Eya and her Iqra' class

Eya is 6 years old this year, so we decided to send her for Iqra' class. We have been searching for the class since last year but most of the class offered is for adult.

Then, hubby learned that one of our neighbor is doing Iqra' class. Her house is located on the first block of houses in our row.

There are only 3 boys in her class so hubby asked if we can send Eya there. She said she can accept one more student. The class is 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 8-9 p.m.

So, I took Eya for tudung shopping. Luckily, Shazzmin was on sale and I bought her a pink dual-tone tudung. As I never wear those kind of tudung, it was kind of pricey but luckily, due to the sale, I only paid RM 30 for Eya's tudung. Then, I have to look for her baju kurung. I only made 1 baju kurung for her each year, and she outgrown most of them. So, we managed to find only 2 baju kurungs.

I did ask her to wear her night kaftan but she refused, so 1 baju kurung for each week.

She managed to finish Iqra 1 in 3 days time. Currently, she is reading Iqra 2. She is quite fast as she also learn Iqra in her school.

Who is Arale?

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