Mr R and lil angel.

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Arale's Wishlist

  • Lancer Sportback or BMW 1 series
  • More vacation trips...
  • Reno works for GH
  • Trip to USS or Disneyland HK